Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

Well today she does. Please help me congratulate Mrs. Trumpet on achieving her Masters from NYU. Not only did she do this in 2 years, she did it while working full time, interviewing and getting a new job, and we moved too. I am proud of her but I may punch her in the throat if she decides that she wants to go after that Doctorate.  Not to worry, she has assured me that the next couple of books she reads will be for fun.

img_2222She was a good sport 2 years ago when I snapped this pic before her first day.

IMG_1586This shit is getting old is what she is really thinking

IMG_4024 (1)Oh and by the way, her football team is undefeated! #WewantBama

I am so proud of her and I am also looking forward to not having to study all the damn time.


  1. Showssss Bo….. yes you did it!!! All along I just knew you would!! I’m just so proud to know you and you look great by the way!!! Renita


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