Memphis Grizzlies

An Open Letter to The Grizzlies Season Ticket Holders

*Disclaimer – I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t live in Memphis anymore. I mean seriously, other than taxes and Association dues on an apartment downtown that is all I got. See below for my letter but here is some background info*

So how about those Memphis Grizzlies eh? You pissed off yet? I mean we traded away a cornerstone player for a bunch of players and a future draft pick. Let me put it to you like this – The Future Draft Pick…. it could be my nephew………who is in the 8th Grade at St. Dominic School for Boys. Let me type that again. My 14 year old nephew could be a possible Grizzlies draft pic in 2014.

Oh did I see that Chandler Parsons is coming back after the all star break? I mean nobody picked him up during the trade deadline so why don’t we at least get some use out of him. Naturally he is too good to play in the D League. He is Chandler Parsons after all. But let’s drop our pants again and him screw the organization because his knees are shot.

Sounds like we should fire some folks in the Front Office right? So how do you get the attention of an owner who doesn’t live in Memphis? You cancel season tickets and hit them where it hurts. Why would you pay for entertainment that sucks and it would appear that Management doesn’t value your contribution. That is what it is folks. It is entertainment and it looks like the College team is going to provide more heart/Grit & Grind (starting with management on down to the players) than the professional team.

Back Story – I was about 5 days away from becoming a Grizzlies Season Ticket Holder back in the summer of 2015. We had decided that we were going to not renew our ‘Live at The Garden’ summer concert series and were going to bite the bullet on season tickets for Grizzlies games. I was planning on getting 2 tickets next to or near my friend Jack in the lower bowl. I had already asked Jack for the number of “his guy” and was going to pull the trigger. Then Mary Louise informed me that a move to New York was a possibility so I stopped the conversation. I look back and that would have been a real dick move on my part. “Hey Man, I want tickets and let’s sign this…Oh wait, cancel the order we are moving to New York.”

Dear Season Ticket Holders who are cancelling this year,

I am completely in agreement with you deciding to pull back your contribution and tickets for the 2019-2020 season tickets for the Memphis Grizzlies. I would ask that you please do something with the funds that you have previously allocated for season tickets for a couple reasons. By my math, and if I am wrong please feel free to reach out to me but here is the way I see it.

2 tickets in the lower bowl (that we would have purchased) minus parking would have cost us 11K. (My New York readers are now pissing themselves) You divide that by the 41 games and it comes to $268.29 for a nights entertainment. Here is what I am asking;

  • Please spend that 268.29 or something at a downtown establishment or your favorite local establishment for 41 times next season. Do you know how much it costs to run a restaurant? I miss Fino’s going away but I don’t blame the owner one bit. The margins are razor thin and why kill yourself for an eventual failure? Sorry but did anyone of you assholes pick up that baton? Hell No! Running a restaurant is hard work and it can at times, suck. My friend Kelly English said it best – “Support local, we have to feed our own and we need the help.”
  • It isn’t the fault of the downtown establishments that are counting on FedEx Forum attendance to take a hit because Chris Wallace should be fired. Go back downtown the day before or after a game. Those kids behind the bar and bringing your food need your money.
  • Take the time that you spent watching Grizzles games doing some sort of community service. I have had the pleasure of working a food line of a church outreach in Alphabet City. I greet every person I encounter with a smile and a nice comment. You need to do something other than cutting a check to the local charity. It will make you a better person.
  • Find out what charity each player supports and donate to it. It isn’t their fault that the (soon to be former) management sucks and they want to give back.
  • Cherish the Old Cornerstones – Recall when Z-Bo would pay a complete stangers MLGW bill? Or when Tony Allen would pay for someones trip to Target? Be that person to a complete Stranger. And of course when you do it mumble “Grit Grind!”

There are people who not associated with the Grizzlies that are going to be affected by the bonehead moves of the Front Office. Guys and Gals, we have to support them and their families. Marc is going to be fine as well as our future 8th grade draft pick. The owners of local establishments downtown and in midtown are going to hurt unless we help them.

Ok, I am off my soapbox now! But do right by the folks who are depending on your money and support.

Random Pictures on The Phone

Been busy for us during Christmas Season here in the big city. With the holidays rapidly approaching we have been busy getting gifts and naturally sending them to Memphis wrapped. Note to self – when sending a box to your mothers house and she has moved it may be a good idea to get the correct address. Thankfully FedEx was able to correct the address and the customer service agent didn’t laugh at me too bad. 

