Atlantic City Via Pictures

Because I really can’t describe some of the shit that I saw. Thanks to J for teaching me a new saying “Nutscape” and don’t google that on your work computer either!

IMG_0826Because Olives and Bacon for a Garnish isn’t just enough as a condiment.

IMG_0825Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives are really good

IMG_0823Been Craving Oysters for a while

IMG_0813One and Done here in spirit!

IMG_0805No that isn’t Iced Tea

IMG_0815Made it to Margate for a beer in the rain

IMG_0819Yep, he made the menu!

IMG_0820Espresso Martini’s are always a good idea. But why aren’t there 5 of them?

IMG_0824Coffee Drinks from Sam!

IMG_0843Yeah, I may be older than her but she has a bigger head than mine. Not as big as AJ’s sweater stretching noggin. 

Thanks for a fun trip Neighbor and Summer of B!



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