Joe Walsh

A Trip to the Pacific Northwest to See Geranium

Geranium finally got on the road and made her way back to the home office in Seattle for a week. This trip she had to work late on Friday so we decided I would come out and hang with her and some work peeps. I got into town Friday at lunch and made my way over to her office and confirmed it. They don’t work they eat Bon-Bon’s out there and that’s about it.

I am kidding and it was nice to put faces to all the names that I have heard over the past couple of months. Since I was there for only a couple of days we were planning on doing the traditional Seattle tourist spots. aka; Pike Market downtown and maybe a museum. It was a fun trip and we had a great time. I dig’d Seattle, it has a cool vibe to it and it rained everyday.

Us at the Iconic Public Market Center Sign
Where they Throw the Fish to and from
Hey KLC Man I think that you can get a cheaper price right?
What is this? This line is for Cheese? Stand On Line Geranium!
Mac and Cheese? Oh Hell Yes!
I will just stop here.

Like I said, Seattle is a cool little town. Sure it sucked because it rained but we will be back.

Don’t Go Walken Out On Me Yet!

Did you see what I did there KLCMan and RMT? I know that I have been a slacking bastard as of late for posting on this but do you know how hard it is to come up with 46 jokes in a row for Lent? Cindy is kicking my ass so I have to try all stops.

Happy Easter and Passover to all of you out there and next week you will see an improvement on posts. Geranium is taking her ass on the road so I will have time.

As Uncle Joe Walsh would say; “Happy Easter Spud!”
And No I am not going to tell you what this means.

So for those of you who gave up social media for Lent welcome back. I gave up my traditional “Good wholesome jokes” like I do every year.