Garment District

Operation M(Squared)

My former work wife (the domestic one) moved up to middle management and has her a nice corner office in the Garment District. I would visit her from time to time and noticed that she had 3 picture frames but no pictures in it. I would suggest to her some options but she has other things going and never got around to it.

Last week she had to head to the head office for training. Who knew that selling tourists tickets to those double decker buses in Times Square needed so much managing and training. She was gone all week but last Friday I was going to be in the office for some training as well. Since she knows that #robocares I figured I would take it upon myself to put in some pictures in her picture frames for her. DISCLAIMER – I did text her husband prior to me doing this and he was on board.

I was 50-50 on using a Jeff Goldbloom picture or going with another gem of Christopher Walken. M(Squared) needs to up her street cred.
I think the pic of me and her husband will probably get a lot of people asking questions.

I think she liked my effort at re-decorating her office.

Be Nice or Leave

***FADE IN to the interior of a Hudson Yards bound 7 train just as it is leaving Grand Central Station

“Um excuse me good people of New York, may I please have your brief attention away from your magazines, books and phones.”

Me (thinking in my head) “Are you fucking kidding me? Why do I always get the crazy one? Let me guess, he is homeless and needs money for beer medication. I haven’t heard that one in a while.”

“My Brothers and Sisters, my name is Preacher and I promise not to take much of your time for my message is brief and very clear. We have serious problems here in New York but for us to change those problems it starts with you. My children from now on, I want you to show one random act of kindness to your fellow man or woman. This act doesn’t have to be monumental; it can be as simple as smile and saying “good morning”. Give up your seat on the bus or train to a random stranger. Allow a person to go in front of you as you enter the elevator. And if you believe in the same God that I do, you even tell them you “God Bless you brother.” Now good people of New York that is all I want from you today but it begins with you. If you do this each and every day I promise you that you will feel better about yourself and ‘hate’ will be just a 4 letter word. Before I go, I love each and every one of you and may you have good day. Now don’t you all go start smiling. Don’t you do it! That’s right you go have a blessed day and God Bless you!”

It is now that pretty much everyone in the Hudson Yards bound 7 train is smiling as the Preacher gets off at 5th Avenue. I get off at my normal stop and make my way up the 2 sets of stairs to exit onto the fringe of Times Square. I admit it, I kind of thought that the Preacher’s sermon was kind of hooky but hey, I am still smiling and I even let a woman go in front of me up the stairs to the Uptown 1-2-3 platform. I look up at the buildings on 7th Avenue and I see the suns reflection. My first thought is “Hell I haven’t seen the sun since Belize. Maybe this shit is working.” Now let me come 100% clean with you. I am a firm believer in Karma. For those of you who wonder what that red fabric bracelet on my wrist is about it is to remind me to practice Karma. If you do good things then good things will happen to you. These results may not be instantiations but eventually down the road things may go your way. The biggest thing is you have to remain patient and radiate positive energy even if you are having a shitty day. Mrs. C’s chemo treatment taught me this among other things.

Ok, I realize my 4 readers are now clicking off this blog because even I just re-read this and it is getting a little too deep. The moral to the story; Last Friday, I accepted a position with our downtown office that is great for me, the team and the company. I got to meet Marcus Samuelsson at his acclaimed Red Rooster Restaurant in Harlem. And to finish the week off, I got to see The Avett Brothers give a performance of a lifetime at Madison Square Garden from the work suite. Life is going pretty good for me right now. I better remember this day when I have a day that isn’t all that great.

Now go out there and do a random act of kindness to your fellow man or woman. And stop smiling too!

IMG_09137th Avenue looking south or the last day I will be based out of the Garment District

IMG_0915I admit it, I had a chubby when he came over to say hello to us! Good Luck in Memphis G. They give you any shit you tell them you know “a guy” in New York!

IMG_0924My iFoam doesn’t take the greatest pics when there is Par Lights and smoke.

IMG_0928Oh did I tell you that this is from the suite. We are literally have a Right Wing Stage view for each show.

IMG_0930And did I mention that we have Bud Light in the suite too!

Have a good one my brothers and sisters and may you find your 7 Train Preacher this week.

You won’t believe this one folks!

We have all heard the comment “Photo or it didn’t happen!” when you hear or read something that is hard to comprehend or don’t believe. I admit that I was glad I had my iFoam handy when we were walking down the street in the Garment District the other day. I for some reason glance to my right and see two guys trying to use a Slim Jim to get into their locked van. I look away but something in my head clicks and says “Hey CBT what logo was on that van?” I look again towards the two guys and what do I see on the hood of the van? Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is Locksmith Company Vehicle…Good Night New York!  You were a great audience!  Please tip your server!

