What the? A Bonus Post? You working from Home CBT?

Nope, I was able to secure some time on the laptop last night. You see between Momma’s skooling the Commodore 64 computer is pretty much always in use. Last night as I was watching Playoff Hockey at the Cigar Inn I might add I was able to bang out a couple posts since I have been slacking.

IMG_0677UWS Holly – Can you explain why I ‘had’ to have a picture of your food? Doesn’t matter, oh and our waitress from Friday night at that joint in the LES is the hostess at Fig & Olive in Midtown. She called me out on today at lunch.

IMG_0678Took EGP to see the Fearless Girl.

IMG_0679I am taking that when we got to our fancy dinner this Christmas.

IMG_0685No Smartasses, this isn’t a stock photo. I took it when EGP and I went to Easter Mass.

IMG_0683This is one of the reasons I needed to visit St. Patrick’s on Easter Sunday.

IMG_0682Why can’t we have nice things? I don’t need much space in this sucker.

Have a good weekend.



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