Spring has sprung in NYC

Happy Easter Spud! No I am not going to divulge the meaning or circumstances of that statement on this blog. No doubt that Mr. Flowered Man Bag is cleaning off of his laptop because he spewed coffee all over it. Another time folks.  We have officially kicked Old Man Winter to the curb here in Manhattan. Goodbye Puffy Coat, hello Blue and White Seersucker suit and white bucks.

For those of you Memphians who have already reapplied Gold Bond a dozen times and or had the boys from Conway Services work on your air conditioner allow me to bring you up to speed. Here in New York we don’t really say that it is spring until it is after Easter and they take down the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Plaza. This past Sunday was Easter if you didn’t see the dozen “He has Risen” (I thought everybody was making soufflés for Easter Dinner) posts on Facebook and today they melt the ice in the plaza to make way for alfresco dining.

What does that mean to this former Memphian who is considering becoming a fan of the Brooklyn Nets because they already have low expectations you ask? This means that we dodged another Winter Death Bullet that the Northeast typically gets. I recall 3 years back when I was drinking Ice Cold Bud Light Iced Tea at BBQ Fest with the Asian Fireman and he was telling me about the 25+ days of below freezing weather they had that winter. I mean, I bitch when it is 40 and the wind is blowing. Can you imagine me when it is below freezing for more than 3 days? One of the docs that I smoke cigars sums it up perfectly with when he told us why he takes so many vacations in the winter. “I have everything I need up here; I have a Penthouse apartment in the city, I have a summer house on the shore but the weather up here is lousy. That is why I shag ass below the 16th latitude.” By the way, we made Doc pay for our cigars that day……what an asshole.

So to my fellow Memphians, enjoy spring and the spring festivals. To my Belizean buddies, enjoy some quiet time after the Easter parties and get read for Lobster fest. And to you Nova and KLC Man, enjoy that frozen snow till July 4th when you have 2 weeks of your summer!

IMG_0691Couples Skate is over kids!

IMG_0685No I didn’t steal this from LZ, I went to mass on Easter Sunday with EGP. If you don’t believe me ask her.

IMG_0653Good Friday I stepped up my Game with a bowtie. I think I may shake some shit up here this summer. First I need a Brooks Brothers Boating Straw hat.

IMG_0692Maya was very happy when I told her that there wouldn’t be anymore winter and she would have to scrape ass over the snow.

FullSizeRenderBB (Baltimore Bjorksu) told me that she was disappointed that her new city didn’t embrace pastels on Easter. I told her that next year she should bring her butt up here. New York makes a spectacle out of everything. Behold the Easter Bonnet Parade up 5th Ave. *photo borrowed from ahealthysliceofpai*

I may be ok with Gold Bond Usage till mid May folks. In other words, don’t buy long on the Gold Bond Stock.



  1. This is genius Robo! I did not get a chance to ask Joe about that encounter when I saw him in Vegas sin March so the legend lives on…the manbag? Not so much…it is MIA. Heers!


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