Now is the Time to Listen

So at the young age of 50 I have decided to go back to school. No, I am not going to follow in the footsteps of Geranium and get my MBA from NYU. I am going way back to the 7th grade. You see I found a really good teacher and he teaches me history every morning.

Some of you have been asking me why I am not posting this week and have even abandoned Cindy with the jokes. I don’t really have much material as we are a week away from our move and nobody wants to see boxes. We have postponed our trips to see Brendan at the Commissioner in an effort to stay safe and right now isn’t the time to be venturing out.

The reason I have stopped with FB is that the toxicity on this is over the top there. When exactly did a platform that we were originally playing Farmville/Mob Wars and poking people turn into the largest misinformation vehicle? Anyway I gave it up the other day and found that my mental health improved greatly. Tic Tock is where it is at now.

So let me tell you about my new History Teacher. 6’9″ IV teaches at one of the schools in Memphis. He must have been doing this thing where he would on his zoom calls give historical information about the current date and then go through the famous birthdays to end with his student’s birthdays. School ended last week in Memphis so since he is still quarantining at home with his wife and two boys he moved this daily practice over to Instagram.

I caught the first of June “Day in history” and what 6’9″ IV said touched me deeply. He spoke about what was going on in the world with Racial Injustice and he mentioned his most favorite quote from Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”

That is some pretty power stuff right there folks. You don’t know until you are in that person’s shoes.

6’9″ IV then mentioned that right now is the time to stop & listen and put ourselves in other peoples shoes. We are all quick to give our opinion but we should stop, listen and educate ourselves. I don’t have the answers nor do I think that anyone has, but I am willing to listen. I am willing to try to comprehend what someone else is going through and together try to figure out how to make it better.

Not going to lie one bit – There are some deep scars forming here in New York but we can start the healing while things are still smoldering. The first thing starts with using those two ears more than that one mouth and being kind to someone else.

So now each day when 6’9″ IV posts a new Day in History/Birthday’s he is also going to post resources that you can read, watch or listen to learn more. This is to help people understand the experiences that African Americans and this country. That is what I am going to start doing. Till then you will see me on Instagram.

LJZ and Tay-Tay told me that they were going to file charges with ASPCA. I got her an appointment to get her nails done (getting really long) and “Not Yolanda” had a cancelation so she got prettied. The before/after is hilarious!
She hated Geranium’s Spa Treatments!
This was probably the longest her hair was. God I miss that White Dog

So that’s it folks.

And thank you to Will for allowing me to post what you are doing. Sorry to put you on the spot but you are a fantastic teacher. Those current and past students are so lucky to have you. And by the way I hated History with a passion!

To my dozen readers of this dribble – If you would like to know 6’9″ IV’s Instagram address message me and I can give it to you. It’s some good stuff.

It’s Friday Folks! Return of the Pictures of the Week

So big news for us here in Downtown Brooklyn. We are moving in June back into the city. We found a place on 37th Street between 9 & 10th. It has a balcony and the layout is much better than this place. We also have a washer dryer and functioning dishwasher. Anyway here are some pictures I have had in my que for a couple weeks.

How many FedEx Trucks can we fit on Schermerhorn?
We getting fancy with our Zoom Calls.
15 Minute Walk to empty ass Times Square
15 Minute Walk to Z(squared)
Is it just me or does all the Avocados make this truck look longer?
Ole Miss Carbunkle Trumpet for the Director Zoom call.
So funny!
Ran into her at Brooklyn Fare. Seriously I did. And she is tiny too!
Morning Sunrise over Queens and Brooklyn
LJZ I may need this as a house warming gift!

Have a good weekend. Who am I kidding, we are staying home and at least we can start packing.

Sunday Shenanigan’s – Can you please Mute your foam?

So a couple of Sundays ago (told you I had writers block) we were actually busy with a couple of things going on. I really can’t properly verbalize them so I will give you a Wednesday Picture Post.

