Welp the Fridge is Clean

We have some major breaking news as shit is going down over here in Brooklyn.

I asked Geranium if she was going to tackle the freezer but she informed me that she wanted to save that for another day. Smart because we probably are going to be here till May.

She cleaned it with some vigor. Notice the Maintenance Wine on the bottom shelf along with my Fancy Beer
I was tasked with finding Bib Lettuce. Shopping here is getting similar to shopping in Belize. Not all stores may have what you need so you make due with what you can find.
The Vegetables I scored on Friday
The Cheese Section
Kinda makes you wonder how much food 2 people need
Z(Squared) may have a Meat Section but Me and Geranium have a cheese shelf.
I am now eating like a 5 year old so anytime I make a PB&J Maya wants some too
She and I are going to have to study for our blood tests
Sunday Beers!

Hope you stayed in today. This shit is going to get ugly soon.

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