Four Years Ago To this Day

7 people went to dinner at Lilies in Union Square. What would happen later that evening in Koreatown is forever ingrained in my memory. For not only did some livers take a beating but so did a set of Bongos!

No disrespect to the Bongo Lady but the Asian Fireman that evening put your best performance to shame.

Good Times that night! I think the next day when I texted The Asian Fireman he said his hands were black and blue.
One should really experience Koreatown Karaoke.

Good Times with Good People! Who would know that a week later we would find out that we were going to move to NYC.

Pictures of the Week

Well we made it to Friday guys! The schools are out for the summer up here so it is officially summer in the North East. This weekend we are excited in the fact that we really don’t have much planned other than a show on Saturday night/Early Sunday morning. Mary Louise told me that she wants to sleep in tomorrow as her ass has been getting up early heading to Penn to catch early trains into New Jersey.

Anyway here are some pictures from the past weeks;

IMG_3495Such a mean woman. Looking out for my best interest so I don’t get my ass fired.

IMG_3480Since we have grills on the 3rd floor I took advantage of them. Honey Ginger Teriyaki marinated Pork Tenderloin that Ernie Mellor of A Moveable Feast/Hog Wild Catering makes.

IMG_3481Hog Wild’s BBQ Shrimp on the grill (they ask that we cook on the foil) very strange if you ask me.

IMG_0428What in the Actual Fuck? Anyone who wears shorts with a suit aka Eddie Munster should have their throat punched. Do you hear me?

IMG_3419Coming up on the 3 year anniversary of us living up here.

IMG_3421When in Times Square

IMG_3423Someone buy my mothers house won’t you? We are jumping the gun and putting her in the Retirement Home with an open Bar. (I am kidding, she is moving near my sister in East Memphis)

IMG_3498A Midtown Uniform Sighting. It was in the mid 80’s that day but douche nozzle felt the need to wear a vest to keep him warm.

IMG_3501I still don’t understand the Pickleback thing

IMG_3500Took her 4 years to finally understand that when I tell her something alcohol related just accept it and don’t ask questions.

IMG_3499If it was only in my size…

Have a good weekend


Pictures of the Week! Happy Memorial Day

Skillet in the Elevator of our building holding golf clubs and luggage – “You not going to the Hamptons or Montauk this weekend?”
Me – “Nah, I am poor and will just drink cheap draught beer in the city with the other peasants, Bless your heart My Friend.”

IMG_1256I blame Mike King and the Flying Saucer for this!

IMG_1252Who doesn’t love a street fair?

IMG_1253Meat on a stick! Can I get an amen!

IMG_1254Who knew that our State Department buddy that gets to play with big guns had a gig on the side?

IMG_1255Anybody want to grab that and head to Koreatown for some Karaoke?

IMG_1272Sent this to my favorite chef stalker and cat dresser upper. Sadly this joint is locked up tighter than Dick’s hatband.

IMG_1285So that is the World Famous Bleeker Street Pizza joint that everyone talks about.

IMG_1284Who knew that Peter L opened a joint in Chelsea and named it after himself? I kid Pedro love ya!

IMG_1271If only that kid was a fourth!

Have a good Memorial Day and be careful out there. It is fleet week so Momma wants to go down and find her a sailor.