Pics of the Week!

I promise that next week being that it is St. Patrick’s Day will be MUCH better.

IMG_0510She is back from her world wind trip to India and her cute little arse better be working on a project that I sent her. I inquired if Scoop was in and they turned me away.

IMG_0433Truth in advertising!

IMG_0532The Best looking hair in the Atlantic 10

IMG_0529It wasn’t pretty but UMASS got the job did! On to the next round!

IMG_0434Doesn’t this seem kind of silly?

IMG_0522Room and Board at Columbia is >70K. But they have a shitty football stadium! #SECFIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

IMG_0523I missed the 2 foot long rat jumping the third rail picture by 1 second. The little joker was Carl Lewis fast!

Have a good weekend, I head to Brooklyn again tonight!