Carbunkle in New York

Weekend Fun Here in Brooklyn!

Here is what is currently going on here in Brooklyn

DJ Bobby did a show on Friday Night – Thanks for doing it Bobby. It was a welcome break.
Get The House Party App. It keeps us Mo-Ho’s together.
So there was a error when I was ordering my Rum for Painkillers. Anyway we now have plenty of post COVID-19 Rum Drinks!
Mr. 3 First Names with the Win!
It was a long week!
Yes we are Nerds but what else are we going to do?
That was what Cinco Askew requested for dinner
It rained on Saturday so it kept people inside which is what everyone needs to do!
Lots of Alcohol being drank!
This Bitch!

Hope you had a good day and stayed inside!

Strike up the Band We have lived on these Rocks for 3 years!

Wow! Another Year has come to pass and yet here I am still banging away on this laptop. I celebrate this milestone because I haven’t gotten hit by that crosstown bus or fallen ass over teacup down a bilco door. Sadly, I celebrate this 3rd birthday solo while right now Mary Louise is heading on a Ferry to another island down in Mexico with the MoHo’s. No I am not bitter about this one bit. I promise.

In her absence I have been writing this post in my head for a couple of days and I  have to say how humble I am that we are still plugging along in a city that could possibly eat us alive. I have always said that there are two things here in The Empire State that I always run out of; time and money. This year has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it has been 3 years from when we rolled up to 1300 First Avenue and emptied our contents into the UES. This year there have been some major changes to our lives this year and l have always said that sometimes change is good.

In the past year some of our friends have also followed suit and made moves from familiar Memphis surroundings and dipped their toe into new cities and regions. I always tell them from our experiences that right now there may be tears of uncertainty but each day and week things will normalize and level out. I still look back and say to myself that if you told me 3 years and change that I would be living in New York and love each day of it I would have told you that you are crazy as hell. I am serious when I say that this was the best thing that we have done in our adult lives. The experiences and things that we have and continue to learn about have been amazing. Much like Anthony Bourdain told us on each show was that we need to explore and try out new things. Do the uncomfortable and you will be amazed at to what you learn and it will make you a richer person internally. I still miss that fucker. His story wasn’t finished.

People still ask me how I like living here I always tell them the same response. We love it and should have done this sooner. I am in no way dogging Memphis or our friends back there but Mary Louise and I always had an ‘explorer’ gene in us that was dying to get out. New York is a strange city and has a lot of people from many different walks of life. Much like a child we are always asking questions and seeking information. You know what we found out. They may be from a different country, have a different person that believe in or vote for but we are all children playing in the same sandbox and we better find a way to get along. Call me crazy but the first thing that I ask the yellow cab driver, after I tell them *in my best New York Accent*, is where they are from and “Tell me about yourself.” People love telling their story to strangers. There is a lot of pride in those words and I cherish each and every one.

While I sit here smoking a Perdomo stinking up my work laptop I recall all the things we did. They are in no particular order include;

  • Mary Louise completes and graduates with a MBA from NYU and this better complete her higher education quest. We don’t have any fucking room in closet for a Doctoral Robe and all that crap. (I am very proud of her for this)
  • Mary Louise takes a new job and a whole bunch of new responsibilities that I don’t doubt she will do great in.
  • Made a trip to Philly and got me an authentic Cheesesteak.
  • We moved from the Upper East Side to the Gritty Hipster streets of Downtown Brooklyn. That wasn’t easy folks, oh and moving sucks here in New York City.
  • One would think that downsizing from 1300 square feet to 535 square feet would be easy but try to move to another studio that is configured differently. Thankfully Ba made a trip to Brooklyn and helped us with the move.
  • I made Senior at my work so I am now a Senior Sales Rep for selling tourists tickets on those double decker buses.
  • We made a trip to Maine for Lobster.
  • We made a trip to the Riviera Maya of Mexico for a work counterparts wedding and made a one night trip over to Isla Mujeres in December.
  • Made a trip back home for Christmas and got to see our friends and family.
  • Had to check in on Kitty down in Belize in February and to get warmed up from the 4 Nor’easters we had this past winter.
  • Were honored to become Godparents for Willimena in April and now have another one who will possibly wipe our asses when we get older.
  • Reconnected with Vivian Longstreet and Stone and enjoyed a great weekend with them Upstate.
  • Had to make yet another trip to Mexico and insure that RJ and Mallory didn’t have tres children. (still unknown but we will see in 9 months if that was a success)
  • Mary Louise made a trip to The Hamptons while I smoked meat on Katonah Avenue in the Bronx.
  • Mary Louise currently is down in Mexico right now with the MoHo’s and will return on Monday.

