Sunday Funday – Talk amongst yourselves.

We took the day off yesterday. It was a tad heavy so we started day drinking and played Farkle. Sadly we couldn’t go see Brendan at The Commissioner or hang with the Murphranks either. We spoke with RDD for about an hour and we needed that. I suspect she needed it too. We are actually going to roll out a self improvement part of this blog together. I guess you guys are getting tired of my home improvement stuff.

Featured Picture Back Story – NYP is the hospital that Geranium worked at and is now tending for all the COVID-19 patients. May God Bless everyone who works in the Hospital/Medical Field these days.

#FullDisclosure – I am about to go Samuel L “Fucking” Jackson on some of you very soon.

I really wish I were a dog during all of this.
Maya loves big ducks and she can not lie!
And she now expects to be fed at any time she damn well pleases. Here Geranium is explaining to her that we run this house.

Seriously folks – Stay The F Home.

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