The Met

This Town Sucks!

I mean there is not shit to do here in the summer! I am kidding because if you didn’t find something to do this past weekend then you really weren’t fucking trying. Friday afternoon we decided to meet up with UWS Holly for drinks. Now back in the days of us living and working in the UES it was kind of easy finding a place. But with momma coming in hot from Dirty Jersey, me being down in the West Village and Holly being in the UWS we figured that the Top of the Metropolitan Museum was only fitting.

The weather on Friday was prefect. Not too hot, not too cold and we didn’t have any rain on Friday! It was a win-win! Now there is a big ass disclaimer on attending any rooftop in New York City. Bring an ass-load of cash! Seriously it costs a lot of money to catch your buzz overlooking the city. I won’t go into detail on what a round of two glasses of wine and a specialty drink cost you but it does create a moment of pause when you think that you want to get your swerve on the top of the Met. It was fun and if you are here in the city during the summer I suggest you put this on the list.

IMG_3431It has been a while since I was in the proper Museum and we never went to the Greek Wing to get to the rooftop. We need to head back.

IMG_3428Looking towards Midtown

IMG_3429Notice that the folks on the rooftop dress up just like the Peabody Rooftop bars.

IMG_3430Looking towards the UWS and the Dakota is in the distance. Or is it the Ghostbusters building. I need to work on visiting the UWS more often.

IMG_3432Damn Nova even has her own building up here. She has the cool president, free healthcare, a building with her name on it but she doesn’t have Bud Light. So take that!

More tomorrow as Saturday we cranked up the Damn Volume and Ripped off the Knob!


James, drive me through the park

Back in the fall we met a gentlemen who also was from Memphis and for 20 years now calls New York home. He was a great source of information about the neighborhood and told us about taking day trips to the Hudson Valley. “When you get stir crazy and need to see grass take a trip up there or walk through Central Park.” He said one evening as he was walking his dog. I was thinking to myself, I am good. Who the hell gets stir crazy walking in the concrete jungle? I can always go up to Woodlawn and see the Asian Fireman if I need to see grass, our old condo in Memphis was in the middle of the business district, we got this.

Friday I took the day off because my boss yelled at me for leaving vacation time on the table. I did some admin work and then headed out the door with a couple Perdomo cigars. The weather was a top ‘5 beautiful’ day sunny, temps in the high 70’s and zero chance of rain. I decided to play tourist and check out Strawberry Fields over on the west side of Central Park. If you have been living in a vacuum Strawberry Fields is the memorial to John Lennon, that Beatles fella, who was murdered and is a ‘must see/do’ for tourists. I took the crosstown bus and ventured up to the entrance to the park at W72nd. The memorial was pretty cool and there were many tourists snapping pics and a guitar singer playing Beatles songs.

I then walked down to Tavern on the Green and I can’t recall who told me about the patio but it is a nice spot to watch people and have beverage. I decided that I would walk through the park to get to the East Side and I have to say it…you forget you live in one of the most populated city in the world when you are in the park. The lawns were full of people lying out and it is funny seeing people in bathing suits without any water around. I made my way to the basin and saw the sailboat rental joint and I am going to lay it out on the table for all to read. I got lost. I thought I was going to exit around E77th but ended up exiting almost E86th street. I walked down to the Metropolitan Museum and got harassed by the CD selling guys and found a nice spot to smoke a cigar and watch the tourists go by.

Ran into Mrs. Trumpet later and told her about the park and she accused me of going to see them film the miniseries where they had naked women. (S/O to SN for the 411 but I didn’t see any filming) We talked about going there with our niece when she visits us next month and maybe take the Monkey heads. Needless to say, I am a fan of Central Park. You should go there once.

IMG_4357Kinda of a nice day to see the Memorial

IMG_4359It is touristy as hell but like I said, I was a tourist today

IMG_4374Note to self – Bring a traveler of Vodka for the Tea

IMG_4373I was the only one speaking English in the park today.

IMG_4372It was a great day to be in the park

IMG_4371Entrance into one of the lawns

IMG_4369Kind of cool with the buildings overlooking the sailboat pool

IMG_4368Lots of people on the steps at the Met

IMG_4367It was a good day to smoke a cigar!

Go visit the park on your next trip.