An Open Letter to The Grizzlies Season Ticket Holders

*Disclaimer – I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t live in Memphis anymore. I mean seriously, other than taxes and Association dues on an apartment downtown that is all I got. See below for my letter but here is some background info*

So how about those Memphis Grizzlies eh? You pissed off yet? I mean we traded away a cornerstone player for a bunch of players and a future draft pick. Let me put it to you like this – The Future Draft Pick…. it could be my nephew………who is in the 8th Grade at St. Dominic School for Boys. Let me type that again. My 14 year old nephew could be a possible Grizzlies draft pic in 2014.

Oh did I see that Chandler Parsons is coming back after the all star break? I mean nobody picked him up during the trade deadline so why don’t we at least get some use out of him. Naturally he is too good to play in the D League. He is Chandler Parsons after all. But let’s drop our pants again and him screw the organization because his knees are shot.

Sounds like we should fire some folks in the Front Office right? So how do you get the attention of an owner who doesn’t live in Memphis? You cancel season tickets and hit them where it hurts. Why would you pay for entertainment that sucks and it would appear that Management doesn’t value your contribution. That is what it is folks. It is entertainment and it looks like the College team is going to provide more heart/Grit & Grind (starting with management on down to the players) than the professional team.

Back Story – I was about 5 days away from becoming a Grizzlies Season Ticket Holder back in the summer of 2015. We had decided that we were going to not renew our ‘Live at The Garden’ summer concert series and were going to bite the bullet on season tickets for Grizzlies games. I was planning on getting 2 tickets next to or near my friend Jack in the lower bowl. I had already asked Jack for the number of “his guy” and was going to pull the trigger. Then Mary Louise informed me that a move to New York was a possibility so I stopped the conversation. I look back and that would have been a real dick move on my part. “Hey Man, I want tickets and let’s sign this…Oh wait, cancel the order we are moving to New York.”

Dear Season Ticket Holders who are cancelling this year,

I am completely in agreement with you deciding to pull back your contribution and tickets for the 2019-2020 season tickets for the Memphis Grizzlies. I would ask that you please do something with the funds that you have previously allocated for season tickets for a couple reasons. By my math, and if I am wrong please feel free to reach out to me but here is the way I see it.

2 tickets in the lower bowl (that we would have purchased) minus parking would have cost us 11K. (My New York readers are now pissing themselves) You divide that by the 41 games and it comes to $268.29 for a nights entertainment. Here is what I am asking;

  • Please spend that 268.29 or something at a downtown establishment or your favorite local establishment for 41 times next season. Do you know how much it costs to run a restaurant? I miss Fino’s going away but I don’t blame the owner one bit. The margins are razor thin and why kill yourself for an eventual failure? Sorry but did anyone of you assholes pick up that baton? Hell No! Running a restaurant is hard work and it can at times, suck. My friend Kelly English said it best – “Support local, we have to feed our own and we need the help.”
  • It isn’t the fault of the downtown establishments that are counting on FedEx Forum attendance to take a hit because Chris Wallace should be fired. Go back downtown the day before or after a game. Those kids behind the bar and bringing your food need your money.
  • Take the time that you spent watching Grizzles games doing some sort of community service. I have had the pleasure of working a food line of a church outreach in Alphabet City. I greet every person I encounter with a smile and a nice comment. You need to do something other than cutting a check to the local charity. It will make you a better person.
  • Find out what charity each player supports and donate to it. It isn’t their fault that the (soon to be former) management sucks and they want to give back.
  • Cherish the Old Cornerstones – Recall when Z-Bo would pay a complete stangers MLGW bill? Or when Tony Allen would pay for someones trip to Target? Be that person to a complete Stranger. And of course when you do it mumble “Grit Grind!”

There are people who not associated with the Grizzlies that are going to be affected by the bonehead moves of the Front Office. Guys and Gals, we have to support them and their families. Marc is going to be fine as well as our future 8th grade draft pick. The owners of local establishments downtown and in midtown are going to hurt unless we help them.

Ok, I am off my soapbox now! But do right by the folks who are depending on your money and support.