Alex’s Tavern

Welp our marriage is now legal to drink – Pictures from the week

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to Mrs. Trumpet for putting up with me. I knew that today was an important one because it is the code for my ATM, Credit Cards and luggage. We have some dinner reservations this evening before the 3 day weekend. Hope you all have a great holiday and I will have some new material next week. I promise.

IMG_3267Man we were children back in the day!

IMG_3212Since he posted it on the Book of Face, I figured that I could post this. Looks like my favorite Memphis Tavern is now a Rock n Roll bar. Hopefully they didn’t have to go find a Vidalia Onion like the did for Don Henley.

IMG_3209Here is where Mr. 3 First Names butt is going to twitch. Yep I am embracing my Hipster Roots here in Brooklyn

IMG_3205FYI – Target needs to restock because some asshole cleaned them out of cabinet door racks.

IMG_3217This monkey head is a riot! Scared to death when in the company of strangers but leave her alone and she wants to play.

We head to Jones Beach tomorrow to watch the Airshow tomorrow. Hopefully we will have good weather.


Hey Kid…..

Bonus post today considering that it is Super Bowl Sunday. Ahh yes the only day of year where eating your face off on wings, pizza, and cheese dip is perfectly acceptable while downing a gallon of beer. Since I really don’t have a NFL team that I call my own. I mean I do pull for the Jets over the Giants because they are the Cubs of the NFL. But what I do care for on Super Bowl Sunday is the score was because I got money on a couple of football boards.

Football boards are as American as Apple Pie and Facebook debates on if the president is doing a great job or not. When I was in Memphis pretty much every bar that I would frequent would have one for the ‘big game’ and pay in was typically a buck to 20 dollars depending on the establishment. I remember back in the day when Rocky would have the 100.00 board and you thought of that as big money. They would have payouts at the end of each quarter but still the chance to win 2K was always fun.

Moving up here betting is on steroids. Not only do they have 5 dollar boards they also have hundred dollar, thousand dollar, two thousand dollar and yep even a ten thousand dollar board. There is a rumor that one of the big investment banking firms downtown has a million dollar board but I haven’t confirmed this. The cigar joint that I frequent has a couple of them and rather than pay out after each quarter they pay out at the end. Talk about a nice day at the track, who wouldn’t want to win 10K on a stupid football game? (psst – don’t tell Mrs. Trumpet but I am in on that board and even splitting another square with a buddy of mine)

Even my boss gets in on the action. Now gambling is frowned upon at the tour bus company but she was getting in on some action for her son’s baseball team for a fund raiser called 50-50. She wasn’t too sure where to pick her square so I told her that she should either go 4 across and 3 down for her birthday (same as mine I might add) or go X across and 10 down because she is hitting a big birthday this year. Both squares were already taken so I suggested she put her anniversary date.

So for me, I really don’t give 2 shits on who wins the game, well yes I do. I want the Falcons to win just because everybody up here hates the Patriots. But all I want is for the final score to be with the last numbers to be Falcons 3 and the Patriots 9. That way we will be getting paid at Baker Street. Also I hope that Jo’s numbers come in too because she went BIG BALLS and is playing the 2K buy in at the pub across the street from Baker Street.  Me I get a text from AS who works at SP and he asked me if I wanted in on a 1K board. Thankfully the squares were sold out before I could talk Justin in half with me. ?

0409501001484255879_filepickerDid you know that there is more money wagered on the Coin toss than the whole game?

img_0262-1 5K payout if we win! Hell to the yes!

Have a good day and don’t be a P word and call in sick tomorrow. Nobody likes a quitter!

