Pictures of the Past Weeks

This goes back to when we had EGP in town for Thanksgiving to current day.

img_2625EGP and I went to go watch them blow up the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats on Wednesday night.

img_2630Standard Thanksgiving Dinner Wine

img_2632Fiona didn’t want any part of the picture. We were going to send it as our Christmas Card this year but it would just confuse a lot of people.

img_2637The Saturday after Thanksgiving is commonly referred to “Small Business Saturday” so we supported Small Business

img_2664-copyDamn You Jo! Damn you and your bottle of Jamo!

img_2659Bloomingdales on a Sunday

img_2646Ran into Coaches Slocum and Hatfield at a black tie event.

img_2639Nino’s is in the holiday spirit Too

img_2649Why hello Krazy Lady. Please keep your sheet on you. Ain’t nobody got time to see that ish.

img_2650Monkey Head Maya Turned 4 last week too!

Have a good day


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