Park Slope Shenanagans

What is up with the picture of the baby Elvi?

I just like it. It makes me happy and I also know that Memphis is probably going to be in a heat advisory since it is Dead Elvis Week. Did you know that I can also forecast the Memphis weather?

  • Coldest Day of the Year in Memphis – Whatever day they play the Liberty Bowl Game
  • Hottest Day of the Year in Memphis – Around Dead Elvis Week
  • Rainiest Day/Week of the Year in Memphis – Beale Street Musicfest or World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.

I mean if you know the past, you can predict the future.

I am going to share with you some pictures I snapped this past Sunday from the Murphranks Rooftop. Bobcat & Professor were there along with Rocky and Monkey Head Maya. Sorry folks but No pictures of the Humans – I mean have you ever seen Meg or Bobcat in the same place? Same goes for Matt or the Professor? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Geranium for the past 24 hours. I bet she is in Seattle again.

Maya prefers to be sitting in a lap getting petted. Don’t we all?
Don’t worry Dad, I will protect the Cheese Cooler
The Jar-Man used to say that the sunsets over beautiful West Memphis Arkansas. I guess we can say it sets over beautiful New Jersey
Wonder what asshole lives in that tall as building? I understand from Mr. 3 First Names that my view of the Empire State Building is about to change.
That doesn’t suck. Oh and I found out that The Bobcat and Professor were married in that church to the left of the row houses.

Tomorrow I take the gloves off and blast expedia for their shitty customer service.

Saturday Shenanigans With Bobcat, Mr 3 First Names and Lady Barrister

I am sure that some of you are wondering What In The Cornbread Feck I am doing posting on a Sunday? I can barely type on some Sundays and now I am posting on this worthless dribble today? I am blaming Geranium (the woman not the plant) *Shout out to Jean-Jean the Dancing Belizean Queen for making me snort the other day with her comment* on making me get up at the crack of ass of dawn now 2 days in a row. I am thinking that she has given me her Switzerland Jet Lag!

So yesterday the aforementioned in the title gathered at Greenwood Park for some Libations and Laughs. I have not visited some of the Memphis haunts that I see people talk about but I equate it to Loflin Yards or Railgarden (thank you GurleyGurl) as it has been re-purposed and turned into a pretty cool venue. Oh did you think I am going to show any pictures of us wearing our Superhero capes from yesterday? Nope!

The Front of Greenwood Park
I am betting that outside bar is kinda of a bitch to work when it’s really hot or cold
Photo I nipped off the internet of the outdoor space
Got to love the old school Muscle Cars
Cloudy Sunset from our building
Why can’t we have that patio and apartment?
Brooklyn Point under construction. Street on the left is Schemerhorn, Street on the right is Livingston
Looking towards Queens
The East River and Manhattan

Have a good Sunday and weekend.

Hurricane or Tropical Storm Sunsets

So with the Jersey Shore and New York in Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches last weekend we had some killer sunsets. I knew that we weren’t going to have bad weather because there was no talk of RAB’s main man crush, Jim Cantore, coming to Gotham. Anyway the weather was great and almost chilly in the mornings.

IMG_2176Taken at the Frying Pan overlooking New Jersey

IMG_2177Really killer colors you know.

14264146_10100918980103786_7092724042518069986_nBecause of Hurricane Hermine the Murphranks had to cut short their Shore Vacation.

IMG_2207Overlooking Brooklyn

IMG_2211I should have bet to the left!

IMG_2217Again with the colors! Beautiful

IMG_2213Manhattan in the background

Have a good weekend!


Can someone who is unemployed enjoy Labor Day?

You bet your sweet arse he can! Hope all enjoyed their time at the lake, football tailgate, beach or whatever it is you do when you have a 3 day holiday weekend. This past weekend was absolutely beautiful here in the city and just because “oh you couldn’t get away for the weekend, you poor soul” we took great advantage of it and hung with friends. I left you on Friday as we went and got some culture at the Met so on Saturday we journeyed up to Woodlawn in the Bronx to see our good friends and kids. A good time was had by all and we enjoyed some ribs, pork loin and an occasional cigar. Sunday we took our show on the and headed over to Park Slope to partake in some roof top shenanigans and hung with friends. Monday we found that there was a street festival on 52nd so we went down to midtown in search of a pronto pup. Sadly New Yorkers are not afforded the “meat on stick” delicacy that we were accustomed to but I assure you I made my Lipitor pill work overtime. This week we have a couple of interviews, a trip to Costco, and have some 9/11 events to partake in with the Pipes and Drums boys.

IMG_8789Ahem, AJ, notice how JL picked us up with “refreshments”

IMG_8790Got to love Harlem Shambles, all we had to do was pull these babies out of the bag and put them on the smoker.

IMG_8791Hey Ruthie and Chunky, I bet that Colin is looking down on us saying “Don’t burn them CBT!”

IMG_8800Damnit CBT don’t you dare put me in your blog! Ok, just lean out Doctor and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone that you are a surgeon.

IMG_8798Yes they still have these things around NYC

IMG_8807You can always tell that you are near the UN as there are a ton of Consulates nearby.

IMG_8808Do you know how much money we could make if we had a Chicken on a Stick or Pronto Pup stand?

IMG_8809I did have a killer Arepas with mozzarella cheese however, I bet you can’t get that at the Delta Fair!

IMG_8810The World famous Halal Brothers carts (6th and 53rd and also at 6th and 52nd) They line them up like Rockettes waiting on that food! What I hear is that the late night crowd lines are insane, noting like a bunch of half crocked New Yorkers waiting on street meat!

IMG_8813Today is the big day for the Stephen Colbert Late Show. Deep down I am going to miss Dave and Paul but I bet that this won’t disappoint.

IMG_8814Changed up the Marquee as well

IMG_8815Times Square, mobbed with people and creepy costumed characters.

IMG_8819I do love the architecture in this city. Here is the Helmsley building.

IMG_8820If we must! poundsign Beer

IMG_8821Never drank a 16oz can in a bar before, I feel like such the hipster now

IMG_8826Flags on The Lord & Taylor Department Store

IMG_8829Grand Central Station Main Concourse

IMG_8830Controlled Chaos, all these people moving from point A to point B

IMG_8834Looking Uptown on Second Avenue in the UES

IMG_8835Looking downtown on Second Avenue in the UES

IMG_8836Notice they don’t have one of those silly bumper bullies on this sucker.

monasticwearWell Summer is now over, Time to wear the black on black clothing and put the linen away!

Have good week!