Pictures of the Week – It is a good thing I love you

Reader Number 12 chirped in to me yesterday informing me that there are not enough pictures of Monkey Head Maya on this Worthless Dribble. She and I were complaining about our co-workers because hers is getting mouthy about the meals they are eating over there in Times Square/Theater District. I was commiserating with her because my co-worker drank the last of the coffee today and the bitch didn’t make a fresh pot. I may have to call HR on her. I defiantly am going to sexually harass her this weekend.

Anyway here you go LJZ – #RoboCares

You can bet your ass I am not walking her in this get up
She Likes Break Time
Loving my Monkey that we found last weekend under the bed
Ole George The Cat
Tormenting San Pedro Scoop in the middle of a Pandemic
One of my Peers had a baby boy (well his wife did all the heavy lifting) the other day. Wait till he gets the envelope where Tio Robo & Tia Geranium sent him an Elvis Onesie.
The Recycling Folks are loving this!
I played along with my dinner buddy Katie Mac with First & Current Car
Yo Fat Kids – we Broke Down and ordered Chick-Fil-A. Put the count back to Zero

Z(squared) we may send Maya over there for a weekend so you can get your dog fill.

Mary Louise Needs to Bring Her Ass Home!

The Dog and I are starting to get on each others nerves. Seriously, she has been gone since last Tuesday and we are missing her. The Seamless Delivery dude and I know each other on a first name basis. The good news is that I have watched pretty much every episode of “M*A*S*H*” and “Two and a Half Men” (She hates those shows) but the DVD is getting full of her midget and Dr. Pimple Popper shows.

Mary Louise requested me to get her a hair appointment. I guess it is kinda hard to book stuff when you are 14 hours away.
Oh No PETA offending sushi this time Geranium?
The Dog and I play a rousing game of “Did you just fart?”

And for those of you wondering when @Maya_in_NYC Instagram will be posting again. She gets in Friday afternoon from her flight from Toyko!