So What Are You Missing The Most Now?

Welcome to the party our friends from Memphis and other parts of the Country. Pull up a chair and set a spell won’t you? Anyway here are some pictures from today.

Yeah I saw this and snickered. I am guessing he is a UTA Alum.
I saw this and was going to send it to LJZ and damned if she didn’t beat me to it.
Geranium and her Mad Towel Folding Skills
I figured I would unplug this thing since Maya is going to have Stay at Home Parents.
Haven’t been in the city till March 13th and I miss a lot of this shit! I texted Lady Barrister the other day that I missed Q and may even hug the F Train.
We are going through some major ass spring cleaning. These Days!
That Grey is coming in strong these days.

Make sure you Breathe in Jesus and Breathe Out Satan!

We are going to get through this.

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