Yep we had a blast on this island and on a couple other islands. Rather than collect stuff we have decided to collect memories and passport stamps. I am nearing 1000 words and will end with a quote that I always love. “Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”

IMG_2489Much like Black Eyed Peas and Greens on New Years day if you celebrate New Years eve wearing a Bowler hat you will have good luck. *taken 2 blocks from Times Square on NYE

IMG_1883New York Food and Wine Festival Event

IMG_1641Pipes and Drums Prom. Who knew that Mary Louise and Lady Barrister wore the same color dress.

IMG_0059Madison Square Garden Event – here Mary Louise is saying “W.T.C.B.F. Carbunkle Trumpet, LZ goes to all the good shows and you take my ass to a Collegiate Hockey match? You better step up your game and start bogarting the good tickets too!”

IMG_2151Funny I don’t hear her bitching about this one. Aboard the USS Intrepid for the Marine Corp’s Birthday Celebration

IMG_3427Willimena is going to be a handful I can already tell.

IMG_4024 (1)Who has 2 thumbs and completes her MBA from NYU in 2 years while working full time and interviews for a new job. This one! Seriously though. This is it for higher level education.

IMG_2821Right before we move out of the UES they open a bonafide Queso Mexican Restaurant Joint and we find a great Cajun place too! Thank God we have the Q Train!

IMG_3128Boerum Hill is pretty cool. If you walk across the street from our joint you are in Boerum Hill neighborhood. If you make a left and walk across Flatbush you are in Fort Greene. You walk 3 more blocks and you are in Park Slope. Confused yet?

IMG_1262So glad to see Kitty when she made a trip up to the Big Apple.

IMG_0501This is the face of a woman who is about to walk out into a friggin Northeast Nor’easter. 50 MPH Winds with below windchill temps and Snow. I ‘worked from home’ that day!

IMG_8491And here was the first pic when we moved in. 3 years later and we are still here and I may or may not be a liberal democrat.

Thanks for reading and for following this worthless dribble. Now pull that band-aid off and go out and make yourself richer and happy 3rd Anniversary to us!

What a weekend

So this one is probably going to go over the heads of a lot of Memphians because to understand this you have to be here. It is hotter than 3 rats screwing in a wool sock in this city. The humidity that we have here is not like that of Memphis because the dew point isn’t as high as it is down south hence your glasses don’t fog up when you walk outside. Still I am stinking up suits sweating my ass off like its nobody’s business. You add the residual build up of heat from the buildings, sidewalks, and streets….well you get the picture, it is SWAMP ASS Hot!  I wondered why everyone heads out of town each weekend during the summer and I finally get it. It is actually cooler when you get off of this rock called Manhattan.

Saturday we headed back to Wantagh Long Island for Round 2 of the Fish. You remember The Fish don’t you? Well our host prepared even a bigger one this time around. As we were hanging out I noticed that it wasn’t as humid as they claimed it would be but was informed that because of a thing called grass it is actually cooler in Long Island. The bad is that when it is winter it is noticeably colder so it is a trade off. It actually was nice sitting outside for the entire afternoon because the temps were much cooler and there was zero humidity.  All those Jones & Rockaway beach people have this shit figured out. Anybody got a house we can crash at in the Hamptons? Murphranks & Asian Fireman you want to go to Long Island for a wine tasting to escape this Hot as Balls weather?

IMG_1765Are you fecking kidding me? My Ex Work Wife, Amy Farrah Fowler, knows my thoughts on Gluten Free and Vegans. #shittyhunter

IMG_1762An Atheist, a Crossfitter and a Vegan are all sitting at a bar….
….and I only know this because they won’t shut the f*ck about it.

