Yep I am behind in my posts

Some Pictures of London

I have been remiss in posting these so here is a bonus Post Presidents Day entry for you 15 readers. We had a blast in London and hopefully we will be doing something like this again in the near future.

Regarding London, it was great seeing PNG Mike and Lady E as well as Lord Jimmy and his parents and seeing Vegas JD was a bonus too.

Had no idea that the Landlord has such a following here in London.
Parliament they seem to have some issues much like we do. To quote Jimmy’s father “Please don’t impeach Trump, if you do then we will be the only assholes with issues!”
I think that I have drank some Gin with picture of that fella on it
Sure you can always get a selfie of Buckingham Palace but can you get a bird to stop in mid flight for a Photo Bomb?
10 Downing Street or Number 10 depending on who says it.
Man I have smoked a bunch of this man’s cigars.
I know some people from Whitehall!
Hey Look Kids, Big Ben, Parliament….and Fucking Cold ass Rain!
Too bad we didn’t get to see Master A as we were told he is over 6 feet tall.
Driving on the other side of the street can confuse you

Oye Ceras, por favor, no te bajes la pierna. Es considerado grosero por los estándares de inglés.
I passed on the Ribs at Harrods
Always loved Peter O’Toole
As I have heard that the Angel of Darkness has fallen ill, I am wishing I saw this show while we were there.

It was a great time and we will be back!

Up to my ass in alligators 

Yeah I know I haven’t been posting. Got too many fires going now. I will do better next week. And please tell me that you have heard that phrase “Up to my Ass in Alligators?” I am starting to think that New Yorkers don’t use imagery when discussing things. I get that you don’t want to read this worthless dribble anyway, everyone is focused on Washington and the inauguration…both pro and con for the President Elect and the outgoing President.

More next week.

Yep I am behind – Crawfish Festival 2012

No you are not imagining things this is the second blog entry in a week and no I am not un-employed and have nothing to do, Daddy got a new computer! Yep I was able merge the pictures from the computer desktop that was moving slower than molasses in January due to a lot of porn malware on it and got it onto an external hard drive. Now I have all pics that I have taken on my cameras and am able to organize them a lot better. Ok enough about that, bring us back to date CBT.
This year for Benjie’s Crawfish team we traditionally held our only meeting at Casa De CBT to prep the food for the masses and tell all kinds of lies stories that kept us up till the wee hours in the morning. Our resident Chef and only Coon Arse, Wayne, kept us on task and I am happy to report we kicked the ever loving shit out of Kalb’s team this year and that is always a good thing. All in all the day was a good one even though they moved us from Wagner place and put us down on Riverside which was nice and also kinda boring. We didn’t get to see the traditional shoe shows that we normally do but it was a lot cooler down there than on the bluff.  Hard to believe that this festival has grown to one of the larger one day festivals and the money goes to a good cause. Anyway onto the pics.
Wayne stirring the Roux and Taking a load off at the same time.
No there were no lies being told that night!
Red Shorts are the signal to Festival Season!
The team next to us was a little heavy on planning. Didn’t know that one would need 3 bottles of Propane to cook some gumbo. Better safe than sorry, I guess
Hey guys, Lit Equipment called and they need thier equipment back!
Damnit Carbunkle Trumpet I have told you to lay off the beer until after we get the Gumbo on the stove. Now go get a cup of coffee and sober up!
Good to be the king, get to hang out with Hot looking Gingers!
Anybody who is going to dress up in a Jumpsuit in this weather deserves to have a picture taken
Wait when did we bring a skillet to Gumbo Festival?
Oh That’s right Baby, we came in the top 5!
Ok, I promise to do better and look for my post for Wine Race very soon.