IMG_0379You can’t make this shit up folks!

Keep it light and have a good one!

Oh that was cold weather for you Yankees, I have had it worse.

Do me a favor, if I die from a snowplow incident, make sure someone comes along and deletes this blog post because it was apparent that I tempted fate one too many times. Anyway kudos to me as I achieved my “Southerner living in Sub Artic Temp” badge as 17 degrees with a wind that can cut you to the bone wasn’t pleasant but I survived. Sure I must give a huge shout out to Under Armor Winter Gear, all of those wool animals who died to keep my arse warm and North Face for some warm gloves. I bopped around the Garment District all day yesterday with two reps and as one of the reps whose parents live in Minnesota said to me; “This time of the year we wear sleeping bags” and was she right.

So what did a kid who only read about frigid temp in the news do to celebrate his first Yankee Milestone? Head to Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Rangers Hockey Team play the Dallas Stars! My first NHL Hockey contest game competition match, I was excited! Now I will have to come full disclosure; thanks to my employer, we were able to enjoy one of the luxury suites, closed circuit TV’s, great buffet, ice cold drinks and a in-suite bathroom. Did it bother me that the suite was larger than my apartment? Dude it Madison Square M’Effin Garden, who cares! The sporting contest (still don’t know if I call it a match or game) was great and the Rangers smoked the Stars 6 to 2, I actually learned what offside was, and that high sticking is considered bad. Just You Wait till I paint my face ala Puddy next time. “Gotta Support The Team, Let Them Know You Are Out There!”


Got to Love the Graphics they put on the ice during intermission and Pre-Game!

IMG_0097My Ice Hockey Translator – “No CBT you don’t call the Hogs before the drop of the puck!”


Before a Face off – “Pick up your bottom Jaws you hockey followers”

IMG_0098I couldn’t name one player but there is always next time

IMG_01026-2 is good right? You said this was a low scoring game…

IMG_0104Everybody gets laid!

Wait till I take Mrs. Trumpet to one of these games, she will love it!




The Week in Pictures

I am getting more hits when I post just pictures. Do I need to find a proofreader? Hey A.F.F. you want to come up here and read my shit for me?

IMG_9565Robopalooza is in full effect as Momma is down in Florida for the week. Everyone from NYC goes to Florida, I hear. Here is a Triple Decker Pastrami, Corned Beef and Salami from Pastrami Queen on 78th & Lexington. The sandwich costs 25 bucks but you can eat on it for 3 days.

IMG_9564We are going to see Boo from OITNB in January for brunch. We are pumped!

IMG_9563Like I said, Robopalooza is a joyous occasion, I was in bed at 10:30 on Saturday night.

IMG_9558Our favorite Pizza Joint on First Avenue

IMG_9552Lots of color today at the fruit stand

IMG_9549This lady sells Churros down at the 7th street subway line at Grand Central. One of these days I am going to get me some of that!

IMG_9546Flower stand on 3rd Ave

IMG_9545Interesting color choice of shoes. She trumped my sock game that day!

IMG_9540We got the NBA League Pass to watch the Grizzlies. My comment before they won Friday night was “If I wanted to watch someone suck at Basketball, why did we waste money on the NBA League Pass and just watch the Nets or Knicks on free TV?

IMG_9538I had a busy day on Veterans day and this is the only pic I was able to take

IMG_9516Filming some commercial on the street near my office.

Have a good one and be nice to each other.

The Week in Pictures

Congrats to us on living 3 months on this island and we haven’t gotten run over by a cross town bus yet. Ok, enough with the words, here are the pics that I have snapped up during the past week.

IMG_9443My fellow Chef Stalker @Grainbingirl started giving me crap for not going downstairs to stalk Eric Ripert. I don’t have the heart to tell her that he and his wife live next door to us.

IMG_9446Marathon Sunday was pretty cool, next year we will do better.

IMG_9453Can someone please pick this $hit up?

IMG_9421We celebrated getting a Fed Ex package

IMG_9460New view during my lunch hour

IMG_9465Tall ass buildings for days

IMG_9470Found a new Primary Care Physician up here

FullSizeRenderShout out to @Gurleygurl as here is her and my boo Lionel

IMG_9482I still miss me some Tony

IMG_9483I could pull this off in NYC but Justin and AJ would beat me with these if I wore them in Memphis.

IMG_9484So here is where Gypsies shop for those outlandish outfits

IMG_9487Ping Pong in Bryant Park

IMG_9488Bryant Park

IMG_9490As seen in Bryant Park

IMG_9491From the depths of hell we emerge from the subway

IMG_9492The boys at the Cigar inn put some college football on for me.

IMG_9494We do love our “coffee” up here!

Hope you enjoyed the pics