Let’s make a trip to the Bodega

Last week there was an article that was going around that some tech gurus were considering replacing New York’s iconic bodegas with a vending machine style of business. This got some traction on twitter and naturally I chimed in with less than 140 characters;

IMG_1738 (1)

I have always been a fan of locally owned joints over chain establishments. Not only do you keep someone in business you also better service and have a better experience. Now I am not going to debate the whole “is it a bodega, a deli, or a corner grocery” that has gone on for years. According to Google a bodega has the following items in it;

  • A Bodega Cat hanging around the store
  • Dusty ass grocery items on the shelves
  • Individually sold items that aren’t really supposed to be sold (ie single cigarettes, sleeves of crackers, hostess cupcakes)
  • Very strange and general items (ie pantyhose, household items)
  • Nothing organic or Vegan (my kind of store)

Ms Lee runs the Bodega down the street from our apartment. She is a very friendly woman and has a pretty good Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a roll that I get on the weekends. You almost feel like you have to support her as she works 6 days a week from morning to night. It is where I get my weekly flowers for momma, an occasional diet coke and if I need to overpay for some Bud Light she is my girl.

IMG_1698Here is the store on E74th street and 1st Ave

IMG_1699If you need any kindling for a fireplace I got the place

IMG_1700Raul is what I can imagine a contract employee who runs the flowers

IMG_1702The Soft Drink cooler

IMG_1701Not the best prices on produce as compared to the street vendors but that is cool

IMG_1703Here is where the Ass Rape occurs. $10.00 a 6 pack

IMG_1704I think the only reason that they carry all the seasonings is because Nino’s is nearby and they run out of stuff.

IMG_1705She does keep a tidy store

IMG_1706Deli and Flat Top for Food Orders (yeah I guess it can be considered a corner grocery store but it hits all the bodega check lists)

IMG_1707Notice how they keep the Candy on the lower shelves? That is so the kids can see it

IMG_1708Mrs. Lee wasn’t feeling it for the picture

Go support Local!



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