Gettin Kinda Bizzy….Yesssir…Foam Ringing!!!

noun: institution; plural noun: institutions
  1. 1.
    a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose.
    “a certificate from a professional institution”

So now that we have gotten our ‘learning’ done for the day let us talk why CBT posted that definition. If you have ever visited 1445 Jackson Avenue in the Crime- Free Cross Town/Evergreen district in Memphis you will understand what I am talking about. Located in that former Greek, Italian and Irish neighborhood is the oldest family owned Tavern in Memphis. Yes I am speaking of Alex’s Tavern owned by none other than my good friend Rocky Kasaftes. Rock-Mo’s father, Alex Kasaftes, opened the bar on November 13, 1953 as a place for the businessmen to socialize with a drink after work before dinner. Rocky’s mother, Eugenia, served as the bookkeeper when she wasn’t running the Weakly Dance Studio. Rocky took over the family business and has been running it ever since.

Rocky’s best friend was John McCormack who growing up would ‘sneak’ some of their music into the jukebox which naturally would anger Alex. Finally a deal was made and they would have 2 jukeboxes in The Tavern. One for Alex’s older music (Frank Sinatra, Temptations, ect) and the other would have Rockys and Bad Dog’s music (Cream, John Fogerty, you know the classics) both jukeboxes still remain at the Tavern.

Rocky had a long time employee by the name of Sonny Wilson. Sonny was something else. He is immortalized in the men’s room with his “World Famous Sonnyism’s” and if you have ever heard me say the phrase “Foam Ringing” well you can thank Sonny for that one.  Sonny was also famous for his bookkeeping skills in keeping the bar tabs. But that is probably why Rocky is almost bald headed and grey too. Another great longtime employee is Andy. Andy keeps the Sonnyism’s alive and well and keeps the joint going during the ‘lunch rush’.

The cuisine at the Tavern back when I was ‘drinking on a falsified ID’ was Wings, Chicken Tenders and Burgers with Chips. Rocky made some modifications to the kitchen and added Fries, Gumbo, Greek Wings and Ribs. It is the Ribs that Rocky is starting to get mad props for by various food critics. Me, I am a purist and stick to the Trifecta; Wings, Tenders and Burgers with some Bud Lights of course. I won’t go into the method that Rocky cooks his burgers or the secret spice that he puts in them but just say “Go get a damn burger and see for yourself!”

img_0093Yessir two good looking fellas there. Side Note – Rocky knew Mrs. Trumpet as a patron for years before we even dated and got married. The first time we both went into the Tavern Rocky told her “Watch out for this one *pointing at me*.” Her response was “Too late, I married him!”

img_0095Alex’s portrait still hangs over the Jukeboxes

img_0099The Classic Greek Burger and Chips

img_0094Andy lines up the Bud Light like Rockettes in the coldest beer fridge in the world. Seriously, half of them are frozen hence why the lid is open.

img_0098Rocky and Bad Dog in a pic that hangs behind the bar.

img_0092We were being Difficult that night, we asked for Ranch and Blue Cheese.

img_0096In that Skillet something beautiful happens. The Cake Topper is what melts the cheese

img_0100Of course we had to hang J-Bob’s baby picture behind the cash register. The Little Bastid wasn’t available for a picture. (J-Bob’s picture is to the left of the green Margaritaville Sticker dressed in that gender neutral smocked outfit)

img_0101My sister went to a football game so we got to babysit the Lady Killer one day. Naturally we took him to the Tavern to meet Sonny. It is very odd in that for some reason we never got asked to babysit again. I wonder why?

258sThe Sonnyisms

img_0102We love you Rocky, see you in late January!

Go see Rock-Mo and tell him that Carbunkle sent you!

The Best Burger in New York City!

You recall the first paragraph from my last ENTRY? If you didn’t read it, go ahead and click the link and catch up. Anyway, what I failed to mention was that LZ invited me to go have burgers with her and FZ. I appreciated the offer but had to decline because I still had to get the Christmas Tree and smoke a cigar. The words LZ told me was something along the lines of “Best Burger in New York.” Now I have heard the term ‘Best’ many times up here and am always skeptical because it is very opinionated. Seriously you ever want to start a  fight up here, ask the question “So who has the best pastrami sandwich or bagel up here?” it is always good for hours of entertainment.

