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So What did you guys do in Isla?

I fielded a bunch of those questions since we got back on Saturday. My canned answer has always been “We hung out, I smoked at least 1 cigar before 10AM each day, and we ate a bunch of good food. Oh and we drank buckets of beer, had a couple “Ernie Mellor’s Specials” and we drank some post sunset Vodka and Sodas.” So here is the real truth about our trip….That is exactly what we did and it was great!

When we were on the ferry over to the island there was a woman who was returning from being in the states. She was chatting up a couple who were asking her where to eat, where to rent a cart, ect. The woman said that she lived on a sailboat behind Oscar’s Pizza place. Naturally I hated this bitch, I mean she lives in about the same square footage as we do but her location is much prettier and more climate friendlier than ours.

This was the 5th trip over to Isla Mujeres; day trip, 3 night trip before meeting up with English Mike, 5 day trip where 9 months later we became God Parents, an overnight trip in December and then this full week trip. Each trip we keep finding that this island is exactly what we need in that we can go there, unwind, eat some good food and laugh about our Monday through Friday lives.

Now I am sure that there are some of you who look at us and say “Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again?” They say that doing this and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Guess what friends….Isla is what we want. No excursions (well they did go fishing this year) no historic tours, no fancy resorts, and pretty much it is perfect for us. More on this later.

IMG_3799Welcome to the Family Manuel

IMG_3788Shrimp Cocktail in a Sweet Chili Sauce and Lime Juice. It was great!

IMG_3779These two! I tell ya we had a blast with them down there.

IMG_3772Playa North with the fancy boats.

IMG_3763The Future Mrs Manuel Gonzalez was mocking me as I declined a shot of “Mexican Water”

IMG_3737Not our place but this was right next door to our joint.

IMG_3734Margarita and a beer – Lord knows I had a couple of these down there

IMG_3803Like I said the food really sucked down there too

Like I said, we had a good time down in Mexico. More pics to come.


Don’t put me on a milk carton yet!

So I have been getting a lot of “Carbunkle why are you not blogging anymore” messages and emails and sorry to disappoint my 2 readers but we have been kinda busy over here at Bar 595 this Spring and Summer. It is one of those classic good news/bad news scenarios – The good is that Momma will be getting herself a brand new motor-boating worthy racks/boobs, the bad is that the old ones tried to kill her so off they went! We both knew this day would eventually come as she has family history of breast cancer and have been having regular mammograms since she was 35 and this year Aunt Cancer decided to make its debut. We consider ourselves lucky (Yes I said that we are lucky) in that we caught it early and rather than a lumpectomy we went for the big girl surgery and had a double mastectomy. Currently we (who am I kidding – She) is undergoing Chemotherapy treatment and when we get done poisoning the crap out of her we will then jiffy pop microwave her for good measure. Other than the baldness, hot flashes & some jacked up taste buds we are doing pretty good all things considered. As you can imagine we are ‘Kicking Cancer’s Ass’ with a positive attitude much like John “Bad Dog” McCormack did and not being a “Debbie Downer” like a lot of fellow cancer patients we have encountered with our trips to the Doctor’s office and the Chemo Lounge. I figured I would come clean to save you some time when you see us out at our local watering hole no Momma isn’t bald b/c she really likes Sinead O’Conner’s music or is in the Navy Seals she is getting treated for the Ta-Ta cancer.

So for now I am the Cancer Concierge, Doctor Visit Scheduler (you have no idea how many trips to the doctor you will make when you get cancer) and Public Relation Update guy. I had thought of using “What is a Carbunkle Trumpet and I hope I don’t get any on my shoes” as an update board but that would go against my scruples (Carbunkle has scruples, who knew?) so I provide a weekly update in my sick twisted way. If you want to get the update let me know and I can add you to the list as I try to make light of the goings on here at Casa de Cancer Crib.

In the meantime till we get the new Double D’s the best thing you can do for us (besides keeping Momma in your thoughts) is ladies get a regular mammogram and check up. Guys examine the twins every once in a while and when you turn 50 go get the bung hole checked by a doctor. I know that we are not going to live forever but there is no reason to live in the dark or in fear. I have been told by my older guy friends that no a colonoscopy does not make you gay and the worst part of it is the pooping your entire insides out before the procedure.

Keep it light and frothy and don’t worry I will get back on the blogging bandwagon soon. Thankfully there are still people doing stupid things out there and wearing funny shoes so I still have lots of material. Yes I plan on attending the Candlelight vigil this week so I am sure I will have lots of Elvis Tribute Artists pictures.

TTK & Real men wear pink!