christmas in the Big Apple

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

We had some friends in town from Crime-Free Memphis and they had requested to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Do you recall back when we went to the Parade in 2015 as a guest of the Asian Fireman?  They were forecasting that it would be a cold Thanksgiving Day. Actually it was a record breaking cold day 19 Degrees Fahrenheit (-7 for you Celsius folks) and nothing sucks more than standing out in the cold with no bathroom. Oh, on the day we saw the parade back in 2015?  I think it was like 40 degrees so that was perfect. Thanks to Z(Squared) we were able to procure a proper viewing spot from his office to watch the parade. 

Trust me when you see the parade from that vantage point I assure you that unless I am on a mudder fucking float with the fat man himself there isn’t any going back. I did get a little warm in the conference room overlooking the Avenue of America’s but having that bathroom is what is really is all about. Thank you to Z(Squared) for the hospitality. We will have you over for the Fireworks on July 4th. 

Parade walks off at 9PM and by the time they get here it is about 9:45AM. These poor folks have probably been on line since 6AM
Always start with Thanksgiving Floats 
See the Lamp Post in the middle of the float? They had all the floats down low this year because of the winds
Ole Pillsbury Still Makes The Cut
Ok Here Is The Green Giant – It is Thanksgiving And the Creator Of The Green Bean Casserole Died This Fall. 


Not A Fucking Clue


Here Is RAB’s Favorite Float. What is your hatred of Him? What did he ever do to you? 
Olaf (There were some kids in the conference room and they told me) 
Diana Ross – I hope she played better than she did at Live At The Garden

Hey Santa – I will hit you up later on my wish list
Current Position – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Float Carrier. I carry the Star that says “Believe.” 
5 Minutes after the Fat Man Went By They Crowd is Gone! I don’t blame them, it was cold on Thursday.

Again A HUGE THANK YOU to Z(Squared) for the sweet vantage point. I know that our guests loved it and we did too! 

What’s the name of the butter again?

Remember that post a while back when I said that this blog isn’t a food Blog when we dined at that French seafood joint? Well we did it again! No we didn’t dine at Le Bernardin, we went big balls and dined at Per Se. We were invited to dine with a group  of friends who had a standing reservation the last Saturday before Christmas and this year were celebrating their 8th year of doing so. For those of you scratching your head wondering what is Per Se, it is the top, it is the summit, it another 3 star Michelin rated restaurant owned by Thomas Keller. Keller owns a another famous joint over on the left coast called French Laundry, you may have heard about it. Still got nothing? Let me put it into words you can understand, after dining there last night, if the grim reaper, no not the skydiving guy from California, the actual angel of death were to come up and tap me on the shoulder, I am ok with that.

My fellow foodie who dresses up her cat told me that I had to be better in describing the dishes and I plan on scanning the menu and wine paring and sending to her but for me to describe the 11 courses we at last night? Forget about it! This place is insane for foodie fans, I mean they name the freaking butter! The butter is churned specifically for Per Se on a farm outside of New York and they have names for the cows for Christ sake!  Seriously, Per Se is one of the top 5 restaurants in the world and I am very appreciate of Mr. 3 First Names and his Lady Barrister friend for the invitation.

IMG_9972I am sure she is cussing me and putting on a different outfit for her cat right now.


Good Looking Group! We had a blast!


You got to love a joint that has their own Duck Press!


Sober as New Orleans’s Supreme Court Judges


They say that one can measure your wealth by the number of great friends you have. Mrs. Trumpet and I are some rich SOB’s!

Thanks to DS, JAM and Tim for the invite and we hope to make the cut next year!

Pictures of the Week

This is not only from NYC, we made a field trip over to the Garden State too.

The Week in Pictures

It was a good week last week. Here are some of the pictures from last week.

Have a good week and we will see you next week.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christm…….Oh Shut the Feck Up!

I see a meme that said at the stroke of midnight on Halloween that it will be Christmas. I giggled and went back to drinking my beer water and didn’t give it much thought. On marathon Sunday, I peruse the Book of Face and see that my cousin (the one who ate paint chips) isn’t a fan of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving because her husband wanted to put up the Christmas tree just to see her freak out. Next thing you know is that Starbucks started selling their coffee in the Red Cups and naturally someone is offended. Walk around the streets of NYC this past week and the store fronts are already Christmas’d out and it was 60 degrees this past weekend. Then on Friday I made a call with one of the other sales reps and we walked by Rockefeller Plaza. They were putting up the 2015 Christmas tree, yep it is Christmas. Get over it Janna!

12219447_10205559825254383_7351552953825195812_nEveryone has “That Cousin” in your family and here is mine. Go ahead and say it “Bless your heart!”

halloween-meme-2The previously mentioned Meme

o-STARBUCKS-RED-CUPS-2015-facebookWhoever came up with the idea of putting them out this early is a genius!

IMG_9486Christmas Pop Up Shops at Bryant Park

12065571_10153899482549928_8739661743863237291_nAs seen on the day after Halloween

IMG_9489Ice Skating at Bryant Park – It was 62 degrees that day.


Nordstrom is saying Negative till after Turkey Day

IMG_9473Here it is folks, the tree at Rockefeller Center!

IMG_9472Christmas season or not, it is pretty fecking cool seeing this!

Seasoned Greetings!