Ed Koch

Pictures of the Week – Mid Day Friday Post

Apologies to my 15 readers. I now realize that I gave you 5 posts in a row last week and nothing till today. We were kind of busy last week but here are some pictures from last weekend and now.

IMG_4535Our “Tony Award Winning Cousin” lives here now a days. Got to spend some time with her last week. She is a good bean.

IMG_4530Went down to Sutton Square Park on 58th Street. Nice view from the park if you ask me

IMG_4529Sutton Place/Square has their own private entrance. I don’t even want to inquire about the cost of living here. *We lived at 71st/1st and this joint is 58th/Sutton (name change from York)* This is truly bougie UES living

IMG_4527Vivian, Landlord, Mr. 3 First Names, Mary Louise and I may have eaten these last Sunday. The Radish on a BBQ Nacho kind of bugs me

IMG_4524What can I say folks…Being around Robo make one Shine!

Have a good weekend folks. Please don’t get butt-hurt if we don’t post a lot next week either. We are supposed to have a Nor’Easter this weekend.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Northeast.

Welcome to Peter Luger, whaddaya you want for dinner?

Yes, I admit that is a rather rude way to welcome you to a restaurant but to hear the back story about Peter Luger’s Steak House in Historic Williamsburg (2 Broke Girls Territory) in Brooklyn that is par for the course. Apparently the waiters, old and crotchety aren’t much on small talk. Thankfully ours, an 11 year old veteran, was fun and cut up with us.  We were there to celebrate the Birthday of our friend and trusted consigliore, Maria, as she booked our table a month prior. According to their website the restaurant was established in 1887 and has been voted best steakhouse in NYC for 30 years in a row. Peter Luger, a German immigrant, established the joint and if you have every eaten at Blues City or Doe’s Eat Place you will recall the ‘steak for X’ menu because this joint has the same. The steak is cooked in a hot arse broiler and the ‘steak drippings’ are served on the plate.  It is rumored that the daughter of the Lugar family still gets first pick of the steaks that arrive into NYC from the distributor. Our waiter informed us that the joint sees many a celebrities there. Ed Koch ate there 2 days before his demise and fellow former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a frequent visitor to the restaurant.  

For dinner we ended up getting the Thick Cut Bacon, tomatoes and onion, (2) Steaks for 3, Creamed Spinach and German Potatoes. Oh and we had copious amounts of wine to go with the meal because man doesn’t live on break alone. We ended up getting some New York Cheesecake with extra Schlag (whipped cream) and had a great meal. Oh here is where I scratch my head because other than Alex’s Tavern in Memphis, the joint only accepts cash or you can put it on your Peter Luger Personal Account.

IMG_0156We will have (2) steaks for 3 please, one cooked medium and the other one bloody as hell please.

IMG_0157Not sure what they put in the steak sauce but one can hear their arteries closing up when you put it on your steak.

IMG_0158Welcome to the house of beef! For you vegetarians (bless your heart) that is a porterhouse steak. And I think that the name of the cow was Bessie too.

IMG_0159Just slap the horns off of it and cut it up, I will take it bloody as hell.

IMG_0160Why yes I will have an Irish Coffee

IMG_0165Extra Schlag too!

IMG_0167Message me if you want to know Maria’s account number at Peter Luger

IMG_0166But of course they give you a chocolate wrapped in foil.

We will be back and Happy Birthday Maria!