IMG_1764She was not happy that Peppers won the “Who wore it Better” contest.

IMG_1807Here is the Before Picture.

IMG_1806Here is the After!!!

 Thanks to RP & MC for the hospitality.


“We are in! Now where is this place?”

One thing that I find really neat about this island is that there is great pride for your neighborhood. Upper East, Hell’s Kitchen, Tribeca, Little Italy, SoHo, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, I could go on for pages but it’s great that everyone has an opinion on the best neighborhood to live. As you know, we live in the Upper East Side solely because of the location to Mrs. Trumpet’s work joint. If we were to have it all over again, who knows where we would live.

One part of town that we haven’t really visited or frequented much would be the many of the joints on the Upper West Side (North of 59th Street west of Central Park) but it’s not for lack of trying. For one, because of our location near the middle of the park, the only way to transgress the park is via bus or constitutional yo ass over there via foot. Sadly, no subway will cross the park near our location so I guess that is my excuse. Well all that ended this past Sunday. A friend of ours messaged me saying that they were going over to watch the sunset at the 79th Street Boat Basin and if we wanted to join them. Let’s see; a sunset, cold beer, a full service restaurant and this joint is on the water? Giddy Up, we were in!  I inform Mrs. Trumpet that we would be spending the afternoon with Z squared and her comment was classic Mrs. CBT; “Great, but now where is this place?”  We grabbed an Uber and even the driver inquired if we knew where this joint was so we told him to head west on 79th street and stop when we get to water.

I have to admit that sitting on the terrace watching the boats on the Hudson, this place is really cool. You quickly forget you are in New York. The Boat basin for those of you wondering is a large marina where boats are actually allowed to be stored year round. It overlooks the Hudson river and was the scene of where Tom Hanks kept his boat during “You have got mail” and was used during the filming of “9 1/2 weeks”. A very popular place to watch the sunset and hang out. We shall be back.

NYC%20neighborhood%20mapHere is a map of Manhattan for those of you who needed a reference point

IMG_1490So this is what comes up on Google Maps when you wish to find out where the Boat Basin is located

IMG_1478Huge Rotunda for private events and fun stuff.

IMG_1480Oh yeah, this place  is cool!

IMG_1479Popular place to hang out for Upper West Side folks.

IMG_1481Under the Rotunda and ‘out of the sun for those pale face folks

IMG_1482This does not suck at all! Sadly I lost out on the placement of where Mr. Sol would land so I was out a buck. Hey I knew that if everyone bet the same spot what is the fun in that. Thanks to our friends for the invite, we shall be back.

For those of you wondering how to compare it to M-Town. You remember when F “Red Shorts” W had that house overlooking the river? Seriously this is pretty sweet.



Funny Thing Happened at Work 1 Year Ago

“Carbunkle Trumpet there is a phone call for you.” stated the office manager who was eating bon-bons and drinking “coffee” that smelled of Kahlua *Oh I am so going to take some shit for that one*

Me – “Hello, this is CBT, what do you want?”

Mrs. CBT – “You always answer the phone that way?” *editor’s note – it is very uncommon for me to get a phone call from Mrs. CBT during the day. Text yes but phone call means something is up.

Me – “I saw your number on the caller ID and it was from your work. What’s up? You don’t normally call me in the office, who died?”

Mrs. CBT – “I was calling you to tell you to turn in your 2 week notice to EM, I got the job in New York City!”

Me – *butthole clinches a little tighter upon hearing those words “You mean the job that you just interviewed for and they said it would be 2 weeks before they made their decision?”

Mrs. CBT – “Yep!”

And there it is folks. One year to the date that this whole adventure began. I look back and still I can’t believe it has flown by that quick. From accepting the position to getting our apartment the next day, which was paramount I might add. Then telling all of our friends and family that we were “moving on up to the Upper East Side” and finding a renter for our joint on South Main. Let’s don’t forget that 1600-mile journey with me, momma and a poodle in a U-Haul that had a restrictor plate on it so we could only go 75 miles per hour to now current day. It has literally flown by. I look back on this time and still pinch myself because we certainly have accomplished a lot and I say beat the odds.

