Pictures of the Week – Memphis for Family

So last weekend we were in Memphis for a quick trip. Don’t get your nose out of joint, we flew in late Friday and were gone Sunday. We were there for a Family event as we like to celebrate Christmas a tad late. Like a month late. Anyway it was great to see all of our family and to even catch a Grizz Game with the family too. Oh and Happy 40th Birthday Janna, it gets better from now on!

img_0212This would be a nice place to open a Cigar Joint. Seriously what is going on here? They had ZERO inventory going. I should have driven down to Midtown Tobacco and seen Alan.

img_0214They played like crap but I do love my Grizz! Great to see Jessica at halftime!

img_0215Not with us but really kid? Just put your head down and go to sleep.

img_0216Nat needed some shut eye. Meanwhile Daddy is texting his wife who is in the UES telling her “DO NOT VISIT ANY OF THOSE BEER JOINTS THAT COUSIN CBT RECOMMENDED!”

img_0217C was texting AL who was in NYC asking her “How far are the expensive stores from your hotel?

img_0218Not sure what is going on here but it is funny

img_0219Me and Stev-0! BTW I am one shiny fucker in this picture

img_0221Karen we will take 2 with cheese to go please

img_0222Texted FZ and told him that this was the joint that reminded me of the burger joint he took me to.

img_0228I had to go visit Bardog. Bloom would have been pissed at me. Sorry I didn’t get to see Panda or Mel.

img_0229Proof that I am not a Vegetarian!

Great to see everyone, even you Butthole June!


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