Chunky & Ruth

Last Monday I was in Belize!

Sorry for the lack of posts from last week. I learned something very important from a whirlwind trip down south and back. My 47 year old ass doesn’t bounce back from 4 days of boozing to roll into work like I used to do. I need to start planning some “rehab” days following those trips from now on. Or I just quit making it a point to drink with Kitty, Dita, Rambo, Islenutt, Otter, Otter’s wife, Jean, Ruthie and some others while down in Belize!

It was a great trip and it was great to see some of our friends and family. Granted the 80+ degrees and sunshine sure as shit helped but we had a blast. We got to eat at some of our normal haunts; Wild Mango’s, Blue Water Grill, Celi’s Deli, Truck Stop and we got to see some new joints on the island as well.

This trip we tried a new joint to lay our head at night and I have to say that the Conch shell is perfect for those who want simple accommodations and to be in town. We found our room to be perfect for our trip and just outside of the Carnival “Painting Zones” that can be trouble if you aren’t paying attention. Thanks to Kitty Cynthia Angelica for procuring the room and as luck would have it I got to speak to my Belizean Mother (Flora) on the phone last week when I was trying to pay for the Tropic Flight. Anyway here are some pictures from the trip.

IMG_2723Monday Morning I am sitting on my veranda with a cigar (of course) and I see the kids heading to school. Talk about a helluva commute.

IMG_2691You don’t see the Nissan Vans painted Taxi yellow very often in San Pedro. We asked him how much it would cost to take us to 1st Ave and 71st street.

1E0182E0-54C0-4392-9F4E-CCDA478270E7Bitter Sweet – We were walking by Carnival Saturday night when they were dedicating this year’s Carnival to Felix Ayuso who was tragically murdered last year. The proceeds of this shirt were to go to his charity that he worked so hard for; Aids Awareness. I pretty much emptied my wallet for the $10US shirt and told them to keep the change. Dance on Felix, Dance on!

IMG_2701The Sargasso (stinky seaweed) was pretty fierce this trip.

IMG_2698Drunk Chinese Food goes together like Fat Kids and Chocolate Cake!

IMG_2721All is right with the world, I got to hang with Ruthie and Chunky!

53999038645__49EE116F-19B7-479C-B781-2D1364D039CFI “may” have had a couple of these while down in San Pedro.

IMG_2724Almost got my ass divorced while down in Belize. No Otter and I didn’t get caught checking out the girl who was sunbathing with only dental floss for bikini bottoms. (oh wait was that supposed to be a thought bubble?) I promised the wife that I would procure her a Chicken Tostada from Celi’s Deli. Albeit it was for breakfast on departure day but I got her some.

IMG_2679You can’t feel the cold but it was a brisk 34 degrees on Tuesday the morning we got up from Belize. Next time I am bringing more money and we are staying longer.

It was great seeing everyone; including those who were calling me out on golf carts for not seeing them yet (I see you Yas) and next trip we will stay longer.


Pictures of the Week – Bayleeze 1 of 2

Yeah, I know I am a day late but we have a house guest and she got me drunk Thursday night.

IMG_0728Honey, I don’t think we are in Manhattan anymore!

IMG_0727What does one look like when you have been up for 30 hours with ZERO sleep?

IMG_0734Sunrise on Easter Sunday! *Yes mother, I was heading to sunrise service when I snapped this, not to get a Michelada.

IMG_0740Visiting with the Elberts at Ramone’s

IMG_0743Rena and I doing a selfie!

IMG_0752From our perch at the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker

IMG_0756Of course they find a cornhole game!

IMG_0758Richard – You got this? Me – I GOT this!

IMG_0757Shobo and Rich

IMG_0769Mrs. CBT – “So Jody, you ever been with an older woman?” Jody – “But your husband is Italian and knows more people on the island than I do.” Mrs. CBT – “You didn’t answer the question.”

IMG_0766I wonder why she makes me wear my Lady Leslie shirt to bed each night.

IMG_0771Mrs. CBT – I GOT THIS!

IMG_0770I freaking love this couple! So good to see you both!

IMG_0779Well if the sun is going to set then I guess we shall toast and drink more beer!

IMG_0785Chunky and Ruth’s Casa just south of town.

IMG_0789I am going to title this one “False Advertising in Belize” because that boy NEVER was there!

IMG_0806Guess the “Secret Beach” isn’t so secret is it?


More pics tomorrow.