This past Friday was the Girl’s Wine Club where the ladies drink like it was their job sip wine and compare tasting notes on a predetermined region or grape varietal. Normally during wine club the guys are forced to fend for themselves or as I normally do, smoke a good cigar catch up on my community service. Anyway this particular Friday I had made plans to have a cigar with FZ and probably have a couple drinks for good measure. We decided upon the Carnegie Club on W56th street where we ‘sampled’ some bourbon and scotch and may have overpaid for a couple cigars. They had a  3pc band who played some great Blues and Jazz while we cursed the jackasses who left the door open.  *Oh and if you think that we just traded dirty jokes I will have you know that we solved a lot of problems and planned a great trip to the Crossroads in the fall* So take that Mrs. Trumpet and LZ!

We finished up our cigars and rather get black lung and smoke another cigar we decided to head out into the cold. It was mentioned again to me but this time from FZ. “You want to grab a really great burger? It isn’t too far from here.” Considering that I had last eaten some 12 hours ago, I was hungry and agreed on getting a burger and beer. We then ventured to XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX (name of joint withheld so that the Hipsters don’t show up) and stood online for about 30 minutes. When we entered I immediately recognized something familiar. FZ had brought me to the Alex’s Tavern/Ernestine & Hazels of New York City! I immediately asked FZ if the menu was burgers and potato chips but was pleasantly surprised when I found out that we can have French fries.

Cutting to the chase – Yes I got a friggin Double Double. Of course it was with Cheese, naturally it was Medium Rare, it had the Works on it, I added Bacon, and you can bet your sweet ass I had fries and a Beer with it too! So the price was above twenty five dollars, to sit in a joint that reminded you of sitting in a booth at Alex’s Tavern but it was well worth it! While FZ and I were devouring our burgers with grease dripping down our arms I looked up and recognized an old Sony 19inch color TV that reminded me of sitting in Robert Junior’s section at the Rendezvous. Seriously, I had a religious moment in this joint. As far as the burger……..You saw the tweet I sent to RJ and FT.

On to the pictures….. Oh and thank you Fred for a great evening. Cigars, John Dewars White Label and New York’s version of Rock Mo’s/Soul Burgers is always a great night!

img_2684Got to love a guy who wails on a stand up Bass

burgerI am probably Fecking my newly found joint by posting this picture but here is the only way that people know where to go for these burgers.

menu“We ain’t got no Menu”
The late Sonny Wilson formally of Alex’s Tavern

tvYes that TV doesn’t have a ‘flat screen’ on it. God help the person sitting under it should it ever fall.

imagesn72u7g3cIf this doesn’t make you sexually aroused then you need to quit reading this blog you Vegetarian!
BTW – The Translation of Vegetarian means “can’t hunt or fish”

And for those coming into town this weekend, no I won’t tell you where this is. I have lived here a year and 4 months and just found this gem of NYC.

Dive Bar Sunday – Milano’s Bar NYC

It has been a long summer and now that the Seersucker suit has been put away it is time to get back to our old shenanigans and enjoy the fruits of the city. You have heard me speak of having “A guy” and how vital it is. Back in Memphis, one didn’t need to have “a guy” you managed on your own or sought advice from friends and family. Up here, well you need “a guy” and depending on what you were doing you may need many of them.
Case in point my boy JM or Joey Pearl Jam, not only does he have a “a guy” but he just finished remodeling his house in…..wait for it….New Jersey.  Actually he had many “guys” doing work for him on that project. JM and I were talking a while back about good ole fashioned Dive Bars and that they are a part of Americana. Sadly, they are being replaced daily with either a Chipotle or a gastropub that has a mixologist instead of a bartender.  These are the type of joints that would serve a lemon wedge with tap water and charge you 2 bucks because it is a fancy ionized and desalinated bottled water that ran from gluten free ice caps in Alaska. Don’t me wrong, I have had many a fancy cocktail up here in the 14 months of living here but deep down I am a dive bar fan at heart.
This past Friday I took my boss up to Jimmy’s Corner on W44th and her first comment was “Where did you find this place? I kind of like it! I won’t order a glass of wine here but I dig it!” Oh and shout out to Double Birds and her Husband who were in town last weekend for the wedding of the year. It was great seeing you and having a couple drinks before you got all fancified. 