10 year Anniversary of when I was a Carnie for MIM. That’s me an Almost chilling in-between disasters and plumbing fails.
You have seen this picture so I am going to explain it on the next pic.
So that is the reason for the Pronto Pup Picture.
Lisa Marie Got in on the fun one year!
So it’s a corn stick and it counts too!
So Theresa the Scholar said that I needed to make sure I keep tradition alive. Middle of Brooklyn during a Pandemic. How in Fuck can I make this happen.
God Love Seamless and Kids menus! There are no ruled in the middle of Pandemic.
What? Sunday Best now? What in the Pronto Pup Corn Dog is going on now!
So I didn’t shave but the shirt is clean(ish)
They can’t see from my waist down so Zoom Rules are in full effect.
Good to see that Secret Agent Man Brian (Top Right) dressed up. Guido is that your black tie Mask?
Linda Can You Please Freaking Mute Your Phone!
I mean Damnit Linda/Karen!
Congrats Pepe and D. We hope that Pepe takes your last name!

Sadly last Sunday was kind of boring compared to the first weekend in May.

Jim Valvano’s ESPY Awards Speech

The other day I got on Twitter and Joyce Peterson had tweeted about how a WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore raised millions of dollars for health care workers. He did this by walking around his property before he turned 100. The side story was that he received over 125,000 birthday cards.

I remarked that it was cool and she replied back that it made her tear up. (incidentally I got her approval to post this) but I still don’t understand why Ron Childers is always in her living room.

For whatever reason this made me think of the famous Jim Valvano’s ESPY Speech. One of the guys I used to smoke cigars with when the E73rd location was open played for Coach Valvano when he was at Iona. AM spoke highly of Jim Valvano and this guy is a big ball buster but I always could sense the respect he had for his former coach. Ironically when I looked up the stats on Wikipedia I realized that we lost Jimmy V on April 28, 1993 maybe he is speaking to me and all of us.

So in the speech that he gave on March 4, 1993, and I am going to cut and paste because it this part that is so powerful and I always think we should base our day on this.

Think about that folks, If you can Laugh, you can Think and lastly be Moved to Tears that’s a full day. I look at this now and pretty much that is what we are doing.

Laugh – Naturally there are some days that it is hard to laugh but we push through. Establishing a daily routine or something to escape this madness is helpful. Geranium is always asking when we shut down our laptops at 7PM “So what virtual thing we watching tonight?”

Thinking – We got that one taken care of. Both of our careers have pivoted and now that we are within 4 feet of each other we are fully aware of what we do and what daily issues we encounter. It also is great because I get on the spot coaching as we go through this exercise “We are building this plane as we fly it!” (Geranium Hates that Term) I am not a big fan of “Let’s table this and put it in the garage.”

Crying – Well it looks like Joyce and I got that one down pat. I do say that it is healthy to cry. Don’t dwell on it but its a good way to navigate through this.

AM told me that when Valvano went to recruit him so he walks in to their house on Long Island and tells AM’s mother “I want your son to come play for me and I promise you that I will watch him like a hawk.”

So how are you filling your days during this damned thing? What speech or person inspires you?

Pictures of The Week – Look at the Time…

Hey all you Crazy Cats and Kool Kittens.

Sorry folks but I am behind the 8 ball today (Thursday Night) so only one post on Friday.

I am working on a fun “Reporting from the streets” blog post and my target market is going to be from the residents of San Pedro Belize. I do need more responses by the way!

Sadly I just ran out of time this week. I will work on this this weekend.

Blame the COVID-19 because even during a Global Pandemic I get gummed up from time to time.

Anyway here are some fun pics I have had on the phone.

Rhino snapped this picture this week. Seriously, this is a killer shot and you get a double coverage post. Way to Go Rhino!
I agree with this because what you just did was pee in that pool we are all swimming in. Thanks!
I am sure I am going to piss off someone with this. But here is my response.
Bless Your Heart.
Trash is down in our building – The boys told me that our 750 apartment building is maybe at 33% occupancy
And notice that properly Popped Collar on the right side of the shadow too!
What am I doing? Maya hasn’t been in this for 40 days and probably won’t be for 40 more.

I miss this so much! I wish I could go down there and hug the G Train.
For you Non-New Yorkers The G-Train is one of a few trains that doesn’t run into Manhattan.
It also is only 5 cars long.
Do yourself a favor and follow Carlton J Smith on Instagram – he sings like it’s his show on earth
I can’t wait to see this man live again.
Oh and I am going to SO hug Him too!
Early Mornings mean that Maya and I walk around the block.
By now these would have been clipped and stolen.
This damned virus has made New York City and Brooklyn Nice Again!
Another garden on Livingston.
Hey Pal, I need to get to X and X and make it snappy!
Oh and if they smell like puke when we get back in these suckers I am going to go full New York on them!
Side Eye Maya is in full effect. And yes that is my work station!
Never seen these streets so clean!

