Gone Drinking….er Fishing

You guys are on your own for about 6 days. Leaving the island of Manhattan for a warmer climate.

See you when we get back! #meetthericketts


Pictures of the Week *CRAP, It didn’t load till Friday evening!!!

We had a great weekend last weekend and let me be the first to admit that next weeks posts are probably going to suck. Next week is a short week and our favorite 2 first name swimmer is heading to town so we are going to be bizzy. That and I gave you feckers 4 posts this week…

IMG_2176Guess it looks like lobsters like Irish beer in Portland.

IMG_2166So Saturday Morning was a 3 beverage morning. S/O to Seaweed and Diane!

IMG_2198They did have some nice sunsets here in Maine

IMG_2173Google This Company Folks…..Seriously….It is Good Shit!

IMG_2154Not sure who this fat fucker is in this picture but the girl kissing on him says that he is a lucky son-of-a-bitch!

IMG_2193Cold Beer and Hot Sausage….It reminds me to say Happy Anniversary to Alex’s Tavern!

IMG_2130Iggy’s Sports and Karaoke Bar….Never been there!

IMG_2126Happy Holidays…….

IMG_2135Let this be a lesson to you who use the ‘filters’ on Snapchat. I do kid as I love this picture, and it makes me smile. That and I appreciate and respect this person….but it makes me giggle too!

Have a good weekend.

*Editors Note – I screwed up and this didn’t load till Friday Night.




CBT Breaks His Own Rule

Forgive me Lord, I took a bunch of food pictures this past weekend. And to make matters worse, I am now about to blog about it. I know that Ashley B is probably laughing her head off right now but yes, I am breaking Robo Rule #1. Anyway here are the pics of the wonderful food that we ate this past weekend and Shout Out to my favorite brown Belizean who would sent me ugly Snapchat messages all weekend long.

IMG_2162Half Dozen were killed within 3 minutes of arrival

IMG_2163How about that for a Lobstah Roll?

IMG_2165Lobster Eggs Benedict and Bacon – Sorry Brother Sam but this is defiantly not allowed

IMG_2179Half Dozen and had to have a Red Rocket since they were out of Bud Light. S/O to Ernie Mellor!

IMG_2181Lobster Mac and Cheese – You starting to hate me Mary?

IMG_2187Shit, we ate them so fast they didn’t even get an ‘Ashley’ picture!

IMG_2186Seriously we ate us some great seafood this weekend!

IMG_2189Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Lobster Roll!

IMG_2190Lobster Bisque

IMG_2197“We will have a dozen Oysters”
“Um sorry sir but we only have 5 oysters left in the house”
“Well ok then, giddy up!”

So do you still hate me Mary? Oh and for the record, I had me a salad for lunch on Monday and plenty of water!

What a Week We Have Had last week

This has been a busy last week for the both of us. Here are some pictures to showcase them.

IMG_2018Even the dogs get into Halloween! No the Monkey Heads did not dress this year.

IMG_2025Got to visit one of my customers who is at 59th and 5th Ave.

IMG_2026Park Avenue

IMG_2027Yes I am in Sam’s territory. It is after all a shared territory

IMG_2029Mrs. Trumpet got in some “Summer Lovin” singing last week!

IMG_2035Asshole Cat

IMG_2008I mean it is the day after Halloween and you put that out?

IMG_2038Christmas season must be here if they put out the Panettone in the grocery stores.

IMG_2039Got to love Trader Joe’s and their wine delivery!

IMG_2040I mean did you really chain your bike to a subway car on the Q?

IMG_2046I think I may need some coffee for this weekend in Maine!

Hope you have a good weekend. We head to the state of LL Bean. 

Pictures that I have had in my foam

I have had these pictures on my foam for about 2 weeks so I wanted to share with you some good ones. Then again some aren’t that great.

IMG_1970Made a trip to Park Slope in Brooklyn with the Murphranks. We decided to head to a Brooklyn Institution called Farrell’s. They serve beer in 32oz Styrofoam containers.

