Joey Thorsen

Grizz Nation takes the Q Train

When we moved up here the first thing we did was circle the dates the Grizz were playing the away games against the Knicks and Nets. The Grizz beat down the Knicks in MSG and then came back the next week to play the Brooklyn Nets in Barclay’s Center. Tickets for the Knicks were fairly expensive considering well….it’s the effin Knicks. Thankfully the tickets for the Brooklyn games were a ‘tad’ cheaper so we were able to grab some ‘baller status’ seats to cheer on our Grizz. Big Spain got injured the game prior and was ruled out for the season so seats were a plenty. It was nice to see Courtney Lee and Jeff Green in Sounds Jerseys one last time and the Grizz beat the Nets down.

I have heard that the atmosphere in a “Large Market” arena is much different than in “smaller or medium markets” and it was very evident on that Wednesday night. For starters during pregame there isn’t a house band like that plays in the Forum. No Pyro for home team introductions. No Mascot for the Nets, Zero Bongo Cam contests, and you can forget any halftime shows.  The next day I was talking to one of my coworkers who attends Nets games on a frequent basis and he said that it they have never had anything like that. So I guess large markets feel that they don’t have to entertain the fans as the game will do that…..yeah how many games have the Nets won?

IMG_0363No offense to Joey Thorsen, the Grizzlies in arena host but Ally Love, Brooklyn’s announcer, is pretty hot. Sorry @MemphisKingJoey

IMG_0356Had to represent!

IMG_0361First Team All Defense! I miss Tony!

IMG_0358Look up in the crowd and you can see a yellow shirt. There were a bunch of Grizz Nation fans in attendance.

IMG_0359Whatever Vincent Chase from Entourage, in Memphis  we have the Cracker Rapper, the “It’s all Good” guy, Drummer Boi, and shout out to Bongo Lady!

God Love the Brooklyn Nets fans, they were good folks considering their team could possibly beat the Memphis Tigers as long as Josh Pastner is coaching them.