But I digress, so JM was telling me about a place that is in NoHo that I should try out. Ironically, the bar that he told me about used to be in his family and the name of the bar is the same as his last name. In his words “It is a classic Beer and a Shot type of bar.” I hadn’t even been there and I was in love with it.  Here is the 411 on Milano’s Bar according to an article written about it in Time Out Magazine.
Milano’s has been serving up drinks since 1880  (only stopping during the Prohibition years) and remains one of the last authentically old-school bars in the city. It can be a tight squeeze on crowded nights and the place is definitely no frills when it comes to atmosphere, but the bar’s décor—featuring swinging saloon bathroom doors, a tin ceiling, and a tile floor—is a wonderful break from gimmicks when you just want a drink. Its walls are adorned with old pictures and Yankees Memorabilia. It is the last bastion of Dive Bars in New York.

img_2455Notice all the wires on the left side of the picture? They had like 3 different multi plug adaptors all plugged into one outlet. I am sure it is fine.

img_2454It reminds me of Alex’s Tavern kind of you know? Except for all the Yankees stuff on the walls.

img_2453No need for overhead lights, plenty of Neon and Christmas Tree lights.

img_2452No food is served here but this old menu suggests they did at one time. Who doesn’t want a Veal Cutlet & 2 Vegetables for 30 cents.

img_2451You bet your sweet arse that we had Bud Lights. No fancy beer for us, we are simple folk.

img_2450I take it back, they do serve food here, those chips are fresh I am sure of it!

I will do better on my Dive Bar reporting. Momma gets back from a weekend trip on Sunday at noon so we will be heading on the 6 train to somewhere!

Have a good weekend.


Southern to Northern Expressions

It happens all the time up here. I make a comment and the next thing I know people stop in mid-sentence, start laughing or ask me to please repeat what I just said. It happens to Mrs. Trumpet too when she is with her contemporaries, she will make a comment and her work peeps will look at her like she just dropped an F bomb (which isn’t that big of a deal) in front of a nun. I keep asking myself “How in the world have they not heard this saying?” Yet our Northern friends look at me like I just farted in a packed elevator. Below are some of our favorites sayings; *Disclaimer – Hey former Neighbor don’t read this if you are on a conference call*

  • “It is hotter than 2 rats screwing in a wool sock hot.” – talking about the weather
  • “Let’s do something, even if it is wrong.” – decision making
  • “The mosquitoes are so big down here I saw one stand flatfooted and rape a turkey.” – pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.
  • “Boy Howdy” – Yes you are correct
  • “Yes Mam/Sir, No Mam/Sir” –I am not calling you old, I was raised that if you didn’t say Mam/Sir then you got smacked.
  • “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” – being hopeful
  • “Tighter than Dick’s Hatband” – something being too snug
  • “My Friend” – *You will just have to ask me*
  • “Foam Ringing” – *this is actually Sonny Wilson’s favorite term* – Phone ringing
  • “Well Bless Your Heart” – *No Comment*

Please message me if you think I missed one.

Have a good day and thanks for tuning in!