IMG_197132 ounces of Ice Cold Bud Light – You can’t beat that with a stick I tell you!

IMG_19636’9″ Fraternity Brother sent me this picture of an old ass sign hanging at a Duck Camp in Arkansas. I never visited that joint.

IMG_1974Can you imagine getting pulled over by this little arse car? Talk about embarrassment.

IMG_1981Got to get some “Street Meat” by our apartment. Sadly this guy’s offering suck, we should have headed to 6th and 57th for a proper Street Meat meal!

IMG_1982Yo Holmes, I want Extra Hot Sauce – aka butt burn….

Have a good day!

Pictures of the Week

Finally got to post 3 posts this week. It helps when you go out and do things during the week. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Ba and “The Ladykiller” are arriving this afternoon.

IMG_1928Way back when we came up here with ABC (pre booger) we dined here. Had no idea where it was. Imagine my surprise when it was next to Joes’ Pub

IMG_1929Texted this to ABH and she ‘threatened’ to come up here. Come on!

IMG_1930Swing Band at the Library

IMG_1959Believe it or not you can you can move this sucker on its axis.

IMG_1961Let’s take a Citi Bike home! #saidnooneever

IMG_1962If I ever peg my pants I give you permission to kick me in the baby maker and punch me in the throat!

 Have a good weekend folks.

Bonus Post since it is Friday! #CBTCares

IMG_1580What did they do to Jack outside this bar? Sacrilege I tell you

IMG_1583We took a boat trip over the Labor Day weekend. Hey Schmalls my dingy is bigger than your whole boat.

IMG_1582Quaint little boat town and only if we could have known where we were.

IMG_1584We found a Mexican bar after our boat ride

IMG_1585All was right with the world after I got me a “EM Special”

Shout out to my bar wife on the birth of her first child.


How Many Effin Times do I have to tell you…..

I am not from fucking Texas, I am from Memphis!

This happens to me at least 3 times a week. I will be speaking to someone for work, pleasure, whatever and they ask me the same question. “So what part of Texas are you from?” Don’t get me wrong, Texas is having a going through a bunch of shit right now and my thoughts are with you. But can someone from the South explain to me in 140 characters or less why everyone thinks I am from Texas?

It happened to me just yesterday when I went to The Cigar Inn Robo Daycare. I went for a break, a cigar, and some light ball busting with the boys. One of the Goombas *Editors note – I am a 4th Generation Italian and have earned the right to ‘politely’ but also ‘respectfully’ bust the chops of my fellow Italians chops within reason* asked me if everything was ok at home. I asked him what he was referring to and this was the exchange;

Paulie – “Kid, I figured you were from Texas and that’s where that Hurricane hit.”
Me – “Hey Paulie (not his real name) what makes you think that I am from Texas?”
Paulie – “Kid, you mean that accent isn’t from Texas? Where you from? You say Sir and Mam like you were raised by Dominican Nuns with a 3 foot yardstick.”
Me – “I originally from Memphis, but why does everyone think I am from Texas?”
Paulie – “We never met anyone from Memphis who put up with our shit and didn’t piss us off at the same time. Hey kid, if you ever want to come to the Trump back room let us know. Just wear slacks and ignore Joey Pots and Pans.”

Now I could fill this worthless dribble with numerous stories like this but I acknowledge that I would lose my 12 readers. That and since UWS Holly is moving WAY south, I need to keep it real. First of all, my thoughts, prayers, good ju-ju to all my friends in Texas, Louisiana, and all parts south. May God Bless the Cajun Navy and all volunteers who have driven south with a boat in tow to help a complete stranger in dire need. It makes my heart happy seeing things like this.

