That Tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this Christmas Season!

Fade in on Saturday on W53rd street –

FZ – “What you doing this afternoon?
CBT – “I am going to go get a Christmas tree with Mrs. Trumpet and I guess I will have to get some lights to go on it.”
LZ – “Awww, we are going to get one of those little NYC Studio apartment trees too.”
CBT – “Not us, we are going full Monty, I am getting a big one for the corner by the dining room and living room.” *Stop Laughing AJ!*
FZ – “You are going to put up a big tree? Wow!” *FZ is starting to panic in that if we are getting a big tree then LZ will want to get a standard tree rather than a NYC Studio Apartment trees. Thankfully she didn’t hear me.*

Yep! We went Big Balls in the UES! And we purchased said tree on Memphis Marathon Saturday in honor of the former neighbor and RJ. She would make him drive to get a tree while all the streets were blocked off.

rockYou have no idea how many people texted me last Wednesday if we were going to watch the lighting of the tree. It was cold and rainy and I don’t like Dolly Parton or Garth Brooks!

img_2667There it is folks, in all its glory!

More posts this week, I promise!


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