This week we are busy with Holiday parties (Mary Louise’s old work peeps) and we have some other events to attend this weekend. Mary Louise heads back to Seattle on Tuesday so it will be just me and the dog for the week. I will keep you posted. Anyway here are some pictures that I have had for the past couple of weeks. 

Broke Out the 3 Piece Suit the other day since it was Ball Shrinking Cold

The Nephew was trying to get a little too Cute with Uncle CBT and Aunt Mary Louise on his Christmas List

Caught the Griz Nets Game a couple weeks back with Vivian and Stone

Forgot about this one. Has it really been 7 years Muppet? Now look at you! See you and Tink (who is celebrating her birthday today 12.12)  next fall! 

Mr. 3 First Names and Asian Fireman tell me this is a Hazmat/Rescue/Engine that T.O.D.D. used to work on. 

Maya likes it when Mary Louise works from Home. 

Sent this to St. Aloysius the other day on his birthday. 

I will have something better I promise. 

Happy NBA Draft Day Folks!

Or as Memphis Grizzlies Fans affectionally call it – Passover.

Seriously Chris Wallace don’t Fuck this up. Your little garage sale, fire the coach, giving the handjob to the Spaniard has grown weary on Grit and Grind fans. Even the Fake News Media up here says that firing Fizdale was a bone head move. The Barclay’s center is 4 blocks from my home and I can always give the homeless in 16 Sycamores park my Grizz gear. But they probably won’t take it.

pg2_g_thabeet_576Never Forget Folks!

We will see in 12 hours what you do.

A Grizz Game, Cigars on Tuesday, A Nor’Easter and by the way Its Only Thursday

“So is this a normal week for you guys?” That is what #2429 asked while we were belly up at the Juice bar this past evening.

#2431 replied in his best Southern/New York accent; “Well not really, it is quite odd that we have 4 Nor’easter’s in is as little 1 month.”

If you are wondering what those numbers mean, I will be glad to tell you but I will have to kill you. I really don’t want to do that because I just put a deposit on a condo south of the Mason Dixon Line and I do hate to waste money…….and beer.

So being that today is Thursday or as we call it Day 3 of Spring (kiss my ass you effin Groundhog) we have done a lot so far.  Monday our Grizzlies were playing Brooklyn and let me tell you, that game was depressing.

Tuesday I decided since we were going to have bad weather on Wednesday I decided to retreat to Adult Men’s Daycare The Cigar Inn and hung out while Mrs. Trumpet was at school.

Wednesday on the day of the Nor’easter we saw the deterioration of the weather with first rain, then sleet, snow and the wind that could suck start a Cumming Diesel engine. Let me tell you, I am ready for some nice weather this spring.

IMG_2850The either snickered at my scarf or felt sorry for me on Monday.

IMG_2851It really is pretty arena given that the acoustics suck.

IMG_2852Hung at the American Express suite for a while during pre-game.

IMG_2824Really? Again? Go home Salt Truck You are Drunk!


BBKw0eaYeah there were no flights on Wednesday

IMG_7676Any short jokes and I will call “my guy” and have this taken care of!

Have a good day!

I have to come clean to my Memphis Readers

*Fade in to a large room with people sitting on folding chairs in a circle*
“Hello, my name is Carbunkle Trumpet and I am now a New York Rangers Hockey Fan.”
“Hello Carbunkle Trumpet!”

I guess I am going to have to call my mother and father and break the news to them that their first born has officially turned. I hope my dad takes it gently. I know that he had high hopes for me. My Mother, she will be devastated. For you 9 readers, this is what happens to Memphis Grizzlies fans when they get bounced from the first round of the playoffs.

Lets go back to when the Hockey bug started in me. It was back two January’s ago when I attended my first Hockey Game in MSG and it was AMAZING! Then I started to watch the games periodically when I was hanging with the boys at the Cigar Inn. This winter, I would find myself at the Cigar joint when the Rangers were on and I started to watch it out of the corner of my eye. Doc would sit in front of the big screen and would add commentary and I would pick up a couple of pointers. 

