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Celebrating Ms. Anne on Easter Sunday.

Sorry for the sappy post but I have been trying to work this into my rotation since early March. I have tried to keep this thing positive for the most part because I know we all are riding on this emotional roller coaster. In true Anne Coggin fashion, it came to me the other day how I can spin this story line. The story fell into place when I picked up a pack of those crappy marshmallow peeps for Easter.

First let me give you the back story.

Anne Marlow Coggin was a fecking badass! I had the pleasure of first meeting her and getting to know her when we moved to the Briarmeadows house when I was 11. Parents will always associate and socialize with each other when their kids are in the same grade. JC was the same age as I and BDC-T was the same age as my younger sister. More or less I grew up with the Coggin family and JC grew up with mine.

Anne was not only my second mother, she was my advisor and a great friend. When we decided to move to Manhattan she was the first person who got excited for us. Anne was a big reader of this blog and would privately message me when she enjoyed a particular post. She called it “her trip to Manhattan but without the crowds’ and I was ok with it.

Anne retired from work and then devoted her time to her two grandkids. LC is big into theater and Anne was always supporting her. Little Jimmy is big into any and everything. She would travel over to the UK to spend weeks with him and his mum and dad.

Thankfully (did he just use that term) we lost Anne in early March after a very long illness. (OK Enough Crying) lets celebrate the SHIT out of her now. Pardon me if you don’t get the humor in Peep Jousting.

Growing up each spring we would travel to Destin Florida for Easter Break. It would always be the 2 families and we would throw in our honorary Jew, Chief, for good measure. Oh the Peruvian twin would also tag along too. One of the fun things that we would do in addition to the Progressive Fast Food Buffet (you got to love her imagination) was Peep Jousting.

You recall those crappy marshmallow things? They are nasty and the Yellow Die #5 is probably what caused COVID-19 but Anne Coggin would take it to the next level. Put two Peeps facing each other and throw a toothpick in each and hit 30 seconds on the microwave. First Peep to score ‘a hit’ wins. Oh and the loser gets decapitated.

I realize that you may be sitting here thinking “Carbunkle started drinking early and got on his laptop.” This isn’t entirely false but trust me when I say this memory is just one snippet I can recall from her great life. My mother called me last night upset about the loss of Anne. After speaking to her for a minute I told her that Anne knew what she was doing when she left us on March 3rd. She left us in time so that her daughter and husband could come from England and return to celebrate her life and a group of more than 10 people could assemble to celebrate her life. Well played Anne, well played.

There is nothing nutritious in this package.
Started a thread with Anne’s kids about my idea
I want you to think Michael Buffer’s voice – LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!
They are in the ring
Pretty sure I am getting Windmill cancer from this!
Are you kidding me? You fell over? No Contest on this entry folks.
Both of you get the knife!
I Ozzy’d the first one (bad choice of words) and got out the kitchen shears on #2
I wanted it to be a slow death for Dos
Like I said, she was a BAD ASS! EVERYONE should be like Anne Coggin

So normally I will end the post with a quick sentence and sign off.

However, I have to share with you something personal that happened to us on Easter Sunday. BACK STORY- I write these out in Word and play around with them for a couple days and then post them. I had this post cooked up I think on Wednesday of last week. Like I said I got the Peeps and the story kind of wrote itself.

Anne loved Bunny’s and had a lot of those Pandora Bracelets. BDC-T decided to break apart one of Anne’s bracelets and give people who knew her mom a charm to celebrate her life. She messaged Geranium (who was still in New York and I was in Memphis for the funeral) that she was sending a charm with me. Sadly Geranium doesn’t have a Pandora bracelet so BDC-T gave me the bracelet and a charm. Trust me when BDC-T slid it into my suit jacket and said that I had to take it to Geranium I had no idea. I follow her and Geranium’s word like Gospel so I do as I am told.

About Two weeks ago we lost the bracelet and charm. We knew it was in the apartment but somehow it just got misplaced. We tore apart the jewelry cabinet, we pulled the bed apart, I mean we were destructing the apartment, cleaning it but also looking for the charm and bracelet. We couldn’t find it and it was starting to become a point of frustration.

Sunday morning I went to get Easter Beer and get some items that we needed to clean the stuff in our kitchen rack. I also got one of those Russel Stovell Chocolate Bunny things for Geranium as an Easter Happy. She thanked me but I could sense she was wishing we found this charm and bracelet. I was cleaning the utensil bucket on our kitchen shelving and also re-organizing the contents and low and behold I found it. It must have fallen off the top of the jewelry cabinet and found its way into the utensil bucket.

I informed Geranium that I had another Easter Happy for her and gave it to her. Yes, we both cried and knew that it was Anne saying Happy Easter to us. Again, Anne well played.

Its ok to cry, we did and I did when I was proofing this.

I am very thankful for a lot of things now days. But I am most thankful that I was in Anne Coggin’s life. Like I said she was a badass! I just hope that I did you right reading this from heaven.

A Trip to the Pacific Northwest to See Geranium

Geranium finally got on the road and made her way back to the home office in Seattle for a week. This trip she had to work late on Friday so we decided I would come out and hang with her and some work peeps. I got into town Friday at lunch and made my way over to her office and confirmed it. They don’t work they eat Bon-Bon’s out there and that’s about it.

I am kidding and it was nice to put faces to all the names that I have heard over the past couple of months. Since I was there for only a couple of days we were planning on doing the traditional Seattle tourist spots. aka; Pike Market downtown and maybe a museum. It was a fun trip and we had a great time. I dig’d Seattle, it has a cool vibe to it and it rained everyday.

Us at the Iconic Public Market Center Sign
Where they Throw the Fish to and from
Hey KLC Man I think that you can get a cheaper price right?
What is this? This line is for Cheese? Stand On Line Geranium!
Mac and Cheese? Oh Hell Yes!
I will just stop here.

Like I said, Seattle is a cool little town. Sure it sucked because it rained but we will be back.

Don’t Go Walken Out On Me Yet!

Did you see what I did there KLCMan and RMT? I know that I have been a slacking bastard as of late for posting on this but do you know how hard it is to come up with 46 jokes in a row for Lent? Cindy is kicking my ass so I have to try all stops.

Happy Easter and Passover to all of you out there and next week you will see an improvement on posts. Geranium is taking her ass on the road so I will have time.

As Uncle Joe Walsh would say; “Happy Easter Spud!”
And No I am not going to tell you what this means.

So for those of you who gave up social media for Lent welcome back. I gave up my traditional “Good wholesome jokes” like I do every year.