Backing up some – If you were to ask me 6 years ago when I was at a very low point in my life that could I ever see myself living in New York City, I would have told you that you were crazier than hell. I had just finished working as a carnie for MIM and went back to being unemployed but yet still had bills to pay. In those 6 years; we both made career changes, the wife got diagnosed and then kicked the shit out of breast cancer, we downsized into a condo and then we uprooted it again and moved to the city that never sleeps. Wow! That is some crazy shit you know?  This road has been bumpy at times but if you were to ask the both of us if we would do it over again I know the answer would be yes. At least for me, I bet that momma would like to avoid all that chemo and neuropathy stuff.

You have heard me reference my US friends who live in Belize and St. Thomas and how I have always admired them for what they did by moving to an island. They left the comfort of home, their friends and went down a path that wasn’t so worn. I have a deep admiration for two special friends down in Belize and their story. These two ladies left Indianapolis, left family, children & friends and started all over again in a foreign country to run a Bed and Breakfast. We met them a number of years back and have become great friends and try to see each other at least once a year. #FuckShobo (inside joke)

It wasn’t until we received an email from RDD or Shuffles that they admired what we did and how our move to New York was very similar to them when they moved to Ambergris Caye Island. I recalled looking at those words and it then hit me “Shit, why didn’t we find an employer that Momma could work for in the topics?” I am kidding by the way. I really was honored and respected those words. I never really thought about it like that.

There are a couple of you who have asked me why I refer to NYC as “that island called Manhattan” it for the above reason. We went out on a limb together and stuck our big toe in a very big pool of water. I can say that this experience has been exhilarating and scary at the same time for the both of us. Much like our friends in Belize it brought us closer to each other and made us better people.

Changing gears now – The first two months that we were living here we would both say to each other “I can’t believe that we live here in New York!” It wasn’t until the third month that it changed into “Why the Fuck didn’t we do this sooner!” Sure there are a ton of things that we miss by moving away from friends and family and it hasn’t always been smiles and dive bars. There have been some tears shed along this path but (I promise I am getting to my point) what are you waiting for? Why not do something as we say at work “Let’s turn this bitch on its head and see what happens?” I am not suggesting you move to a different city on whim, but start small instead. I am challenging you to do what you have always wondered “What if?” Let’s be honest, we all know the worst thing that can happen is that you fail. But if never try then do you always fail?

I will end this deep Hallmark post of a blog with the words of Steve Buscemi from Con Air; “Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” Go do something insane folks, who knows what will happen.

FullSizeRender_1I do love that woman! Even if I have to stand on a curb to see eye to eye with her!

IMG_0579And that night a friendship was born. Love you RDD and Shuffles!

IMG_0580I mean seriously Mrs. CBT – Why couldn’t you get a job on this island for me to sell my wares? Is that a FedEx drop box I see next to that Palapa?

mugNipped this off the internet and it speaks volumes.

What are you waiting for?



Try the Tongue!

Back when I made my first visit to New York as an adult we were here to celebrate Mrs. Trumpet’s 30th birthday. On that visit we made a trip to the Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue. I don’t remember much about that trip but I did remember when the Woody Allen sandwich came out and was placed on our table. Literally it was 2 full sandwiches and was piled high with Pastrami and Corned Beef. When we moved up here back in August the first thing we did was make sure we ate was at a proper Jewish Deli. Yes, I went with a  pastrami, salami, and corned beef sandwich. If you have never had one of these sandwiches then you really don’t know what you are missing. We have not eaten at Carnegie since it has reopened and will probably will wait till we have someone in town and need to play tour guide. I have tried a couple of joints up here so far; Ben’s, Pastrami Queen, Barney Greengrass, and right around the corner from is Second Avenue Deli. No we have not had Russ & Daughters or Katz’s and they are on the list so lay off Maria, I can see the finger poking :).

Saturday I was at the Cigar joint and one of the guys ordered a sandwich from 2nd Avenue and it looked damn good. The wife was heading back into town from a day trip to New Jersey and I was hungry so I swung by and picked up a sandwich. While I was there they gave me a couple samples of Pastrami and Corned Beef and I knew that I was in for a treat. I get the 3 pound sandwich and make my way home. Let me put this in words that you can understand. If I had a good Jewish deli in Memphis growing up and got introduced to pastrami and corned beef that is that good, I may have become a Jew. Right now RAB is snorting coffee  through her nose.