Then I started following @NYRangers on Twitter and picked up more useless information. Next thing I knew what icing was (I thought it was the stuff on a cake) and even recognized offsides. When the Grizzlies were playing the Spurs we noticed that when the Grizz were on the same night as the Rangers they both won. I even had the boys put the Grizz game on one of the smaller TV’s (if the Mets or Yankees were off) and started getting some traction on my claim of double wins.

The Grizz were eliminated and Tuesday night I was sitting at the Cigar Inn and started to realize that I was into it. I really was starting to recognize shots on goals, line changes, dirty plays and even power plays. It came to me last night when I was sitting there and even knew what time the game started,  who the Rangers were playing and who was leading the series. When Oscar Lindberg scored the second goal in the second period I yelled out in jubilation. My friend Alex was quick to bust my chops;
“Oh you are a Rangers fan now? I don’t know if I can stomach someone with a Southern accent cheering for a New York team. Knock that shit off!”

So there you go. The series is tied up and we head back to Ottawa (don’t ask me where the F that is) for Game 5. I may paint my chest this Saturday. Just make sure someone checks on my folks. They are probably grieving that their son has turned to the dark side.

IMG_0706Getting ready for Game 3

Anne-Burrell-Attending-the-New-York-Rangers-Game--03-300x420I can’t believe that I am cheering for the same team as she is. I am sure that Grainbin Girl is spitting her coffee out right now.

5rJUyyNz_400x400How sweet will it be when I text Pucci asking her “Who has the Cup?” when the Blue Shirts win Lord Stanley’s Cup but I fear that “Costa Reaper” may disown me for not cheering for his Left Coast Team.

IMG_0765I even have Fecking Gear now! This won’t bode well with my Memphis Buddies… all!

Memphis Parents, start paying attention to what your kids are watching. There may still be hope for them.

In the Meantime – LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!


Pics from The Week

We had a good week this past week, the short work week ran me out of days so some of these pics are from the week prior to the 4th. Oh and I had to do some deleting of some pics because I am almost at my storage limit so not too many good ones.

IMG_1570What Southerner doesn’t own at least one seersucker or linen suit in their life? I think I have had over a dozen in my life. Sadly they get DESTROYED up here moving around here in the city so I found a joint that sells them cheap. Broke this bad boy out last week and had 2 tourists take pictures with me in SoHo. Wait till I get the straw Brooks Brothers hat for the Friday of Labor Day!

IMG_1564The Monkey Head’s Russian Groomer likes Willie Nelson too? I love this woman!

IMG_1606I would say that our Uber Driver is well connected. 3 smart devices running at the same time.

IMG_1651 [69414]It has been a tad warm here in NYC. God Bless my coworker who also “Runs Hot” because I have been drying myself off each morning sitting at this sucker.


Yep, I think the Grizz will be pretty good this year!

IMG_1653 [69415]

S/O to my fellow Tavern frequenter on winning a very prestigious award in our company. I had 3 coworkers win the award and 4 friends of mine who work in other divisions of the company do the same.

We are going to be busy as we are hosting the first recipient of the Carl Lipbalm Memorial Caddy Scholarship this weekend. More on that later. Have a good weekend and make it count!








Grizz Nation takes the Q Train

When we moved up here the first thing we did was circle the dates the Grizz were playing the away games against the Knicks and Nets. The Grizz beat down the Knicks in MSG and then came back the next week to play the Brooklyn Nets in Barclay’s Center. Tickets for the Knicks were fairly expensive considering well….it’s the effin Knicks. Thankfully the tickets for the Brooklyn games were a ‘tad’ cheaper so we were able to grab some ‘baller status’ seats to cheer on our Grizz. Big Spain got injured the game prior and was ruled out for the season so seats were a plenty. It was nice to see Courtney Lee and Jeff Green in Sounds Jerseys one last time and the Grizz beat the Nets down.

I have heard that the atmosphere in a “Large Market” arena is much different than in “smaller or medium markets” and it was very evident on that Wednesday night. For starters during pregame there isn’t a house band like that plays in the Forum. No Pyro for home team introductions. No Mascot for the Nets, Zero Bongo Cam contests, and you can forget any halftime shows.  The next day I was talking to one of my coworkers who attends Nets games on a frequent basis and he said that it they have never had anything like that. So I guess large markets feel that they don’t have to entertain the fans as the game will do that…..yeah how many games have the Nets won?