Sorry folks, I just ran out of time and didn’t have any white board advice.

In The Immortal Words of Joe Walsh

Happy Easter Spud!

Sorry if you don’t understand what I am talking about. It’s a long story
But if you lived in Memphis in the early 90’s you might have seen Joe Walsh around. He was on the Shit List at Alex’s Tavern for a while he technically didn’t walk out on a tab, he was carried out.

I hope you have a happy Easter and or Passover

We Are NY Tough

I was standing outside waiting on the dog to pee Thursday morning and I felt a subway rumble under the sidewalk and it almost startled me. I hadn’t seen a subway platform for over 28 days. From my “office” I can see the B & Q train on occasion going over the Manhattan Bridge but that’s it. We are now 26 days in lockdown and I am starting to forget the little things that make this city so great. The things that normal people skeeve that are just part of life for New Yorkers.

So there is a video clip that someone made of Cuomo’s speech. I encourage you to go seek it out. It is titled “NY Tough” grab a tissue it will put a tear in your eye.

There are two parts that really hit home. “You have to be smart to make it in New York The Second part is equally strong “And because we are New York Tough. We are tough, you have to be tough. This place makes tough. But it makes you tough in a good way. We are going to make it because I love New York. And I love New York. Because New York loves me. New York loves all of you. Black and White, Brown and Asian, Short and Tall, gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That is why I love new York.” Incidentally Maria informed me that I got my New York Pin so I guess I got that going for me.

So I put on my reporter hat and asked a bunch of my fellow New Yorkers (via email, text, Instagram) a question – “Once we get out of this what is the one thing you are going to do?” I will start off;

