I may piss all over myself

A Trip to 161st Street to sit in “The Baller Seats”

Sometimes it is good to be Carbunkle Trumpet. Oh and sometimes it is even better to be sitting in Baller seats for a Yankees/Red Sox home series on Friday night. Needless to say it is a helluva good perk of working for the Double Decker Tour Bus Company. Oh and for the Yankees to win too? What can I say? I am money!

Second Row on the Third Base Side Doesn’t suck!
Wish they would put last names on the Jersey’s because I don’t know all my players yet.
Not too bad for a Friday Night
The Red Sox’s TV Personality
Seriously Judge is a grown damn Man!

Feel Free To Hate. I even hate myself for sitting in these seats since I am not such a huge Yankees Fan. But I will still live with myself. Oh and I am 1-0 sitting in these seats and the Yankees swept the Red Sox on this series.

If you need Spices, Seasonings, Herbs, Salts, and Goo then visit Kalustyan’s Market on Lex

A while back I was with one of my cohorts selling tour bus tickets to the tourists. He is a native New Yorker and were discussing the difference between Southern and Northern food. He told me that some New Yorkers think that Southern food can be too spicy and even went so far to tell me that even some New Yorkers think that Ketchup is too spicy. (If you hail from south of the Mason Dixson line and are reading this and wondering if I am fucking with you, I promise that I am not!) He told me that he was getting into hot sauces and found a great one from Belize called Marie Sharp. My ears perked up saying that I was familiar with this brand and asked where he picked some up here in Manhattan. He gave me the address of a place on Lex at E28th Street in the Indian section of Murray Hill.

This past weekend I ventured out in the rain and cold to acquire some Marie Sharp since the bottle we got on our last trip to Belize ran out. Ironic that it was almost one year to the date but needless to say I had to get some more hot sauce. I find Kalustyan’s on Lexington and make my way into this sprawling joint. This place is probably 3 storefronts because you walk into different rooms with shelves of all kinds of different spices, seasonings, marinades, and stuff I have no idea what is in a bottle. I find the Hot Sauce section and pick up my Marie Sharp and was amazed that everything was well before the expiration date. This is a common problem I find when someone has a huge variety of Hot Sauce because they can’t get good rotation on everything.

I am standing there and one of the managers comes up to me and we start talking about the store. She tells me that they do more spice and seasoning business for restaurants here in Manhattan than anyone. They get daily shipments in from different purveyors to make sure what they have on the shelf is fresh and listen to their customers. We started talking about the Marie Sharps and she told me that it is one of their better sellers for Latin American restaurants and for Belizeans living in New York. I explain to her my history with the country and how I am always trying different things. She recommends their Spice and Herb book and shows me a couple tricks that you can do in the kitchen to create different flavors. I agree and pay cash for everything. Typical New York Establishment, you can use a card but Cash is King and you get better discounts.

IMG_0580Some of these hot sauces were pretty funny. I stuck with what I knew. Marie Sharps

IMG_0581Need Pink Salt in Bulk? The square on the right is 16X16

IMG_0583Yep, I made some Eggs the next morning and lit it up!

That was it for pictures as they Manager told me that they prefer that people don’t take pictures. I respect that but I will be back!


Am I really scared of ghosts?

So with Momma’s new position as head washroom attendant she and I will not be able to visit that crappy island in November and defend my title as head bullshitter BBQ Sauce off Champ. (I think I can hear the grumbling from MN and Belize as well KC right now) So rather than sit on our hands and do nothing we decided to revisit the cruise lines as we were frequent abusers of them back in the day (hell we got married on one)! We (Me, Momma and NYC Momma) decided upon Norwegian’s ship the Pearl sailing out of Miami in early December. Now this trip is kind of neat in that 2 of our ports (Dominican and St. Thomas) we have good friends who live there and are going to catch up with them and party ‘local style’ as I do like a good Carlos and Charlies but I love local dive bars.
When we booked we got a good deal and sure enough Norwegian wants to fill the boat so they dropped the price after we paid up to get some more passengers.
Naturally we inquired if we could get some on board credit for our beer diet coke tabs but they didn’t want to lose that revenue so they upgraded us to Demi Suites to which we were ecstatic.

Well Momma did a little Google search to see if she could find some pics of the room or cabin style and she googled our room number (11122) and we find this….Missing Woman Photo

Anybody know the rules on carrying Garlic, holy Water, or a couple thousand crucifixes on board a ship?

If we make it to St. Thomas, we get to see Doty!

And if we make it to the Dominican we will see Ceres!
Oh and it looks like I get to create a new post label for this entry!
TTK! and pass the Valium!