Picked up another badge yesterday

You remember the Swarm app that was all the rage a couple years back? It probably still is but my ADHD got the best of me and I moved on. One of the things that everyone was trying to get were the badges. At first it was the Swarm badge then I guess mayorships was the next thing everyone went after. I kind of got self conscious when the app would tell me that I have checked into a bar X times in a row in a given week. To be the mayor of one bar was fine but 5 of the main downtown bars….. yeah that may be a cry for help. 

The team that I work with selling double decker bus tour tickets to tourists has a “group chat” thread that we use regularly.  Normally it is for a specific question that one of the 8 on the team can answer. Sometimes the thread can get silly such as “when and where we are going to meet for an hour of happiness” or something similar. Yesterday the thread went the way of celebrity stalking. You have all read about my seeing different celebrities and stuff like that but there has alway been that one purple unicorn that I never could find. The celebrity in question; Jerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfeld. 

If you haven’t picked up yet, I am a big fan of the show. Now that we live up here the show even hits home more since we picked up on the little nuances that is living in New York. To see Jerry Seinfeld in New York is like running into Regis Philben or in my case Eric Rupert. *Grainbin Girl – guess who petted white dog since her blind ass ran into his shoe waiting to get into the Citibank ATM.* Don’t hate the player. 

Anyway like I said earlier, the group thread went to celeb stalking yesterday when DM reported that Seinfeld was on the corner of E57 & Madison and included a photo. I was meeting DM and some others a block from that area so I made it a point to swing by and sure enough there he was shooting a commercial. 

I guess the only one I left on my New York scorecard is Drea De Matteo and Uncle Junior. 


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