Hell to the Yes! 10 years

The past couple of days we have had some big anniversary milestones for Mrs. Trumpet and myself. First on Sunday it marked a year and a half of living here on this rock called Manhattan. Now for the couple of you naysayers who secretly said “You will never make it” I do have some good news for you….I guess. On Monday as I was walking back from Madison Avenue to First Avenue I walked past one of those construction scaffoldings. I got a little too close to a bolt (that I might add should have been covered with a plastic tip) and ripped my suit pants and part of my Barbour hunting coat. The bad thing about this is that this incident occurred right next to a convent where some nuns were standing outside. Yep, I issued a Mudda Fecker in front of a couple nuns. Sorry about that Sister.  How about that, we have survived living up here for a year and a half. Who would have guessed it. It really has flown by.

Now today being that it is the Tuesday following the Super bowl it marks our 10 year anniversary of stopping smoking cigarettes and for Mrs. Trumpet dipping. Ok, I am kidding but 10 years is fucking impressive. So for all of those of you who are dealing with stopping smoking or a bad habit, keep it up. You can do it! We both chose to quit the Tuesday following the Super Bowl because we knew that February would be slow and we would hole up in our house to ride out the first month.

More later but who would have guessed that 10 years ago we would have been celebrating stopping smoking and dipping in New York City. Now if my favorite tailor down the street can fix my jacket and my pants…..

img_0257We also went to Bryant Park this weekend to check out the Winter Carnival

img_0259And they also had Curling. Who knew that Colgate had a Curling Team

img_0258Such a silly sport

img_0260It is like Shuffleboard or Bocce but for Northern People who live on frozen ponds

Keep it light on a Tuesday!


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