Man o Man did I get Screwed This Time

I am taking the day off today! Apparently there is a rule that says you are not allowed to work on your 50th Birthday. So today I was going to do the following;

  • Dinner at 11 Madison Park
  • Smoke on of those fancy $75 dollar Cigars with my buddies
  • Full Monty Shave and Pampering at the Barber Shop
  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Ok, I am kidding my ass is staying at home.

So here is what I want for my birthday; First Call my Mother and thank her for birthing Greatness 50 years ago at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Memphis TN.

Next is that I want your ass to stay the F at home!

We are going to be ok as long as we stay home.

If this thing goes as long as they say I may be rocking this haircut when we are done!

Seriously Stay Home!

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