Sunday Funday – we made it to the Beach

2 years and 15 days – that is how many days it took us to get to the Beach. This Sunday we ventured to Jones Beach and let me tell you, it is pretty easy to get there. Q Train to LIRR, Car to the Beach and roughly in an hour and a half you are there. Now we haven’t tried Rockaways beach yet but that is on the short list for this weekend.

Now for those of you who are wondering. You recall when we went to see the neighbor last August and we mentioned that the water was somewhat chilly? Well the water in New York isn’t any warmer. This may take a while for us southerners to get acclimated because they tell me that this is the warmest it will get. Oh and it was 70 degrees too!

IMG_1485Sunday was a great day to visit the beach!

IMG_1484Towards the end of the day looking to the parking lot

IMG_1483The Rip Tides are tough here so Lifeguards are always in place.

IMG_1482And yes we are getting some gear this week too!

IMG_1486I had to pee so we ducked into the bar at Penn Station. Never noticed these shelves for patrons to put their stuff under. Pretty smart to me.

IMG_1488There is nothing better than smelling of Suntan lotion on the train ride home I tell you!

I have a feeling we will be doing this a lot more now.


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