Month: May 2011

Still here, haven’t floated away yet……

I know I haven’t been very good at updating this worthless dribble but to my two readers, don’t worry, I have some time blocked next week to catch you up on what the hell I have been doing. It will be in past tense but you will have something to read other than Ryburn’s Anti-Karaoke rants. In the meantime we just got done with Music fest and I am glad was last week b/c there would be other crap to worry about than mud….like a big @ss tree trunk or catfish! Yes Ole Man River and Mother Nature are pissed at someone here in the south and we aren’t just talking about a little rain and tornado warnings. Needless to say we wish that Jim Cantore (Bad luck weather magnet) of the weather channel keeps his bald head somewhere else than the south. Below are two pics I stole from FB but this give you an idea of how pissed Mother Nature (RAB notice I didn’t call her a crack whore) is at us. My buddies at MIM have evacuated Tom Lee Park after Music fest and moved WCBCC to midtown. Anyway catch me next week I promise that you will have something to read and pictures to look at.

Stole this from my friend who works for MIM and yes that is the sidewalk by the river in Tom Lee Park. (Taken 5.4.11)

Arial shot from Fitz Casino (a helicopter not the casino) of Tom Lee Park and yes it is just a matter of time before the park (or parts of it) are under water.
Can someone bring me some water wings? I can’t swim that well!