Miracle on 93rd Street

You have all read about “The Asian Fireman” in various entries for the past year and 3 months on this worthless dribble of a blog. We give Jim a lot of grief as much as he dishes it out to us. He and his family are great friends of ours.  We all try to spend as much time together as one can but with 4 careers and their 2 young children it can be tough. This past Thursday we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner. We all agreed that we have a lot to be thankful this holiday season. Although I have a strict writing rule to never divulge anyone’s real name or their real profession, I am going to break the rule today.

Jim is a New York City Fireman and he works for a specialized NYFD team here in Manhattan. About a month ago in the early hours a fire broke out in an apartment building here in the Upper East Side. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I am not up on the “lingo” but it turned into a 6 alarm fire and over 200 firemen were battling this 5 story building fire. Mr. Duffy was an 81 year old resident of that building and he was trapped in his apartment. There really wasn’t a good way to get him out of there. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place and the only way to get him out of was a dangerous rope rescue. What happened next is what I now understand is considered a “last ditch effort.”

With the help of other firemen who had never worked together they lowered my friend Jim from the roof to Mr. Duffy’ apartment by a rope. I am going to let you watch and read the CNN link because I won’t give it the justice it deserves.

Go ahead and watch the Link, I can wait here…..

Pretty amazing eh?

We really never ‘talk shop’ at the dinner table but according to Jim, in so many words, Mr. Duffy said he was down to his last seconds of his life. Not minutes…..seconds.  Thankfully Mr. Duffy is getting better each day but when he leaves the rehab center he will have to start all over. All of the residents who used to live in that building are also starting over.

So as we begin this holiday season I would ask that you to give a couple dollars to help some complete strangers start over. I am fairly sure that all 6 of my readers have much to be thankful for this holiday season. It just makes me feel good to know that a good friend of mine along with 7 other firemen were able to help a complete stranger live to see another day. Along with your help we can make the holidays brighter for 20 people.

You can visit this link and donate. Rather than a ‘go fund me’ where the recipients would have to pay taxes on the money I have been told it isn’t the case here.

kidsdonate2The Asian Fireman and Mr. Duffy on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Holidays


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