Remember this day folks

Because this is the day that a certain Brooklyn born resident’s head comes completely off and explodes! Yep after Maria reads this I expect to hear of an explosion in the Flatlands of Brooklyn on E43rd street.

You see my dear readers, I have known Maria almost as long as I have Mrs. Trumpet and if there is anything that I know it is that she absolutely despises 2 things. First thing that she skeeves is monkeys. We found that out in Belize one year during Thanksgiving. The second thing that she despises….Citi Bike Stations and bikes in general.

I am sure that you are wondering if I bumped my head. Care to guess what they installed on E71st street just east of 1st Avenue? A Citi Bike Station!!  Yep parking in the UES just got a little bit more challenging.

img_0246I didn’t walk the dogs yesterday afternoon so imagine my surprise when I saw this contraption last night.

img_0251Oh I can imagine that Maria will be cursing the rider of this bike very soon. I too will be cursing the rider when they drive on the sidewalk because they are a moron.

img_0250What is funny is that when they installed this bike stand they put the wrong sign up. Notice the sign how it says 2nd Avenue and E71 Street? That my friends in the background is 1st Avenue and E71st Street.

monkeyShe will not be amused. “Ok, Monkey, Nice Monkey, Pretty Monkey…Walter get this fucking thing off of me!”

Make sure you put Maria on your prayer list and have a chuckle. We will see her Sunday.



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