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Top Ten Reasons why No Reservations should come to Memphis

So last night I am watching No Reservations episode where they filmed it in Kansas City, MO. I know that I am going to get a certain amount of grief from a certain KC Jayhawk and his lovely wife but WTF Tony and Zamir, no love for the ‘other’ bbq capital of the world? Anyway as I am watching the show and seeing the smoked meat orgasm that unfolded I said to myself “Self, we need a grass roots campaign to get No Reservations to come to Memphis.” Anyway below are some reasons why Memphis should also get some love too. What is it now two times they have been in Missouri (Ozarks episode and now KC)?

10. Yeah we got smoked meats too and also have a little bbq contest in May too.

9. Rather than send Zamir to a Hair museum he could check out Stax Museum, Rock and Soul Museum and Sun Studio recording studio. We gots a little bit of music history here too.

8. We know that Tony does like him some dive bars, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Alex’s Tavern.

7. Want to pull on some heartstrings for your viewers, take a visit over at St Jude and see how great that institution is.

6. Late Night Munchies? Get you a Soul Burger at a former brothel in Historic South Main district.

5. Did I mention we had some great places to eat here? Feel free to get a table at Iris, Felicia Suzanne’s and The Majestic Grill.

4. If you need some bait or ammo you could visit the Bass Pro Shop that is going to open in the Pyramid.

3. Catch some live music on Beale Street.

2. You could make fun of our Peabody Ducks.

And the Number one Reason….

1. Graceland! Think of the jokes you could make after you visit the jungle room, the TV room with the 3 TV’s and how they buried the King in the backyard just like a hampster. Want to double your making fun??? Come during Death Week, sure it will be hotter than balls but it is worth a trip.

I mean really a Chiefs Game?

Now that is some pulled pork love!

Yep we have us some festivals too

How much could you make fun of the Monkey that’s at Graceland?

I am sure they would let you put it on if you asked nicely.

So Tony bring your arse down here and bring Zamir, I am sure he can get into all kinds of trouble down here too.


Whoo Hoo starting year 4 tobacco Free!

The Tuesday following the Super Bowl marks the anniversary of us going tobacco free as we decided to quit 3 years ago. I won’t say that it has been easy but after talking to friends of ours who have also quit you really have to take it one day at a time and of course taking large amounts of Heroin helps too! Oh and let me tell you when people ask me do I miss it I can say “Hell yes I miss it I would love a cigarette right now!” I am glad that momma did quit the snuff those spit cups were disgusting!

There they are the last can and pack that we keep as a memento and reminder