Dive Bar Gold – Jimmy’s Corner

A couple of weeks the Asian Fireman told me about a dive bar that wasn’t too far from my old office on W44th. This joint is literally a 6 iron away from Times Square but because I am always too busy cursing nuns slow walking on the street I couldn’t place it. JL mentioned that we should give it a try for after work drinks since his office (stop laughing guys) is pretty close and the same goes for fellow crime fighter AS.  This past weekend Mrs. Trumpet and I gave ole Jimmy’s Corner a trial run. Now before I get rolling let me give you a proper back story.
You recall my visit to Rudy’s on 9th Avenue well I have found that there is a ‘slight’ difference between dive bar and well…..just a badly decorated or hipster dive bar. Rudy’s there is no question that is a dive bar. The amount of red duct tape on those booths is proof enough that the owners are simple folk. There is a bar in the East Village that we visited with our friend KT that had a nautical theme. Seriously, a really bad nautical theme. As much as I want to call that joint in the East Village (name escapes me) it isn’t a true dive bar but just a hipster magnet impersonating a dive bar.
Ok, enough with the political banter for today, now Jimmy’s Corner on W44th, that my friends is a legit Dive Bar! We walk in and I can smell the stale beer wafting behind the bar. The whole bar reminds me of Maxine’s International Tap Room from college but with booze. We find a seat and get two draughts of Bud Light (King of Beers proudly served here) between a lot of tourists but what do I hear in playing in the background???  Is that Marvin ‘Mother Effin’ Gaye? Wait is the next song Earth Wind and Fire? Do I hear Barry White now? This jukebox is on FIRE! Sadly the only thing I didn’t hear was Otis Day and the Nights! Yes folks, the jukebox must be one of the triplets from Alex’s Tavern and Ernestine & Hazels. Between beers, I plugged maybe 20 bucks into it playing some classic 4 Tops, Temptations, Al Green and even a little Teddy Pendergrass for good measure.
I can’t really give the pictures I am about to show justice but it is safe to say that Jimmy is/was a big fan of boxing. Pretty much the entire west wall is devoted to boxing legends but do yourself a favor. If you find yourself getting accosted by the creepy superhero’s in Times Square and fancy a good cold beer, head East on W44th street but make sure you play some James Brown for ole Carbunkle Trumpet.

IMG_1266As seen from the street walking West on 44th Street.

IMG_1258No wonder the Asian Fireman wants to go here, it is a friggin Fire Code Violation

IMG_1260You have to appreciate a bar that’s lighting is provided by Christmas Tree and Jukebox Neon Lighting

IMG_1263I looked for the Tyson/Lewis rumble on the river poster and couldn’t find it

IMG_1265The Bartender, George, was a good sport and actually got excited when we told him that our accents may be from the south but we now live up here.

So let me know Asian Fireman and Alex when we want to go. I am always game!


Just look for the Pig on 9th Avenue

I have a confession to make to you. Each and every Sunday when my friends in Memphis are shuttling their kids to and from sporting events or are doing mountains of laundry Mrs. Trumpet and I are exploring a different section of Manhattan. You may be saying “big hairy deal CBT, what’s the fun in that”….well, I failed to mention that when we get into a new neighborhood we are in search of Manhattan’s better dive bars. To quote Bucket List;

“Let’s face it; dive bars are probably one of society’s accidentally-created best things ever. In reality, they’re simply neighborhood places that serve cheap drinks and have no-nonsense attitudes. These are the places that pretty much say, “don’t F*** with anyone here and everything’s fine.”

Their drinks are simple, you can be left alone to drink or talk in private, and d-bags aren’t welcome. But that’s not all there is to them. Dive bars have that something special that make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in.”

So far we have found some real gems in the West Village, East Village, Union Square, Upper East Side and in Murray Hill of all places. This past Sunday Mrs. Trumpet informed me that she wanted to ‘go west’ so we made a trip over to Hell’s Kitchen. Now to qualify a joint as a ‘dive bar’ it must meet certain criteria. You have heard me talk about Alex’s Tavern in the Crime-Free Evergreen District of Memphis and that my friends, is a classic dive bar. It meets checks all the boxes. For example;