IMG_4385All the spreads and fish for the Bagels

IMG_4386I am sure this is healty

IMG_4389You have to have a Black and White Cookie

Oy Vey they serve some good food there and they don’t screw you on the half sour pickles.

New York Friendships

“Wait you are going to Philly for a One Year Old’s Birthday? You have more friends here in New York than I do and you moved up here in August!!” explained someone when he asked me what I was doing this past weekend. I don’t really know how to explain it, does this mean that Southerners are more social than people from the North? Let’s get to that debate a bit later. So how did two people uproot from their home town of 20+ years, move 1600 miles, start new jobs, and yet still have a great social life away from work? Well first of all, when we made the decision to move up to Gotham we both knew that we had a helluva friend and family network already in place. From our NYC Consigliore and all of her St. John’s classmates to the Asian Fireman and all of the NYFD buddies to even more new friendships, we really are lucky to have such a great circle of friends.

To give proper backstories way back some 22 years ago Mrs. Trumpet and OTB were drinking frozen boat drinks in Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas USVI while on a cruise. These two Brooklyn knuckleheads are trying to work their magic on these ‘southern belles’ and things were looking promising until Mrs. Trumpet looks at McNick and informs him that he has a booger hanging from his nose. Yep that was the start of the friendship with all of the St. John’s gang. On the cruise the Memphis girls meet Maria and it was on like Donkey Kong from then. We would vacation with the New Yorkers on Cruises, in Belize, New Orleans, Memphis, we even came up here for a cruise to no-where for a couple of days. I won’t mention all of the names for fear of missing one but we really are blessed to have this group of friends.

The other set of friends that we have was thanks to the guy who now lives in my old house in South Bluffs. You see RJ moved from Willow Grove Pennsylvania to be a tour bus driver at Graceland. With him came a whole bunch of ‘characters’ that I could at best could describe them. Hey Papua New Guinea Mike – Don’t worry the fountain picture is safely stored in a plastic container in the basement of our rental condo downtown. Thankfully the group of malcontents grew up, got married, started having babies and while we left RJ, Mallory, Baby Lisa Marie in Memphis we get to hang with all of his friends and expect him to start making some trips up here this summer. Again I won’t go into detail as I would probably leave one out and we know how bad one gets butt hurt when someone ‘swipes left’.

So you are thinking “hell, you guys got two great groups of friends, you are set” but it doesn’t end there. Now here is where I get two different distinct thought processes and opinions. You recall Miles from The Australian and the post I did about the people of New York? Of course you do, I still get the occasional text from my Bar Wife or Chef Stalker to see if I have been back to that bar and more importantly if he is still working there. For those of you wondering what I am talking about, from that post I reported that New Yorkers are stereotyped as cold, reserved and non-social and that isn’t the case. New Yorkers are instinctively friendly after you get past the first layer of puffy coat.

Since that post I have encountered some New Yorkers who do play the stereotype and are reserved and non-committal. With these people you have to really work in finding a common ground to build a relationship. Case in point is my Cigar haven on E73rd Street. I normally go in there to read the paper, watch a game and try not to engage in the political chat because it is like wrestling with a pig; you both get dirty and the pig likes it. We do get into some pretty good discussions there after you realize “Hey that guy who smokes $50 cigars and makes 2.4M/yr also thinks that children should say Mam/Sir to adults too.”

Sadly there some New Yorkers who won’t let you in or as I say “get up, go to work, come home & repeat” I don’t know it seems strange but I think it was a comment that one of my work cohorts once said to me that hit home. “You know CBT, New Yorkers are normally not ones to open up and keep to themselves unlike people from the South.” I took his comment with appreciation but I have to disagree. Mrs. Trumpet joined a wine club (BTW – Memphis you are doing Wine Club Wrong) and she enjoys it. I have begun friendships with some of my work cohorts and let me tell you, it is refreshing to talk about something other than work when you are grabbing a beer or bite to eat. Like I have said before a couple of times, we really are lucky to have such great friendships up here considering we are still less than a year in living here.