  • Carbunkle Trumpet – I plan on sitting with the old Chooch’s at the Cigar Inn on Second Avenue and smoke an Arturo Fuente Opus X ($75 a stick) hell I may smoke two of them at the same time! I might even debate the Chooch’s about Trump. (highly discouraged as they are all red hat wearers)
  • The Notorious N “M’effin” G – Make a reservation at Carbone and have every single person I have ever met over to my apartment to pre-game.
  • The work wife (The international one) – I am going to day drink by the pool or beach with no social distancing and then go out to eat every night for weeks because I am already tired of cooking every single meal.
  • My Cubical Roomate in the West Village – See my friends and do whatever we can as a group. Oh and join you on Second Avenue too!
I recall a baseball game right after 9/11 and they showed the back of the camera and it had this sticker. This is my iPad stand I put that sticker on it on Friday March 13th. That is the last day that New York was normal.
  • My Haitian Brother from another Mother not wishing to be from PA – Talking to everyone on the Train at Grand Central and having lunch with my work brothers and sister at Sophies and Blue Smoke and drive the kids to school. (he has 2 young ones and a wife that works in a medical lab – make sure you pour one for him)
  • Tarheel M(squared) – Drink an overpriced iced latte on my way to boozy brunch in the East Village then day drinking all day!
  • Shawneen from Middle Village – I am going to visit my family and hug and kiss them with no fear!
  • M(Squared) the former work wife (the domestic one) – Response pending
  • The Cruise Queen – Going to a nice restaurant after I get my hair done.
  • Geranium’s Work Wife – I am going to head down to Paddy McGown’s Pub drink buckets of Busch Light cans with friends and sing along (way out of key) to all our favorite songs on Touch Tunes.
  • Don Bruni – I am going to hop on a plane and hit an island somewhere. Work phone in a lock box in my bedroom.
  • The Credit Queen – I am going to NEVER again get pressured into buying ginormous amounts of toilet paper. Drink more prosecco, pay attention – really pay attention at Mass.
  • Bikinisareforever – Yankees Game
  • Asian Fireman – Going to the Rambling House for a proper pint of Guinness.
Rush hour on the Manhattan Bridge – Yep that is a FedEx Truck
  • AB the LSU Tiger Fan – Go to Nat Sherman for 2 Metropolitan Host Maduro Hyde and smoke it in Bryant Park while enjoying a few 24oz Ice Cold Corona Mortar shells and polish off a few dirty dishwater dogs. YOU CAN ALMOST HEAR HIS ACCENT WHEN YOU READ THIS.
  • Bobcat – Peter Lugar Steakhouse in Brooklyn and see her sister
  • The Professor – Swing by 773 Dive Bar, Palace Dive Bar, Connie O’s Dive Bar and Call Box (yep you guessed it another dive bar)
  • Homeless Tim – Fried Chicken at TAK Room and sit down and eat it properly. *he got that for Takeout when he fled the city for CT*
  • Lady Barrister Murphrank – Commissioner, Fausto, Osteria Morini (Italian Joint in the City) as that was the last place she ate before the city went on pause.
  • Mr 3 First Names – A repeat Trip up 5th Avenue (its a FDNY Pipe’s and Drums band thing)
  • AV The Russian – Take the subway anywhere and have a nice boozy brunch outside at a restaurant while touching every single person I see.
  • AV’s Momma – After I give my daughter an unending hug and shed some tears, Ima getting a huge juicy burger and eat it down by Battery Park across from the Statue of Liberty. I LOVE THIS ONE
  • Flynn Shady – Drinks at Down The Hatch in Greenwich Village and a slice of pizza at Joe’s,
  • PC the Memphis Fan – Queens Comfort in Astoria and get rousingly drunk at hip hop brunch then walk it off along the East River.
I don’t know what scares me more. That Z(squared) will get one of these guys if they are having a bad day. Or I will get one of them if we are having a bad day. I am kidding because no mater what they still have to go into work. God Bless you Boys!
  • The Cousin – A Bouie UES Brunch at Penrose with my girls!!!!!!
  • UWS Holly – Well it won’t be ‘go see Hamilton’ because her tickets are for May 30th. She will go to the 105th street dog run with the Ellington in the park outdoor café.
  • Maria – Bloody steak at Peter Lugar in Brooklyn
  • Gumata Jennie – Joining Maria for that Steak
  • Rhino – A great meal from Maria and Inga
  • LJZ – Stupid Expensive Cocktails on the roof of the Peninsula then sipping champagne at Tiffany’s with her personal shopper.
  • F from Z(squared) – Playing Dominos at the Ear Inn and drinks at Oceana.
  • JP on the Island of Long – Head to the Gym then Beach. I’ll be in a NY state of Mind.
  • Tay-Tay – Mani/Pedi, then a Swedish Massage and flying down to Florida ASAP for the Big 3-0!
  • Vivian Longstreet – Raoul’s – having a martini at the bar served by Franko then I’m having dinner in a booth. I will start with 6 raw oysters, then steak au Poivre and finally the profiteroles.
Asshole to Elbow getting a pic of Manhattanedge
  • Ty Middelton – Go to my Tailor and pick up the Rick Owens Suit I had altered. Then head over to Caviar Russe for Vodka and Caviar.
  • Ty Webb on The Price is Right – Response Pending
  • Name Withheld to protect the innocent – JG Mellon’s in the UES for a bloody Mary, Bowl of Chili and a Burger.
  • The Bartender – I am going to hug the F Train!
  • San Pedro Scoop – Murray’s Bagels for a Sesame with Lox or Maple Walnut Cream Cheese naturally Untoasted
  • Brizzyc – Wants to go to Kettle of Fish for a Packers Game! I miss being with FANS!
  • Grantmeaccess – Anything to do with Beer!
  • Mary Louise Geranium – Find a Gospel Brunch and ride the Q Train into the city to see her chiropractor.
  • Steve from Flushing – Aquaduct and then maybe Belmont.
  • The Bookie – I am going to go to one of my favorite Alphabet City Dive Bars, walk in the men’s room and if it doesn’t smell like it used to I am going to be pissed!
  • QBall from Tudor City – I am going to Old Town Tavern sit at the bar and bitch to John (the Bartender) about how the Mets completely fucking Suck!
  • Kate the Dog Sitter – I am going to my favorite restaurant Coppola’s with my grandma!
  • Constantine – “I am going to walk into Mt. Sinai hospital and I am going to hug every nurse, doctor and employee”
  • Mr. Clean – I am going to cherish the following 6 words – “Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors!”
  • DRS (Former Work Momma) – I plan on seeing my mother, and head to the beach.
I miss the old Normal

Thanks to all those who played along. I had fun putting this out.

I Want To Invite Everyone Over To Our House In Brooklyn for Easter/Passover This Weekend

What…..You obviously must have better information about this virus than I do.  Oh, you still think that this virus is nothing more than the common flu and is nothing to worry about? “The reason it must be so bad up in the Northeast is because they are on top of each other and don’t practice socially distancing right?”