  • Beer, cheap and Lots of it! And not all that fancy microbrew stuff, we are talking the classics here. Bonus if the carry a cheap beer on tap.
  • An excess of gaudy neon, preferably for brands of beer that are no longer available and Christmas lights are the main source of light.
  • Pictures on the walls and the décor are dated and there is probably a stuffed animal head hanging somewhere.
  • The toilet seat in the ladies room doesn’t fit the toilet and the men’s room has extra reinforcement on the stall walls. The bathrooms are graffiti covered and actually doesn’t smell of bleach and stale beer like one would think.
  • Very simple menu or none at all. Lightbulb Pizza can count as one of the food groups.
  • The ceiling either sags or is still stained brown from when smoking was legal.
  • The jukebox has at least one of these classic musicians; Georgia Satellites, Bob Segar, Lynnard Skynnard, Molly Hatchet, Allman Brothers, Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr., Nazareth, or  Jimmy Buffet. Oh and there is fucking absolutely ZERO – Bieber on the jukebox too.
  • An aging Rock and Roll or movie star must have hung out there at some period of time back in the day. (This is Sonny, Joe is ready to be picked up now!)
  • There is a Pay Phone.
  • Happy Hour starts at 9 AM.
  • Cash only or they will accept a check. The cash register is something out of a 1950’s movie. If you write a bad check you go on the ‘shit list’ that is behind the bar for all to see.

This past Sunday momma and I made it over to 9th Avenue between 44th and 45th. Until otherwise proved wrong I think that we may have found our unicorn of Manhattan.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Rudy’s Bar & Grill on 9th Avenue.

Rudy’s Bar and Grill, according to its website, was originally a speakeasy opening on or around 1919. It was one of New York’s first liquor license recipients when prohibition ended in 1933. The guest list of famous people who have frequented the bar reads like a who’s who of Hollywood. The bar has red vinyl banquettes along one wall and had more red duct tape on them than vinyl. On the opposite wall the bar runs the length of joint and is done up in deep dark mahogany. You order a beer from Judy, and she happily informs you that “sweetie, you can leave your money on the bar and I will let you know when I need more” as compared to keeping a tab. The music on the jukebox, there is no way to describe it. I actually heard “Rocky Top” being played at one time and even heard some Frank Sinatra 5 minutes later. Like I said, this place hasn’t changed one bit. You seriously think you stepped into a time machine when you walk in this joint. Oh and I failed to mention the best part as I am putting it on the LVD short list of bars; wait for it……they serve free hotdogs!

IMG_0878Back of the Bar – Oh and notice how tight it is behind the bar. That is what we call a ‘One Ass’ bar. No way you can get two bartenders behind that sucker.

IMG_0877Notice how the pitcher of Rudy’s Blonde is the same as two Bud Lights. Even I have scruples.

IMG_0903I guess the cost of Red Duct Tape is cheaper than Red Vinyl

IMG_0902Mrs. Trumpet asked for a hot dog with Mustard and Ketchup and they brought her two hot dogs, one with Mustard and the other with Ketchup. At least they are free!

IMG_0879Shout out to the TQ for coming to New York for my Birthday! All I got from Nova was a Facebook post about a chicken!!!!!!

I end with a quote by the late Wanda Wilson the former owner of another great Dive Bar in Memphis – “This isn’t a bar sweetie. It’s an orphanage for the misunderstood.”

March 10, 2011 – Remembering John Alexander McCormack with Joke off Monday

If you are friends of mine on The Book of Face you will notice that during the Lenten Season each day I post a joke of the day. These jokes are kid approved and pretty clean so they can be said to pretty much any age. I agree that some of them are “groaners” but hey, it isn’t like you have to pay for this type of free entertainment. On Sundays I normally spice things up and throw out a more adult joke and try to find a good Catholic joke if I can. God Bless the internet and some of my friends (SD, MM, MG, and KM) because I don’t have to look far to find my Monday – Saturday jokes.

