Pictures of the Week

Hope you have your long underwear on today, it is ball shrinking cold. I still have some stuff that I need to post/even write from the holidays so I will post that next week. Have a good weekend and I hope that all those kids wearing pajama’s inside out and putting ice in the toilets in Memphis get their snow day.

img_0116Nah, I didn’t like the dessert at the Blue Ribbon in the UWS. The plate was almost clean.

img_0079For those of you wondering how much of a runt Maya is. This is Maxi who is Maya’s sister. She is 3 times the size of Maya.

img_0066Saw this bar when I exited a cab on 3rd Ave and it put a smile to my face. I bet they have great bourbon and a bunch of silverware art in that joint.

img_0075Didn’t everyone get a ring like this in their stocking?

img_0073We paid a Kings Ransom to fly home at Christmas. At least they gave us some leg room.

img_0090Love the old pictures at my mom’s house.

img_0089Stop laughing some of you. I bet your parents have baby pictures of you too!

holifsydNot trying to start a debate but I took some grief for not saying Merry Christmas. I told the person that was giving me shit that I would say Merry Christmas on Christmas Day.

img_0105BV was searching for my bag and was going to send it to Omaha after he put some dog biscuits in it for the drug dogs.

img_0078The Lady Killer in his natural habit. You want some grapes too West Coast?

img_0076Enough with the fucking therapy dogs.

img_0080Kind of got taken back when I walked in the grocery store in Memphis.

img_0084Our Tilapia Momma’s baby left his action figure at my mothers Christmas Eve party. We thought about taking it with us to NYC to make them come up to collect it but thought better. Good to see A & E.

Have a good weekend.


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