This won’t happen down here in Memphis, we are fine and there is no reason to cancel our plans.” Better yet, let us get together on the down low, we are in perfect health. Heard this one too – it is ok to be outside and interact (at 6 feet because that is the magic number) with 10 or less people because we don’t have a fever or are coughing.

Allow me to take my gloves off and tell you how I really feel. Again, I don’t watch the news, but I can hear the ambulance sirens from the 38th floor of our building. Don’t get me wrong, we love the text messages, phone calls and FaceTime messages from friends checking in on us. This isn’t about that, trust me I welcome the distraction. We have had some great conversations some nights as we sit on our love seat couch. But here it is folks. The honest to Gods Truth – I am scared for you in Memphis and other places because you have no idea what you have already done or are in for.

How many group Bonfires do I have to see on Facebook?

I saw that the local paper in Memphis said that the projected numbers weren’t going to be bad and the curve is going to flatten out. Did it metion that we are converting St. John The Devine Church in Morningside Heights up here into a hospital? Yeah the scientests missed that figure. So lets count off; we have the USS Mercy on the Hudson, the Javits Center, Central Park, I am not sure about Billy Jean King Stadium but how many other hospitals are now at capacity? Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am over reacting. But are you wiling to gamble a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor or loved one?

We are stir crazy so we got on the boat on Sunday, it was so nice and a welcome distraction.” Do me a favor, before you delete that post, call the hospital closest to your house and ask to speak to the ICU. If you get someone on the phone ask them if what you did was appropriate or how their day was going?” How would you feel if you got infected or even injured and ended up in the hospital by your stupid selfish actions? What about your parents or maybe my parents? What if they needed medical help but had to wait in the hall because you were a little stir crazy? You upset? You get the picture? Again, come on up because Easter Brunch starts at 3PM.

Oh but you know so much more than we do right?

I don’t particularly know this young lady except that she is married someone who would frequent Max’s when I lived there and he also is a big Cubs fan. Anna Mc works in one of the Memphis Hospitals. She took a selfie in her PPE Gear on Instagram with the little logo of Stay Home. I thanked her for what she was doing. She replied back and said “We all have a role in this!” FYI – I got her approval if I could use her name in this post. Realistically she is probably going to be caring for someone who gets this horrific disease. So what is your role? Anna Mc’s role is to keep you or maybe your loved one breathing should their lungs not function. Do you know what a ventilator is or does? Again all you have to do is stay home and that’s it. How simple is that? Oh and by the way, you thank this young lady or anyone who is on the Front Lines trying to keep us all alive. Period. End of Sentence.

Guys – People are dying up here at a rate that we can’t fathom. Maria, my consigliere, posted on Facebook the picture of a forklift loading corpses into a refrigerated truck. “What is it going to take for you to get serious?” Losing a neighbor, a friend, or maybe a co-worker? They could already be infected but haven’t shown symptoms yet. By the way she lives 3 blocks from a hospital that has a big refrigerated Trailer out front like you see at BBQ Fest that is full of beer. Guess what? That isn’t beer in the trailer. Did that just make you squirm a little?

The day that it got edgy was the day before St. Patrick’s day. We were pulled off the road and the city went in lock-down or pause. A lot of us knew damage was already done. Again, nobody really knows how bad it could get down in Memphis or St. Louis but are you are willing to take a chance? How selfish or reckless are you right now?

S/O to Brad Pee for this one. Seriously folks how will you answer?

We are 24 days isolated in 500 square feet. We aren’t out of the woods just yet. We always run the risk every time one of us takes Maya out to pee twice a day. Yet some of you can sit in the pool or backyard and you still can’t sit still. I would kill to have that luxury. Yet I am going to sit here wait it out. Going to the grocery store? It is one person per buggy rule and has been for weeks. I don’t need to go to Target or shopping for random crap, we can do that another month. Instead I get to stare at the East River from my makeshift desk. What is your role again?

We get on House Party AP with our friends and notice all the time that there are some extra people in the back ground. They don’t live there but its ok. “They don’t go anywhere, just to the Grocery or get booze.” So how do you know the key pad you punched in your PIN didn’t have the virus on it? Or what about the person that came over, maybe they are at a friends house you don’t know about. Again this thing spreads like wildfire. What is it going to take for you to stay home? By the way please make sure you bring your favorite drink for Brunch on Sunday. It starts at 3PM.

