What did he just say Friday

What did he just say Friday!

I love it, my first installment and I am a day late! Oh well better late than never!
Had a couple responses and I do appreciate it, let’s dive in shall we;

My fellow crimefighter Michelle had a good one that confuses her “not from around these parts” friend who takes translation very literally – “I am so mad I could stand on my head and spit nickles!”
Omg Sorry had a good one the other day in the office – “Busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest!”
Blinkatcharlene sent in an email that fits right in too – “Busier than a hooker on two for one day!”

I appreciate the responses and please feel free to fire them in! Oh and for the record it is not necessary to submit the one that has chrome and trailer hitch as I may be going to hell but I do have some standards. (Yeah right)



What did he just say Friday

A bunch of my fellow bloggers put out some really good stuff on their blogs and actually have some edumicatimal stuff or a reoccurant theme on a certain day of the week. The Junior Senator from the Show Me State RxBambi puts out a Pharmacy Friday and I now know that Nurse Jackie is just banging Eddie for the sake of banging as she doesn’t get free pills. Or wait is that a Pharmacy code that I don’t know about? Oh that should have stayed a ‘thought bubble’ because Rx Bambi is going to so smack me (if I don’t stand her up again).
The Co-Mayor of 38103 Michelle does a great job of putting out the downtown info and is actually my first choice for what is going on. We acknowledge each other on the street with a nod as we don’t want to blow each others cover as everyone knows that we both fight crime in the 38103 (well I do – One beer at a time).
And then there is the Junior Senator from the Tar Heel state Otin and he really has some good stuff but sadly I never have time to get in on his random Tuesdays or the other stuff that he does but he is a good read.
So if you are wondering where I am going with this I have decided to come up with a public service for my 15 readers in a new post every Friday named “What did he just say?” Here is how it works, have you ever heard a saying or a comment about something that really put the exclamation point on something? For example when I describe something I could use – “This recipe is very good, as I like it” or “This recipe is ‘Slap Yo Momma’ Good!” now which recipe do you think people use? I have turned into a huge Anthony Bourdain fan (hell I even have a thumb ring now!) and Tony uses a ton of these sayings;
“I would walk across a street of broken glass barefoot to eat at that restaurant” or “My Nipples are so hard I could dial a phone!” It is these saying that I am now going to provide on each Friday but I also want to hear from you (my 15 readers) to please provide me your favorite saying if you have one. Email them to Carbunkletrumpet(At)Gmail(dot com) and I will publish them for ya.
Anyway here are some of my favorite sayings that I use and believe it or not I have thrown a couple of these out there at work and I am still employed so feel free to throw them into your vernacular.

Bad Mosquitoes – “They have mosquitoes so bad they could stand flat footed and rape a Turkey!”
Hot Weather – “It is hotter than two rats effing in a wool sock today!”
Wearing something a little too snug – “That is tighter than Dick’s Hatband”
Frustration – “I am as frustrated as a blind lesbian in a tuna factory!”

You get my drift, so put your thinking caps on and send me your sayings!