Happy Monday from Hipster Brooklyn

“We hardly go into Manhattan anymore. Why go there when we have everything we need here in Brooklyn.”  Ease Up folks! Don’t start burning manbuns and V-Neck shirt just yet. Its been a tough weekend and I am typing this on my Work Hotspot as we are going to have to wait 2 weeks for FIOS.

Anyway we are in Downtown Brooklyn and I will report more later. Trust me when I say that I have a WHOLE new subject matter to expound on.

Hope you are doing well after Music Fest and the Kentucky Derby. I know it has been a tough one.

“Hazy Day yesterday when I took this. Yep the View Doesn’t Suck! And yes that is the Empire State Building I get to see every night. Text 901.526.5261 to know what color it is.

Have a salad and extra water if you were at either Music or Jazz Fest or the Derby. You need it.



  1. Jam Jam 1!!! 😂 Can’t wait to read more about Brooklyn. My daughter is in Hastings, just north of you. Enjoy!!! Grab you some tomahawks from Stuart Leonard’s for your grilling pleasure. Have you been to Stu’s yet?


      1. YES!!! Chuck E. Cheese for adults who like to eat!!! Yonkers, that’s the one we go to too. In the summer we get a burger and sit outside at “the farm” so we’re not hungry while we shop. I highly recommend this plan of restraint!


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