Maya the Monkey Head

Pictures of the Week

Had some fun over the past weekend. Here are some that were on my iFoam.

IMG_1219One will ever know if these bike locks will be claimed

IMG_1218I mean those are two sexy words – Bar and Bacon! RAB this is in Hells Kitchen on 9th Avenue

IMG_1217Twas a Brave Man who first ate the First Oyster!

IMG_1216Was it Grey Shirt Day for Sunday Funday? I think so.

IMG_1215Yes J-bob Niketown is still here

IMG_1171I am going to shit in your shoes so hard – Monkey Head Maya

IMG_1160Snuck down to my Boys on Bleaker Street on Wednesday

As seen at the Cigar Joint on 2nd Ave

Have a good weekend.




Maya The Monkey Head Takes Over the Blog For Today

Sorry Guys and Gals, I am taking over today’s post because my daddy is passed da Feck out napping this morning because his Cubs won Game 6 and we have Game 7 tonight. He didn’t say much last night but he did mention that he won’t blog about this past weekend because of some streak and a goat bad luck. I was only born 3 years ago, I don’t know what he talks about.


“Let’s Go Cubs” is the last thing he said before he fell into the shower just like RJ used to do.

I hope to do more blogs, this ‘ish’ is kind of fun.

Maya the Monkey Head

Ps Go Cubs Go!!