I leave you with an oldie but goodie saying that I have said many times before “A good friend will come bail your ass out of jail. But a great friend will be sitting next to you in jail saying “Holy Fuck that was fun!”  Keep it light and have a good day!

Bless Their Hearts – Walking in Greenwich Village

This past Friday we had great weather so rather than train or cab it, I decided to walk to my appointment from my new office in Greenwich Village. As I am walking down Greenwich Street I come up on a group of people from what I assume is the heartland who were being led by a tour guide. I could have passed them but I was way ahead of schedule so I more or less tagged along listening to the tour guide’s talk. I am assuming that this group was from an ultra-conservative church because the tour guide was really bringing up that The Village was the Bohemian capital and stuff like that. The guide was harping also on the LGBT movement and that back in the day the majority of lesbian and homosexuals lived in this part of town, again I was enthralled so I kept on listening and walking.

Tour Guide Timmy went on and on about the history of the Village and back in the day it was a different scene with drug dealers, prostitutes and stuff like that. Seriously I was really entertained by this guy and could only imagine what thoughts were running through the minds of the people listening to him. The tour guide then tells how the bars and establishments here were havens for rough crowds and how you didn’t want to be here when the sun went down. It was then I look up and see a familiar sign. Literally I start laughing out loud to the point that the tour guide even stops speaking. I cross the street as to not get accosted by the group but as I have said before “Bless their hearts!”

Below is the familiar sign that I see on the side of this building. I am kind of glad that this group won’t be visiting any of those “scary” Greenwich Village bars. More room for me at the bar to have a beer.

IMG_0975Yes folks that is the New York’s  Automatic Slims much like the one on Second Street in Downtown Memphis. Formally owned by my former boss Karen Blockman Carrier. I understand that they serve a good burger in this joint.

Oh and a side note – The West Village is one of the most expensive parts of town to live in.

Fellow Bloggers You Should Also Read – Rebecca Coutant aka San Pedro Scoop


Rebecca may ‘bop me on the head’ when she sees me next week for this picture. No she didn’t get into a fight painting her fence, this was taken during Carnival when the kids would paint each other. I like it and it make me smile!

I know that you probably forgot my new feature that I unveiled back in January. I am happy to report that my friend Rebecca sent back her questionnaire (minus the curse words for making it too long) and was a good sport. You have heard me mention her before in my posts. Rebecca is a former New Yorker who now lives in my second home, San Pedro Town, Belize and is a full time blogger. Prior to that she ran a bar San Pedro that was next to the Holiday Hotel where was stayed. Being a former restaurant manager myself I can empathize with her in that you pretty much are raising someone else’s baby and it pretty much sucks balls. Rebecca is a very good writer and she and I have a lot in common. Traditionally when I am around new people I am reserved and quiet (me quiet, bullshit you are saying) but it is true. It doesn’t make you a bad person but it can make people who read your blog wonder if there is something wrong with you if I get a little spooked when someone makes real life introduction.

Rebecca just got back from India after winning a contest and if you get a chance, go read her stuff. She is a good egg.

  1. Name of your blog, hyper link, twitter handle, Facebook page and your Pen Name. @sanpedroscoop  Pen Name?  Rebecca Coutant
    Going forward:  San Pedro Scoop – My Opinionated Guide to Ambergris Caye, Belize and BEYOND!

    San Pedro Scoop
    http://www.sanpedroscoop.comMy guide to Belize. Restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife, tours and my daily expat blog of life in San Pedro & my travels around Belize.

2. How did you come up the name of the blog and or your Penname?

Fairly randomly…I had just been fired from the Tacklebox when the *EDITED TO KEEP PG-13 RATING* owner decided to retire and moved down to San Pedro full time.  I was fairly negative on life on the island – I’d just spent almost 4 years as manager, babysitter, money lender, security guard at a major bar and all my time off was used for sleeping.  I decided to write this to get myself out more…to remember what I loved about Belize.

3. Describe your blog/brand in 5 sentences or less.  No.  I mean yes.  A soapbox for one about Belize…my life, gossip, changes, and lots of talk about the weather.

