my brothers and sisters in arms

The Week in Pictures

It was a good week last week. Here are some of the pictures from last week.

Have a good week and we will see you next week.


What in the world is Carbunkle Trumpet

up to besides being 5 foot 7 inches tall….

Maybe Taco Girl is getting some new undies from Rump Shaker, or maybe Taco Boy is getting a new thong from CBT….
Dear 9lb, 8oz Baby Jesus lying there in your Ghost manger, please don’t let it be the picture of Pedro on the steps at Lime….


Bucket List (and I stole every one of these pics too)

A couple of days back I posted on my FB status update to pick what one thing that was true and it read like this;

  • Imagine that it is raining in Memphis on a Friday
  • I was fixing to board the plane for San Pedro to bring Laurie and Lara stripper wigs and a birthday present for Mary G.
  • After I drank my weight in beer I was going to head up to Playa del Carmen and celebrate Dia de los Muertos as I do realize that I probably am going to that ‘warm’ place but you have to get a little religion when you can.
  • that I just had my C.B. & S. waxed for my brand new sequined thong.
  • Or some bad comment about banging an octogenarian like a screen door in a wind storm.

Well actually other than the first and the last those in the middle are true. The hotel that we always stay in Belize has a Halloween party that is off the chart and from the pics that I stole off of FB it looks like the rain didn’t spoil any fun. One of these days!

Good to see that TG got her wig in time, she was cutting it close according to her texts
Hey Maya did you know that it was Mary G’s birthday? Look at the 21 year old, isn’t she cute!
I can’t bring myself to post the picture that is making this guy wear that outfit but I will just say that I am NUTS over Sir Peter! And I pissed myself when I saw the picture too!
As you can see I stole this from Dorian but the costumes are serious down there!

Stole this from Michelle from last years celebration in MEX
Again stole this from Dorian but you have to love the religious influence!

Maybe next year! (if we don’t go to Voodoo Fest with DCG and KLC Man!)


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Let’s see I am 2 weeks behind on posts, the main pooter that I use is acting up so I am on the work laptop and that has more security than a nun in charge of nymphomaniac, hormone riddled 8th graders girls who are going to have a lock in with the boys school. (some of you are laughing uncontrollably right now!)
While I am on the work pooter and not posting pictures I would like to wish best of luck with the move to a new city to Ramblings and Shane as they move from our fair city to 3 hours closer to NOLA. These two were the first one who ‘slightly spooked’ me at Musicfest by walking up to me cold and asking “Hey aren’t you CBT?” I have since recovered and have lost horribly to them at Trivia down at Calhouns. 38103 is going to miss you two.
This weekend we also have the return of RxBambi in town for her High School reunion. I will just say that it is amazing that all of us got out alive and other than the occasional ‘case’ of wine we all lead normal lives. This is considering that we went to all-boys schools and all-girls schools! Rx your poor husband and my poor wife should write books about us, they could make some good money!
Ok, I will stop now but tune in soon folks, I promise I will be back to my normal self!