Dale Hollow Lake

2019 in Review – What Did We Do Again?

On the back of the door in our apartment we have one of those old school calendars. We use it for scheduling shit and to make sure that we keep the dog alive with our schedules. I took a look at it this morning as I was getting the Black Eyed Peas and Greens on the stove and here is what we had to show for with Trips;

  • Geranium was away 151 days in 2019. Mind you 31 of those days were when she was in Switzerland/France. That actually made us both appreciate our time together more and take stock in our relationship which made it stronger.
  • We saw Elton John and his Farewell Tour at The Barclays
  • Got to experience The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. That was a killer event.
  • While Geranium was away Mr. 3 First Names & Lady Lawyer and I went to see Jose Andres at his book signing.
  • Got our Southern Redneck on thanks to BK and saw Hank Jr and Skynrd at Forrest Hills.
  • Rang in the New Year at the Barclays Center with The Strokes.
  • Oh and we had dinner at Per Se too.
  • And so that I am not a complete prick I am going to end this list that we also did some horse gambling at Aquaduct Race Track.

Regarding Trips Away, I am kind of embarrassed to divulge this to you dozen readers. I mean this list is somewhat obscene. Mind you we were able to take advantage of Geranium’s international trips and my ability to fly stand by.

  • Hung with PNG Mike, Ellie & JD in London and watched 6 Nations Rugby with them.
  • Visited Northwest Arkansas for Family Christmas
  • Made a trip Upstate with Vivian and Stone
  • Made warm weather trips to; Cancun, Belize, Fort Meyers, Gulf Shores, and Dale Hollow Lake.
  • Went over to Philly for a BBQ at Pepe’s house.
  • Got to experience Barcelona for the First Time. (Got to go back)
  • I did 48 hours in Switzerland to see Geranium and imagine that..it was raining!
  • Made it to Memphis for Thanksgiving and for a work trip in September.
  • Got to eat some low country cooking with the ChoHo’s in Charleston South Carolina.

All in all it was a good year for us for doing the fun shit. Granted I wondered why our bank account has been low but now I know why I haven’t been able to see my feet in months.

Photo by Toria of Blue Water Grill down in Belize
Charleston South Carolina with these two!
Thank God Geranium is Fluent in how to Speak Randy!
We got to go back one of these day!
I booked a whole week with these knuckleheads and I loved every minute of it!
I love this man!
Lausanne Switzerland and the snow topped alps
The rain does happen in Spain!
Oh Maya had a blast while we were away too!
Thanks Viv and Stone!
Rain in London….how odd

It was a good time for trips and shit that we saw in 2019.

Back in the Saddle

Sorry for no posts last week. It was a tough week for us. We had to get the Little Bastid off to School and being off for a couple days put us behind. Not much I can really report from the Dale Hollow trip. That sucker was full of Non Disclosure agreements and “don’t post this on Social Media” comments. But lets be honest. If weren’t there you probably wouldn’t think that shit was that funny anyway.

I will be back at my normal self this week. Oh and welcome to my newer readers. More on that.

First Day of 5th Grade 3.0
I hear that Alabama will rebuild.
Happy 7th Birthday to this fluff ball! Hopefully you can take it easy today.

And if your football team didn’t win this weekend I hope your beer was at least cold.

Pictures of the Week on a Thursday? What Gives

What can I say, I am giving you paid subscribers a little Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon bonus. You remember that Labor Day tradition? Anyway we are going to be out of town for a couple of days.

It is going to be a Circus this weekend! #FCharlie
Miss all 3 of these Knuckle Heads!
Found this recipe in one of Jean-George’s Cook Books

Have a good weekend!

Well aren’t you just an overachiever

You all know my friend Dick don’t you? *Get your mind out of the gutter, on his birth certificate his first name is Richard* I met RE at this little arse lake on the Kentucky and Tennessee border a while back. I knew that he and I would become good friends one morning while sitting outside the lodge smoking cigarettes (I was smoking a cigar) and couple of joggers ran by the paved road. He looks at me and replies “Will you just look at that? We got us some overachievers.”
I had to admit, I really wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but considering my hands were shaking much worse than his I had to ask the obvious. “What do you mean by an overachiever?
RE looks at me and replies; “Damn Robot (oh wait that is what his brother Randy calls me) today is Labor day. We should not be doing any labor and those two that just ran by are trying to make us look bad. Henceforth they are Overachievers.”
I looked at RE with my bloodshot eyes and just started nodding my head up and down. What can I say, the man may own a couple trailer parks mobile home communities but he knows and speaks the truth….

Last week when we were having our scorcher heat days, I had 10AM appointment at One World Trade Center with a client. One World Trade just celebrated it’s first year of operation and as one could expect security is rather stringent to get into the building. After my body cavity search I am ushered into the bank of elevators for floors 70 – 79. We are waiting for an elevator and I overhear two ladies talk about the weather and how hot it has already gotten outside at this early hour. One of the ladies tells her coworker that if it gets any warmer (mind you I am lathered up in a good sweat and can already feel the Gold Bond starting to fail) that she won’t be able to ride a CITI bike to work every morning. Her coworker asks where she rides in from considering that One World Trade is located way downtown in lower Manhattan.
“Oh I live in the Upper East Side.” replies the woman!
I am floored, you mean to tell me that this woman rides one of those heavy ass Citi Bikes from the Upper East side? She crosses the island and then comes down countless streets and isn’t a puddle of sweat? Oh did I mention that Super Woman is wearing a skirt too? Who the Feck is she? Who rides a bike 7 miles through New York morning traffic and let’s don’t talk about the pothole filled streets? That my friends is an Overachiever in the worst way. *Hey RE – Don’t worry I ain’t inviting her to Dale Hollow, that is for damned sure!

IMG_1315I am just guessing where Super Woman lives and her route but I bet this is probably how she gets to work each morning. Indecently there is subway, bus and taxi service from the Upper East Side to Lower Manhattan too.

IMG_9560I can already hear the blood pressure in Maria’s arteries starting to increase by looking at this picture.

IMG_1276It is an awesome sight to behold but do you really have to use the whole fist there doc?

I can’t wait to get down to Dale Hollow and spend some more time with my friend Dick! Oh and Rena, Cindy, Renita (I am going to stop because I am probably going to forget someone)