4.Did your blog change direction over the course of the life of it? If so can you explain?  Totally.  I started out to tell the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  The whole truth…and was shot down pretty quickly. I think in my first week I made fun of the decrepit rides at Dia de San Pedro.  The kind that chew kids up and spit them out.  I was told by 2 young San Pedranos to go back to my country.

It made me think about making flip comments…and making it clearer when I was kidding.  I also leave the “ugly” like murders and politics to the newspapers – unless it’s something that I feel VERY strongly about and it is something that I think I can influence.  Even if in a very small way.

5. Number of times you try to post something in a week? I go for 5…and I make it most weeks.

6. Where do you get your material and how hard/easy is it for you?  Mine is mostly MY LIFE and then a scattering of “articles” – 10 Best Adventures in Belize, stuff like that.  There are endless pretty pictures to take on any walk around this town.  Plus, it is filled with a large number of nuts…there is always something entertaining.

7. What countries are your readers coming from?  Primarily the US, Canada and then Belize…

8. How often do you encounter readers on the streets/social media and does it still freak you out when they say that they read you?  I am an introvert extradonaire…so it usually freaks me out and amuses those who I am with.  It’s SO freaking nice…and I hope that people know that I think that.   That I recover quickly.  That they read my stuff…and some can reference things from last year or the year before is ridiculously flattering.

9. Got any good “hate mail” comments you want to share with the class?  I try to keep it positive.  It’s a small country…so once in a while I get something crappy…but mostly people are great.

10. Any particular blog post that you are particularly proud of? Please include the link if you like.   I liked writing about my 24 hours in the Chiquibul…the DEEP jungle of Belize and the people that defend ONE BABY scarlet macaw from poachers.  It was incredible to see.

Let’s Talk about you shall we?

11. Who you be?  I am a white girl from New Jersey.  Went to college in Massachusetts and my junior year in London.  It changed my life.

12. Where you be?  San Pedro, Belize – the first place I ever visited that I thought “I would like to live here”.  So I did.

13. Where did you come from? (Please don’t say hospital or parents)  Ridgewood, NJ

14. Care to talk about your family or if you have any ankle biters/pot lickers (pets) where you charge your laptop/tablet?  I have three cats.  That uses my laptop as a bed when it is open.  My boyfriend and I have a three legged pot licker from Dangriga that is the best dog that ever existed.

15. Name up to 5 countries/places you visited, loved and recommend to my readers?  Mexico.  Best closest country in the world.  Croatia.  Kerala, India!  Paris is the second best city I know, And Punta Gorda, Belize.

16. What countries/cities you have on your radar for future travel locations?  I just went to India, I won a trip and it was a huge shock to my system…in the best way possible.  Everything is different.  Smell, taste, language, people…colors.  I loved it.  I’d love to go back next year for a month or two…and then every year after that.

17. If you had the financial means to do so, where would you like to live and why?  I love Belize.  It’s changing like crazy…growing up without restraint and way too fast but I feel so at home here.  Each day is like a crazy fun challenge…and with a sense of humor and a fairly easy going attitude, I can’t think of somewhere better to live.  But I’d also want an apartment in NY and perhaps a house in Italy…

18. When you aren’t banging on a keyboard what do you like to do for fun?  Bang on the keyboard and read other people’s blogs.  I like to travel.  I LOVE to travel.  I love to eat…

19. We know that you read (who doesn’t?) but who else do you read/stalk on a daily basis?  My only everyday blog is cupcakesandcashmere.  I am really into fashion blogs.  Strange but true.  And I’m kinda Instagram-obsessed.

20. Could you get me an introduction with that author so that I can send them this questionnaire?  I wish.  She’s like real deal.  Has a staff and everything.

Fun/Random Stuff that you would like to share with the class

21. What is your favorite food and restaurant (doesn’t have to be in your current location) NY Bagels and Murray’s on 23rd and 8th.  Sesame with maple walnut cream cheese.

 22. If you are living abroad, what is the one thing that you miss the most?  See previous question.  That with the Sunday NY Times.

 23. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Please don’t say older)  That’s a tough one.  I still think that I will be blogging.  I absolutely love it and I think it’s an industry that is on the upswing.  Companies, cities, destinations are looking for “web influencers” – people that others trust to recommend and endorse things.  Netflix just had a contest for paid instagrammers…right now travel bloggers are being invited to Helsinki to Italy…its good stuff.