Same goes with you who sit 6 feet away from each other thinking you are being safe. That is a freaking recommendation when you have to be out. It isn’t neighbors sitting 6 feet across from each other throwing a Corn Hole Bag. We have done our share of screaming at friends and loved ones about this. How do you feel if someone you know is in the ICU while you are out playing golf? Because we know you don’t touch the flag pin or door handles or golf cart straps. Like I said swing by at 3PM this Sunday for Easter Brunch.

Fake News – last I checked they haven’t called the obituaries that phrase yet. Folks this isn’t about Blue or Red, Black or White, US Citizen or European. People are dying in every country because of this. Our beloved country of Belize is on full lock-down and there are people down there who we love more than ever. They are getting the message and are staying in.

I had mentioned last week that I had a lot of people tell me how much they loved my governor. Ironically it’s the same people that are posting pictures of them defying his words or rules. There is a $1000 fine for not socially distancing up here. Don’t tell me you love Andrew Cuomo when you can’t stay Unu Rass Hoam! (for my Belizean friends)

That’s it – I don’t care if I hurt your feelings or called you out. My only focus right now is to keep my wife, my dog, the rest of the 38th floor and my building safe. I stay in, I have been to the grocery store 3 times in 24 days and that is it. I worry that when we can finally come out of house arrest is that there will be less people I know by association. I fear that there won’t be any of the old chooches from the Cigar Inn left because they are all dead. They died because someone was being selfish or reckless and didn’t play their role in this.

You have an issue what what I said? Tough! You get your feelings hurt because I pushed and called you out because you were being selfish? Cry me a river! I dare you to call me out and say that I need to chill. Oh and feel free to call Maria too because she is helping me drive this message home too! Same goes for Geranium.

Like I said Brunch is at 3PM on Sunday. Oh and make sure you ride the 4/5 Train or the 2/3 from Manhattan into Brooklyn. Because you know so much more about this than we do.

Everyone has a role in this, what is yours? The Gloves are off. I am done being nice.

Mexican Super Bowl and The Spam e-Mail

As you can see from the featured pictured that on the 18th of December I get an email from RJ saying that the gauntlet has been thrown. I confer with Geranium on her schedule and within 5 minutes of getting that email we are informing our favorite travel agent that we can’t be one-upped by RJ and Mal-O-Rie and to book us the same time down in Mexico.

I realize that the weekend we will be down in Mexico will also be the Super Bowl. I already knew by mid October that the Jets and Giants were out so I was ok watching a sporting event from another country. I was in London the previous Super Bowl and I didn’t really miss much. We stayed at a brand new resort and had a blast. Of course we don’t have to have much (except for a shitload of Wine and Vodka) to have a good time with the 4 of us.

We had great weather, the game was actually fun and it was good to get away from Memphis and New York for a couple days.

Kind of nice not having to get up at the Crack of ass to go to the Airport
We hated it!
The Resort went all out for the party. They had bar food so we got our fill of Mexican Corndogs and Fried Goodness
Transition from Blender Drinks to Evening Vodka requires you to have a Margarita and Beer
I hope they are facetiming with Lisa Marie and Willimena in Memphis. Then again Big Jim was there and he was unsupervised at the bar.
Do you have a 1953 bottle of MD 20-20?
Good thing that Geranium is a Nurse
Oh wait that wasn’t eye drops, it was perfume
My Dessert Buddy was jealous of my lunch selection.

So who will you be emailing with 45 days notice to come to a foreign country and drink with them?

A Trip to the Pacific Northwest to See Geranium

Geranium finally got on the road and made her way back to the home office in Seattle for a week. This trip she had to work late on Friday so we decided I would come out and hang with her and some work peeps. I got into town Friday at lunch and made my way over to her office and confirmed it. They don’t work they eat Bon-Bon’s out there and that’s about it.

I am kidding and it was nice to put faces to all the names that I have heard over the past couple of months. Since I was there for only a couple of days we were planning on doing the traditional Seattle tourist spots. aka; Pike Market downtown and maybe a museum. It was a fun trip and we had a great time. I dig’d Seattle, it has a cool vibe to it and it rained everyday.

Us at the Iconic Public Market Center Sign
Where they Throw the Fish to and from
Hey KLC Man I think that you can get a cheaper price right?
What is this? This line is for Cheese? Stand On Line Geranium!
Mac and Cheese? Oh Hell Yes!
I will just stop here.

Like I said, Seattle is a cool little town. Sure it sucked because it rained but we will be back.