IMG_0363No offense to Joey Thorsen, the Grizzlies in arena host but Ally Love, Brooklyn’s announcer, is pretty hot. Sorry @MemphisKingJoey

IMG_0356Had to represent!

IMG_0361First Team All Defense! I miss Tony!

IMG_0358Look up in the crowd and you can see a yellow shirt. There were a bunch of Grizz Nation fans in attendance.

IMG_0359Whatever Vincent Chase from Entourage, in Memphis  we have the Cracker Rapper, the “It’s all Good” guy, Drummer Boi, and shout out to Bongo Lady!

God Love the Brooklyn Nets fans, they were good folks considering their team could possibly beat the Memphis Tigers as long as Josh Pastner is coaching them.


Whats a Grizz fan living in NYC to do?

You have heard my struggles this past fall during football season. I can report that the majority of New Yorkers really don’t give two shits about college football. Now I have met UConn fans (not sure how far of a road trip that is from NYC) Rutgers fans (think that is in New Jersey) and we even shared a Metro North with Fordham fans (snicker, snicker). However, watching College Football on the TV on a Saturday in NYC is nothing like it is in Memphis. The rule traditionally is (or it is at the Cigar Inn) that Professional sports trumps college football and then if there is nothing on then they will show a team that is near NYC. I have watched a couple UMass Football games this year and have given up asking to change it to watch an SEC game. Sure I could go down to one of the bars that is labeled “Official NAME OF COLLGE bar” but those bars are kind of expensive. Translation….I love my Hogs but drinking $8.00 Bud light to dull the pain can get expensive. That and we are normally busy on the weekend so maybe next year Hogs. 

Now that we are in the doldrums of the winter NBA basketball and Hockey are the sport of kings up here. Mrs. Trumpet and I got pretty addicted watching the Memphis Grizzlies when we lived downtown and if this move to NYC didn’t occur our arses  probably would be sitting in Fed Ex Forum as season ticket holders. At the start of the season we found that our Max’s Sport Bar of the UES, Iggy’s, would put the Grizz game on for us but that is 82 games.  We then feared for our livers because watching those many games in a bar can get VERY expensive. Add to that I recalled a couple of times during football season that Max would have some wildcard off the wall football game on a TV. We would inquire he informed us that some guy called and wanted to watch his beloved Slippery Rock football. We would then look at him muttering “bless your heart” so we didn’t want to be ‘those guys’ up here.  Heck we even tried that Memphis Grizzlies bar that was featured in the Commercial Appeal that is in the East Village and that turned out to be a bust. 

So what were two Grizz fans going to do? We ended up getting the NBA League Pass. That way we can sit on the couch with the dogs curse Tuohy, make fun of Rob Fischer’s outfits and listen to Memphis commercials. It was a win-win for us, or at least we thought so. The Grizz aren’t doing that well and my mantra turned into “If I wanted to watch a shitty basketball team, I could watch the Knicks for free!” Oh well at least it keeps us off the street and from watching black-market videos from Asian Video hawkers. But let’s don’t forget that I am now a hockey fan so who knows I may start painting my face!

IMG_0139Wore this to work today and everyone in the office said that the color looked good with my jacket.

IMG_0141Tonight the Grizz minus some key players take on The Rockets


When I want people to feel sorry for me and let me sit when on the subway because I am ‘special’ I wear my Grizz gear. I would wear Bama Football Gear but they may mistake me for sleeping with my family and that I got the shirt at Walmart.

The Week in Pictures

IMG_9612Went over to H&H Bagel on Second Ave & East 82nd Street for a Nova Scotia Salmon, Light Cream Cheese on a Salt Bagel. And Scoop I will have you know that I no longer have my bagels toasted per your advice.

IMG_9602Tree down in the Financial District Going up

IMG_9585The Tree at Rockefeller Center – Did you know that they insert branches into the bare spots to make it look more full? The things you learn being a New Yorker.

IMG_9601I would rather my wife become a whore than wear that! Thankfully the Grizz have woken up and are now playing basketball. I can wear my Grizz gear and not feel ashamed.

IMG_9496Need a house or Apartment in NYC? Give this lady a call. #shamelessplug

IMG_9582They sure do plant a bunch of stuff up here in the planters

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be nice to each other.