Miracle on 93rd Street

You have all read about “The Asian Fireman” in various entries for the past year and 3 months on this worthless dribble of a blog. We give Jim a lot of grief as much as he dishes it out to us. He and his family are great friends of ours.  We all try to spend as much time together as one can but with 4 careers and their 2 young children it can be tough. This past Thursday we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner. We all agreed that we have a lot to be thankful this holiday season. Although I have a strict writing rule to never divulge anyone’s real name or their real profession, I am going to break the rule today.

Jim is a New York City Fireman and he works for a specialized NYFD team here in Manhattan. About a month ago in the early hours a fire broke out in an apartment building here in the Upper East Side. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I am not up on the “lingo” but it turned into a 6 alarm fire and over 200 firemen were battling this 5 story building fire. Mr. Duffy was an 81 year old resident of that building and he was trapped in his apartment. There really wasn’t a good way to get him out of there. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place and the only way to get him out of was a dangerous rope rescue. What happened next is what I now understand is considered a “last ditch effort.”

With the help of other firemen who had never worked together they lowered my friend Jim from the roof to Mr. Duffy’ apartment by a rope. I am going to let you watch and read the CNN link because I won’t give it the justice it deserves.

Go ahead and watch the Link, I can wait here…..

Pretty amazing eh?

We really never ‘talk shop’ at the dinner table but according to Jim, in so many words, Mr. Duffy said he was down to his last seconds of his life. Not minutes…..seconds.  Thankfully Mr. Duffy is getting better each day but when he leaves the rehab center he will have to start all over. All of the residents who used to live in that building are also starting over.

So as we begin this holiday season I would ask that you to give a couple dollars to help some complete strangers start over. I am fairly sure that all 6 of my readers have much to be thankful for this holiday season. It just makes me feel good to know that a good friend of mine along with 7 other firemen were able to help a complete stranger live to see another day. Along with your help we can make the holidays brighter for 20 people.

You can visit this link and donate. Rather than a ‘go fund me’ where the recipients would have to pay taxes on the money I have been told it isn’t the case here.

kidsdonate2The Asian Fireman and Mr. Duffy on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Holidays

So Where Are You From? Oh and GFP!!!

I do it every friggin time. It is a force of habit that I do when trying to establish a “common ground” with someone new. When I ask the question I sound like Kent “Flounder” Dorfman from “Animal House” when he asks the guys playing cards if they were playing cards. What question I ask you wonder; “So where are you from?” That isn’t so bad but here is the deal, I have no fucking idea where anything is up here or even which state it is located in! “So you live in Canarsie?” Hell, I don’t know if that is in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. Wait, where the Feck is Connecticut?  How the hell do I get there? I realize that you are probably laughing but seriously, if it isn’t in the borough of Manhattan, it might as well be next to Senatobia Mississippi because I have not a clue. Yet, I keep asking and look like a dumbass.

hqdefaultFor those of you wondering who I am talking about, that fat dude wearing the tie is Kent Dorfman, he is a legacy from Harrisburg!

Thankfully all that came to a screeching halt back when we did that fancy dinner at Per Se back in December. I was seated next to fellow nugget stalker MC and, like a dumbass, I asked her where she lived. MC looked at me and said that she lived in Long Island City over in Queens. I am thinking to myself “Hell, I know where that is, that is where we took the U-Haul truck back in August. By the way – Shout out to Mrs. Trumpet and I for living on this rock for 11 months.

Back to the story, so MC sends us an email a couple of weeks back inviting us to her joint in Long Island City to view the Fourth of July fireworks from her apartment. I tell her that we would be thrilled and because I was raised in the south, I inquire if Mrs. Trumpet can make anything for the party. “Just show up” was her comment and she sent us directions on how to get to her place. So Monday afternoon we head over to catch the train to Grand Central where we have to catch the 7 train but rather than heading west we head east to Queens. MC’s work joint is exactly one train stop on the 7 line and a short walk to the Vernon street station.

We got over to Queens a tad early on Monday and find a local watering hole to have a couple beers and wait for Mrs. Murphrank. You see Mr. 3 First names was in Cali for ‘work’ so JAM was flying solo. We collectively walk to the address and I notice that we are really getting close to the East River. We walk into her lobby and find out way to the elevator. We get off on the 9th floor and make our way towards the end of the hall. We ring the doorbell and MC greets us and naturally offers us a drink and tells us to make ourselves at home. I walk into the living room and guess who has a direct view of the East River and the United Nations!! MC’s joint is amazing!

We hang out and enjoy some food and drinks and when I say that the vantage point from MC’s apartment to watch the fireworks is top 5 trust me! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and made our way home to grab some shut eye. Yeah, the fireworks lasted 25 minutes and were shot off of 5 barges and some 56,000 shells. I hear it was the biggest and best show NYC had ever seen, I can’t complain one bit. Now I won’t bore you a bunch of pictures of the fireworks, mainly because my cell-u-mar-foam battery crapped out but I assure you the view was KILLER! Thank you MC, Thank you, Thank you!!!

IMG_1626The boats in the Hudson had to keep their distance from the barges. I am glad we chose MC’s place rather than NONE of our friends who have a boat because it did spritz a tad before the show.

IMG_1623The View really bites you know? #extremesarcasm

IMG_1627When we do drive along FDR I see the Pepsi Sign and always wondered who lives in those high rises.

IMG_1624Oh look the FDNY boys are playing with their Fire Boat.

IMG_1630Like I said, the view was killer! Those barges are three of the 5 barges!

IMG_1629The  NYPD Navy was out in full force.

IMG_1631The Empire State Building put on a great light show as well.

IMG_1628What am I 9 years old? 2 days in a row squishing heads? Grow the F up!


Seriously, a huge shout out  to MC for the invite and it was nice meeting her boyfriend who has been away. We need to get together and not just for fancy Foodie Dinners either!