Today being Thursday, March 10 it marks the five year anniversary of the death of John “Bad Dog” McCormack. Bad Dog was a radio personality in Memphis and one of the greatest guys to call Memphis home. We lost John to cancer.  I find solace knowing that he is up there in heaven looking down on us and laughing with that unmistakable laugh that we all could identify him by. I knew John from Alex’s Tavern that and he was always knucking it up with his best friend Rocky Kasaftes, the owner. Ironically it was when he was diagnosed with cancer that I found that I really appreciated and respected him even more. John was the first person who ‘dialogued’ about having cancer and  he was not going to let this disease knock him down one bit. He would do radio shows from his hospital bed, he devoted 100 percent into the fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house and he did it with class and grace. Even the day prior to his death I recall him telling Tim Spencer that he was looking forward to getting out of the hospital and being back at the radio station.

Way back before the demise of main stream radio John was part of the morning group on Rock 103. Each and every Monday the ‘Wake Up Crew’ would have a segment called “Joke Off Monday” where people would call in with a joke. For some reason this day the jokes weren’t as good so John called a New York friend of his for whom I cannot recall his name for a joke. That gentleman went on LIVE AIR to tell this joke;

Boris Thomashefsky the great Hebrew actor was having lunch at Ratner’s when a young woman came up to his table. “Mr. Thomashefsky, I am a huge fan and am an inspiring actress. I am looking for a break to get into the theater.”
“My pigeon, I have a script that I am working on right now and if you would like you are more than happy to read it.” Thomashefsky informs the young woman.
“You would do that for me Mr. Thomashefsky, I would be honored” says the young girl.
“Waiter, my coat, my hat” barks Thomashefsky to the staff and they promptly leave the establishment.  Now naturally, as one could imagine, one thing leads to another and they end up in the bed.
“My Dove” states Thomashefsky, “you were amazing. Here is the script that I promised you, I want you to have it and you can read it.”
Naturally the young woman is dejected and exclaims “But Mr. Thomashefsky, you don’t understand, I am broke, I have no money, I need bread!”
Thomashefsky looks at the young woman and says to her “You want bread? You should have fucked a baker!”
Like I said before, this joke was said on LIVE AIR and this was well before the days of Howard Stern when F-Bombs were not looked too kindly at by the FCC. We will miss you John, you were one of a kind and we will never forget you.

Bad Dog“Even though I can not see it with my own eyes it makes me feel better knowing that John (McCormack) is on the radio and that Sonny (Wilson) is at the Tavern.” *Text Message I sent to Rocky Kasaftes when I learned that John was diagnosed with Cancer*


Rocky and I at the Bad Dog 5K Memorial Race. To Quote Rocky “I cussed him the entire 3.2 miles and could hear him laughing at me!”

I close with a letter that John had written prior and he asked that it be read after his death.

“I have gone to be with God and he is holding me tightly and I am surrounded by many of the Ronald McDonald’s House kids.  Do not say you have lost a friend… One is only lost when you don’t know where they are… you know where I am.  I thank each and every one of you for your support and prayers.  I love all of you and that will never go away.  When you are having a bad day… think of my laugh or a Twilight phone or the time we met.  None of us is guaranteed tomorrow, make every day great, be the spiritual leader of your family.  May peace be with you.”  Your friend, Bad Dog

The Week in Pictures

Hope you guys had a good week. Not sure about Memphis but New York is supposed to have a great weekend (above 40 degrees) with some sun. Dare I say Sunday Funday on a PATIO?

IMG_0418Love me some ole time cash registers in the joints that we frequent.

IMG_0419Did the “Damn Neighbor” move to 1330 First Avenue? I think so!

IMG_0842Here is a reminder of when we lived next to the “Damn Neighbor” what can I say, at least she recycled!

IMG_0420Shout out to “My Friend” Rock-Mo Kasaftes from my favorite Tavern. *DISCLAIMER – I texted Rock-Mo this pic earlier this week and he said that he was proud of my Greek Burgers*

IMG_0422And my 3 readers wonder why I don’t drive anymore. IMG_0427Shout out to my friends at 17th Street Barbecue for a killer slogan. Can’t wait to see you in the Big Apple as a former Memphian and now New Yorker!

IMG_0424So I was watching a training video today and check out dude’s left hand. Is he really flipping me off?

Have a good weekend folks!