Pictures of the Week – Prior to St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

Did you know that New York has a couple of people from Ireland living here? We may have found one Irish Bar up here…..TRANSLATION – You can’t swing a dead cat w/o hitting someone from Ireland or an Irish Bar.

IMG_0489Great to spend a couple of minutes with the good Doctor who was in town for a birthday party. Yep my secret hiding place is out.

IMG_0483We are on this crazy lifestyle change and have been craving Corned Beef and Hash. Sadly Corned Beef is a No-No but we subbed out Hot Dogs. It was great!

IMG_0480Yep AT is going to curse me, ate here at lunch and it was spot on for Tapas. I need to come back to this joint with Momma!

IMG_0484I notice that my pants are a little looser but I wonder how my cholesterol is doing?

IMG_0477Momma (Boss) – You want to go to the Game tonight?
Me – Meet you there!

IMG_0476Not a bad seat in this joker!

IMG_0475The iconic MSG scoreboard and the celling. I could fill a blog with all the concerts and shows that they have had here.

IMG_0486Supposed to get a $hitTon of snow this week. I can’t wait! Yes Mr. 3 first names – you are number one!

More pics of the week probably this weekend. Have a safe St. Patrick’s day folks!


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