I miss that Nasty Arse MTA Subway

I mean its nasty, its stories below the ground and lawd knows what other nasty arse things are growing on those poles. Hopefully during this down time they are cleaning them and disinfecting them. Yeah that was funny too but I doubt it. What I figure is that once we get to return probably in May they won’t be stinking but who knows. I am amazed that all of my MTA posts on Twitter about delays are missing. Guess it is true that people are the cause of the delays.

You hardly ever see this. Seriously like never!
Work Break to Torture Maya
Look, I get it you like to mess with me but I better get some cheese for this.
Keeping the sidewalk clean. Thankfully the asshole who non-leash’s his dog and lets it pee right out must be away. He is also the same guy who will reserve his Uber from his apartment and lets them wait for him.
Fek Charlie!
Holy Shit! 6 Cars and a Manhattan Bound Q Train on the Manhattan Bridge
Meatball wanted to so play with Maya
My Screen Saver for my work laptop. This was the old Terminal at Caulker but now its nice and fancy!
Booze Delivery for George’s Mom

Seriously let me know if you want a special request.

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