*cutting to the chase now*

Now depending on when you read this worthless dribble….Friday is sadly the ‘unofficial’ end of summer with the Labor Day weekend starting at noon. In Memphis all of the old school attorneys *looking at you Ziggy* would gather dressed in their finest Seersucker suit at the Peabody Hotel to have a ‘libation’. I have always believed that any true southern gentlemen should possess a Seersucker suit and if it isn’t ruined by Labor Day one should wear it with pride. *FZ – you taking notes* For on Friday I shall celebrate my southern upbringings, funny sayings but most importantly……By Gawd…..Get ready for Southern College Football.

Below is a meal we cooked this past Sunday for no other reason than to celebrate the south!

IMG_1545Shout out to my favorite Food Photographer for this killer recipe.

IMG_1541Had to make this one for Nanny. She will be missed and we are glad to have known her.

IMG_1543Rock-Mo is going to give me some shit because I am not using freshly ground meat but I was in a bind on Sunday. At least I labeled the seasoning….

IMG_1542Roasted Corn and Long Island Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh (like 4 hours old) Mozzarella Cheese

IMG_1547So yes, I am adding Ashley’s Pimento Cheese with Rock-Mo’s Burgers and Russell George’s Sautéed Onions. You fuckers in the south can eat Panchos Cheese Dip everyday and have Fried Green Tomatoes.


IMG_1548I am not going to see my GP doctor for a couple weeks after eating this meal.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend.


Closed until further notice

You read about it all the time up here. “After X years of faithful business we regret to inform you that we are closing.” I am fully aware that the margin to operate a restaurant is razor thin. You have the pressure to have a consistent menu, a decent wine list, servers that won’t sabotage you, and bartenders who won’t rob you. Then you have to worry about the health department scores and if you are a fancy restaurant those pesky Michelin Star ratings can make one a tad crazy. But now you have to worry about rent that can go in upwards of 60K a month depending on your location. Yes I said 60K, that is rent for one of the mega chain restaurants in Times Square.

The other day I read where Philippe Lanjaunie closed the downtown Les Halles restaurant where Anthony Bourdain got his fame. He closed the one on Park Avenue about a year and a half claiming soaring rent. I looked up some stats and the cost of running a restaurant in New York as compared to in LA and it was shocking;

  • Rent in New York costs roughly $120 a square foot as compared to $52 a square foot in LA.
  • Produce and Meat is more expensive here in Manhattan as owners of restaurants in both LA and NYC say that it is 44 percent less to operate in California.
  • Hiring staff is a bear here in NYC, the average salary for a cook in NYC is about $30K where in LA it is about $25K. With minimum wage going up you can expect margins to go even tighter.

IMG_1272I know that GrainBin Girl died a little the day that this sucker shut their doors.

10583294_GYou would be surprised how many of these you see up here.

Bottom Line – Go out and eat Local. Tip your server and send back a $20 for the dishwasher too!





The 40th Dead Elvis Week

I was with one of my colleagues yesterday and he glanced at my personal iFoam and asked who the guy in the funny glasses was. I literally stopped in the middle of 5th avenue to ask them if he were joking because one does not mock “The King”. They didn’t know and I really felt sorry for this person because not only did he not know who Elvis was he didn’t realize that today starts Dead Elvis Week. I explained to my friend about all of the pilgrims and the ETA’s (Elvis Tribute Artist)  and that they prefer that term instead of Elvis Impersonator. I explained about the ETA’s that come from all over the world from El Vez, to Indian (dot not feather) Elvis and everywhere in between.

So welcome to Memphis my fellow Pilgrams, Save travels to Georgia Peach  as she makes her way to Memphis today and hopefully it won’t be hotter than 2 rats fucking in a wool sock hot next week.

IMG_1417My Jam on the Q train the other day!

IMG_1421Happy Anniversary to my Bar Wife/soon to be Bar Wife MILF.

IMG_1422One of the better pics I took at Graceland many moons and pounds ago!

11888084_10153739786199928_7891063820881814216_nWho doesn’t love Midget Elvis. And yes I will be wearing my TCB ring next week too!

Elvis has left the Building!