We are getting close to the opening of the 2nd Ave Subway – Stop laughing

Yes I am looking at you Maria, Jessica, Asian Fireman and all you nay sayers. It is going to happen! I can’t wait till New Years Morning! On New Years Day I can walk a block and head downtown on the Q line. I may go swimming in the Atlantic because I can go all the way to Coney Island with out transferring! Stop snickering you 3! It is going to happen!

*For those of you who don’t know the joke – This project has been going on forever. Kind of like the never ending roadwork on I-240 in Memphis.

img_2687Working 24 hours a day to get this done. This is 72nd and 2nd Ave.

img_2688Going to be so nice to have zero construction on 2nd Ave.

IMG_9349This will only be used to go up and down to Grand Central. Soon I will have 2 choices for my subway!

IMG_1506They get it done and I can jump on the F line rather than walk all the way to 63rd and Lex.


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