Social Media 101 by CBT

Sorry to delve into @Brizzyc’s backyard but some of you people need to calm the fuck hell down on this social media thing. I have a strict rule about social media/message boards and public forums that I have always adhered to;

  1. Don’t talk about politics.
  2. Don’t talk about religion.
  3. Don’t talk about gun control.
  4. Don’t talk about abortion.
  5. Don’t talk about current events.

That being said, can the remaining 30 or so friends who I still follow on Facebook please calm down? I make no bones about it, if you have broken one of those rules I unfollowed your ass butt and have been doing so since the election. Seriously, do you not realize that maybe your boss could access your comments? Two of my former managers probably have seen links to this blog on Facebook and Twitter. You think I am stupid enough to talk about my real job, name a person by their real name or do something to get my fat ass rear end fired? I was born at night but not last night.

Have you talked bad about your employer? Guess what folks, you probably should be fired. It is like people have lost their fucking friggin minds after the election. One of my work friends and I were talking about it walking down the street. She also unfollows people for the same reason by posting crap (either pro or against) and in her words; “Pretty much my feed now is cats, puppies, baby pictures and your goofy ass posts.”

So take a deep breath folks. Quit reading too many stupid and false stories. Go for a walk. Drink a beer. Just quit feeding this monster. To those who tweet the president. Do you really think he is going to respond? Better yet, watch what you say to the commander in chief because making a threat at him is going to get some guys in black suits knocking at your door.

maxresdefaultI think that I will bring back Lenten Corny Jokes early. What say you 6 readers?

Take a deep breath folks, do something strange today. Smile at a random stranger and say have a nice day. If you are daring even hug the mudda Fecker! Just don’t post that ish on Social Media.





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