Hudson Valley

We Made it to Friday and we didn’t have to kill anyone….Yet!

This is what Trevor, front desk concierge, and I say each Friday while I am taking Monkey Head Maya out for her morning pee in the park. This week was a fun one. I survived circling the sun 49 trips and am now gearing up for a helluva 50th! Geranium and I went for drinks with some of my clients and tonight we are going to meet the Hot Tub “Wet Bandit” who is in town. Saturday is up in the air and Sunday we are going to see Lightbulb and the Asian Fireman.

Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks. I know I have been remiss on posting this but I have been busy.

Hey Country – You recall this building? The Former Flat Hotel!
I think it is a requirement if you are going to have a dive bar you have to have Christmas Tree Lighting.
This Joint reminded me of The Subway Inn on 2nd Avenue.
We will be back in Hudson to have a proper drink here again!
Goodbye Old Couch, we had to part with it to make room for some other stuff.
Glad to know the Fyre Festival dude (who I believe is still in prison) is running another scam.
I am a bad New Yorker if I didn’t at least post one pic from the St. Patrick Day Post Band Party.
Thanks to Stone, Vivian and Della for a great weekend upstate.
First Outside Cigar I was able to smoke.
She is a little shit but she is our little shit!

Have a good weekend!

Let’s Recap Shall We? Trips and Food

We were really busy in 2018. I sit back and think about what all that we did last year I had to go to the calendar 4 times. I mean we were fucking busy in 2018. We went a bunch of places this year and that was even with Mary Louise doing all her shit this year. From her group final presentation for NYU, graduating from NYU, starting a new career, moving to Brooklyn, and not divorcing my ass we ate and traveled a bunch.

Made a trip to Belize to see our friends in February. We made a trip to Memphis to become God Parents for Willimena Esmerelda. We went to Bay Ridge Brooklyn for dinner a couple times. We made a trip Upstate to the Hudson Valley. We went to Philly a couple times, Baltimore for Crab, ML went to The Hamptons during the summer. Oh we also made a trip to Mexico with RJ, Mal-O-Rie, and Senorita JL. Went to St. Louis for Baby Fine Hair and Kristina’s wedding in the fall. The new stadium on campus and great friends made us visit Northwest Arkansas and then we made Memphis for Christmas.

Now here is where I am going to get some serious Fucking hate mail. We ate some serious good grub this past year. LeCoq Rico for a fancy Chicken dinner one night. Enjoyed some fine Swiss wines with the Muphranks along with some Raclette (think broiled half wheel) of cheese. We enjoyed one of Geoffrey Zakarian’s restaurants with our friend Tucker. Had an authentic Cheese Steak while we were in Philly (you know for the hangover) and it was good. For our anniversary we dined at Benjamin’s Steakhouse and the steak was good. And to finish out the holidays we of course ate at one of Thomas Keller’s joints in the Time Warner Center. I know that I am missing some places but I am going to end this because some folks may send me some more hate mail.

I love this woman! We have a lot in common and both being damn good looking is the beside the point.
Breakfast View in San Pedro Town Belize
Ironic that when we lived in Memphis we weren’t too far from the Forum. Now in Brooklyn we aren’t too far from this sucker.
Bad Lighting on Mary Louise but this is her the morning of her graduation. And let the record show that I will punch her in the dick if she goes for her Doctorate.
On the way up the Hudson River to see Vivian and Stone
Crab is good
That kid is going to break hearts I tell you!
No lies being told here at all!
That kid is going to be something I tell you!
Who loves some broiled Cheese
Trust me this is some good shit right here!
This be our new joint by the way!
Me and the Bride at her wedding!
Who doesn’t love some good Pastrami from Katz’s
Shrimp Sticks from Blue Water Grill in Belize. This is worth the Fucking Trip to Belize in the middle of a Hurricane and twice on Sunday.
Boy did this picture get some traction in Memphis.
Don’t laugh folks this is some good shit here!

At least I didn’t post any more pictures of dinner from Per Se.

A Trip Upstate

A couple of weeks back we were having dinner with Vivian and Stone and we discussed going upstate to their weekend house. Last weekend we took the Amtrak up to Rhinebeck New York. Vivian and Stone’s house is in Germantown, NY and I have to be honest. I am digging that part of the state. Now before you accuse Mary Louise and Paul Allen (My soap opera name) of drinking all day we actually took up some culture and attended the Thomas Cole Museum.

Thomas Cole is the founder of the Hudson River School who I understand doesn’t have a football team or team mascot. The house is interesting and I suggest that you have beers before visiting so you can have a sense of humor. Saturday night we went out to town and visited the local karaoke bar. A good time was had by all. Sunday we visited Hudson and took in some shopping before a good nap and dinner out on the town.

IMG_3615As Seen on the Train Ride up North

IMG_3618Thomas Cole House

IMG_3620So to make money the family had to sell off all the paintings and the majority of these were reproductions.

IMG_3621We didn’t go Cherry picking because of the heat

IMG_3622Love me some Nina Simone

IMG_3625We didn’t need to use the fireplace this weekend. It was kind of warm

IMG_3631Vivian and Stone have a great deck and great house.

IMG_3627Vivian singing Karaoke!

Again thanks for a great weekend


I am a Bad College Football Fan

Hi my name is Carbunkle Trumpet and I am a shitty College Football Fan

I admit that I may have seen 5 hours of college football this season but it is still more hours of college credit that the majority of Bama fans got from attending their University. Oh and by the way Bama fans, really classy move with the Katrina sign, enjoy hell. Anyway, this past weekend my alma mater was playing The University of Mississippi down in Oxford. Instead of blocking out the 5 hours that I needed to drink, curse, pray, watch the game I went to dinner with friends of ours in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. Don’t get me wrong, I do love The University of Arkansas but this Eastern Time Zone (yes I know that it is one hour) jacks with me when watching Game Day, the old Jefferson Pilot games and even the CBS SEC Game of the week. And let’s be honest, when you get a chance to ‘dine’ at a swanky joint overlooking the Hudson River *disclaimer the word “dine” is very literal as we may (or may not) had a wine/bar bill that was more than the food bill* rather than watch a dumpster fire that is a team that you hold dear to your heart…”Honey, what time do we need to catch the Metro North?”

We are at dinner, enjoying our wine entrees and my phone is literally blowing up in my pocket. I glance down to make sure that 1. Coleman Tower is not on fire. 2. None of these calls are from more than 3 members of my family 3. Minnie Driver is not calling to say that she wants to meet me in the restroom and I scan one of the messages. This one is from my fellow restaurant stalker @grainbingirl saying “I love you but….” so I ask Siri who won the Arkansas/Ole Miss game. Much to my chagrin I see that the Hogs won in OT so I go back to my conversation. The next morning, I check The Twitter and after reading all the tweets where my friends are talking about how big Brett Bielema’s ball are I see how Arkansas won. Yeah, I could be running my mouth like a Bama fan but like I said, I haven’t seen much football this year so I got nothing.

11202059_10207640697157146_4305939486061580168_nThe Lady Killer went to the game with his father. Needless to say, I bet that he was pretty happy walking out of the stadium after the game.

IMG_9495My sister and her husband live in a house divided as he is an Ole Miss alum. Bless his heart as he now has to say WPS every time he leaves the house for the next year. I did cheer him up as I sent him a midget leprechaun video I received.


“I can’t wait to hop on my wife….er the plane with my wife!” Hey Bar Wife – Just because he won 2 games on the road doesn’t mean we still want him right? We want Fuente as our next HBC correct?