24. What’s on your bucket list?  I won’t bore you with all the places I want to travel.  Near term…Nicaragua.  *EDITOR’S NOTE – Hey Scoop, I literally just met someone this past weekend from Nicaragua. Think that he left when he was young but you I may have “a guy” 

25. What is the question do you want to ask Carbunkle Trumpet (I promise to answer honestly)  When will you admit that being a New Yorker is SOOOOO much cooler than a Southerner and that NYC is the best city in the world? 

CBT – Fair Question, I will say that the first two months we were living here we both were saying “I can’t believe we are living in New York City!” Now we say “I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner!” The South is where I was born and raised and I will never dog it but yes you are correct. Living up here is an unbelievable experience and we love it here. It rocks!

Thanks for playing Scoop! I promise to bring you some New York happies down to you this weekend. You know where I be staying! We arrive on Saturday!

CBT’s Public Service Announcement for Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day

“Wait, is a Southerner about to lecture The Irish and Honorary Irish New Yorkers on how to drink for St. Patrick’s Day? Jackass, please continue.” said every New Yorker this morning who just read that title while having their cornflakes and Guinness beer.

Now allow me to quickly retort before I get a shamrock shoved up my ass. I am not telling you how to drink; I am merely giving you some suggestions so that you won’t end up in the pokey or curled up next to some ugly arse girl/guy tomorrow morning. You are reading from someone who on a yearly basis survives The Memphis Festival Season so put that in your bagpipe and smoke it why don’t you. Memphis festival season starts in Early April and runs for 6 weeks till the week following Memorial Day weekend. Just to show that I ain’t afraid and still have the Big Balls, I schedule a yearly liver enzyme exam the day following Memphis Italian Festival. Oh and I pass that exam easier than I did College Algebra. No disrespect to you New Yorkers but if you think you got it in you, head on down to Memphis and get you some. I have seen more cases of MPH from out of towners after a big weekend than I care to think about. *DISCLAIMER – I normally do the same list for Memphis in May BBQ fest each and every year but this time I shall tweak the list. Without further ado;

  • It is a marathon, not a race. Sure we appreciate you drinking Irish car bombs 2 at a time but dude it is 6:30 in the morning. And those people who are in the same subway car with you are actually going to work and not the parade.
  • Her shirt may read “Kiss me I am Irish” but her boyfriend who is fetching drinks  won’t take too kindly when you lay the kiss of a lifetime on her. Oh and the boyfriend probably is on probation for anger management.
  • Your 4 year old son may love to take a whizz outside the house in Woodlawn but that doesn’t make it ok for you to do it on 5th Avenue.
  • Girls, they really are not wearing any underwear under that kilt. So if you are brave enough to take a peek you may see something you don’t want to see. I bet they haven’t ‘manscaped’ yet this season.
  • She may have the tits of a 20 year old but I bet she is actually 16 years old drinking on a fake ID. I bet there is a similar law up here to what they have in Memphis. If 1 goes into less than 18 that equals 10 years in Jail.
  • Ladies, they played for 4 hours and walked 100 city blocks blowing into a dead animal bladder. Let the Pipes and Drum boys get their drink on before you want a selfie.
  • Boys, I bet that she really isn’t into you that much but simply wants to cut in line for  the bathroom.
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – PUT THE “APPROVE TAGGED PICTURE” OPTION ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. There is always “that guy/girl” who takes a less than flattering picture. And if they still do, you may want to rethink your life choices and friends.
  • In general, leave the phone/camera at home. How many pics of a hot ginger female with nice boobs do you really need?  Shout out to Missy!
  • Eat a sandwich every 4 hours. They say that 90% of alcoholics die of malnutrition. Of course not my big ass. I eat another slice of pizza from my boys on 67th I may need a new zipcode.
  • If you get into trouble during the parade, just tell them you know The Memphis Fire Chief Benjie and that should do the trick.
Cannot believe they are going to let an Asian Fireman lead the Parade for the second year in a row. Talk about diversity! Good Luck Boys see you at the end of the Route!
Yeah I probably am going to have a couple of these today!